YouTube Kids launches on Apple TV

It supports the Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K models and brings Siri search support, allowing kids to find their favorite videos from anywhere in tvOS by using their voice. Thanks to the built-in parental controls, parents can limit what their kids can watch with this video-streaming software.

YouTube Faces Permanent ISP Blocking in Repeat Copyright Infringer Lawsuit

Five years ago, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki revealed that 400 hours of video were being uploaded to the platform every minute. Today that volume has increased to a staggering 500 hours per minute, a vast amount of content by any standard.

While the majority of the video uploaded to YouTube isn’t problematic for the company or third-parties, some users breach copyright law by uploading content that infringes on the rights of others. When that content is discovered by YouTube’s Content ID system or is manually claimed by a rightsholder it can be monetized or removed, but not everything goes smoothly.

In 2018, Russia-based HR-solutions company OnTarget obtained a ruling from the Moscow City Court which compelled Google-owned YouTube to remove some of its content uploaded without permission. Among other things, the company creates personnel assessment test videos and some of these had been uploaded to YouTube by channels that reportedly assist people to obtain jobs by gaming the system.

According to a report from Kommersant, Google appealed in 2019, stating that the content was no longer on YouTube. However, the court dismissed the case, stating that the platform had “not eliminated the threat” of the plaintiff’s rights being violated in the future. It now appears that prediction has come to pass.

OnTarget has now filed another copyright infringement complaint against Google at the Moscow City Court. Founder and CEO of the company Svetlana Simonenko says that YouTube channels informing job seekers on how to “trick future employees and pass tests for them” has posted video tests developed by OnTarget to the platform in breach of copyright.

Speaking with Kommersant, Simonenko says that the lawsuit demands that YouTube should be completely blocked by local ISPs as the violations against her company continue. She claims that Google has not deleted the infringing content and this means YouTube should be considered a repeat infringer under Russia’s anti-piracy laws.

The permanent blocking of websites is a measure only usually taken against the most blatant of infringing platforms, such as massive torrent site RuTracker that despite repeated warnings, fails to remove any copyrighted content following complaints.

As written, Russia’s copyright laws require that sites that repeatedly infringe copyright should be completely blocked in the country but according to experts, demands to have a site like YouTube blocked across Russia over a few videos are likely to fail under pressure.

“It is clear that the requirement to block the whole of YouTube due to several videos is excessive, and the Moscow City Court should reject the normal course of events due to the fact that it is not proportional to the violation,” says Anatoly Semenov, Deputy Head of the IP Committee of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP).

Semenov says that due to the way the law is written the Court isn’t in a position to push aside the requirement to block the entire site and replace that with a requirement to block individual links to content. However, it could simply refuse to apply it in this case or even refer the matter to the Constitutional Court.

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How to Identify Deleted Videos in YouTube Playlists

It’s incredibly frustrating to open your painstakingly crafted playlist on YouTube and see the dreaded message: “One or more videos have been removed from the playlist because they were deleted from YouTube.” How are you supposed to remember every video that you added to a playlist?

Thankfully, there are a few ways to find the title of a deleted YouTube video. Let’s look at how to see what the deleted videos were, and a few ways to help when this happens in the future.

How to See the Title of a Deleted YouTube Video

As you know, when you open a deleted video, the page doesn’t give you much information on what it was. You can’t see the video title, channel name, upload date, or anything else that would help you identify it.

Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can hopefully recover this information.

See Deleted Video Titles via a Google Search

As it turns out, the most reliable way to see a deleted video’s name is by simply performing a Google search for its URL. Since you still have access to the URL via your playlist, you can use that to see what else the internet knows about it.

Start by opening the playlist containing the deleted video. Open the video that you can’t view, and you’ll get a URL like this:

The unique video identifier is the content after v= and before &list, so in this case, you’d want to copy _VrsIEYZHys. Then, simply paste this into a Google search and see what comes up.

Google Find Deleted YouTube Video

Hopefully, you’ll be able to see what the title of the deleted video was (or perhaps an image result for the video thumbnail). If this brings up too many results, try putting the video ID in quotes so Google only shows exact matches for it.

Google may have a copy of the page in its cache, in some cases. In the above example, the video was re-uploaded to another video sharing site, where you can actually watch it in its entirety.

You won’t always be this lucky, of course. If you find the video title, try Googling that to see what else comes up. There’s a chance someone re-uploaded it to YouTube or somewhere else.

Find Out What Video Was Deleted on

You might already be familiar with, a site dedicated to preserving content on the internet. It takes snapshots of websites so you can see what they looked like at a certain point in the past.

While the service can’t archive every single page on YouTube, there’s a chance that it saved a copy of the video page you’re interested in before it was deleted. To check, head to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine and enter the URL of the video you want to check.

Make sure to strip any extraneous info at the end, such as playlist codes. Thus if you have:

Enter this instead:

After you enter the URL, if the service has it saved, you’ll see Saved X times between certain dates. Click one of the dates on the calendar at the bottom to see how the page looked at that time. If one date doesn’t work, try another.

Archive Machine YouTube Saved

For most YouTube videos, won’t have the actual video saved, so you can’t watch it. However, as long as it archived the page, you can see the title, channel, upload date, and even the description. As above, try using this information to see if you can locate the video elsewhere.

You’ll have the best results with this method if the video was available on YouTube for some time. Videos that were quickly deleted after uploading probably didn’t have time to archive.

Why Do Videos Get Deleted From YouTube?

Unfortunately, YouTube videos become unavailable all the time for a variety of reasons. These include the following:

  • The owner makes them private: Private videos still exist on YouTube, but are only accessible to their owner and people they specifically invite. Channels often set videos as private when they don’t want people to watch them anymore, but also don’t want to delete the video and lose the stats associated with it.
  • The owner deletes the video: Sometimes a channel owner deletes a video in cases where they need to re-upload a copy with corrections or additional edits.
  • The channel no longer exists: If the owner of a channel deletes their own account or has it terminated due to violating YouTube’s rules, all of its videos disappear with it.
  • The video received a copyright claim: If a video contains large amounts of copyrighted content, the intellectual property owner can file a claim on the video and potentially make it unavailable.
  • The video contains inappropriate content: In some cases, YouTube will remove a video if it breaks the site’s terms of service. This can happen for explicit material or videos containing illegal content.

How to Avoid Losing YouTube Videos in the Future

Of course, there’s no way to prevent a channel from deleting its own video. However, you can take a few steps to make it easier to remember what a video was if it does get deleted.

Add Notes to Videos in Playlists

One method for this involves a YouTube feature that allows you to add your own notes to videos, which is buried behind several menus. It uses the classic YouTube interface, and works as of this writing but could disappear in the future.

To use it, open one of your playlists on YouTube. On the left side underneath the playlist title, you’ll see a three-dot Menu button. Click this and choose Playlist Settings. Note that you won’t see this option for default YouTube playlists, such as Watch later and Liked videos.

YouTube Playlist Settings

On the resulting dialog box that appears, select Advanced Settings. This will open the classic YouTube interface with a settings page for your playlist. You don’t need any of the options here, so click Cancel to close it.

Next, mouse over a video in your playlist and click the More button that appears on the far right. Choose Add/edit notes from the list of options and YouTube will provide a box where you can enter your own notes for the video.

YouTube Add Notes to Video

Once you save the note, the page will refresh and you’ll see your note next to the video in the playlist. Unfortunately, this note only appears on the classic playlist view, so you won’t see it on the modern YouTube interface. Still, if you take the time to do this, it could come in handy down the road.

Use RecoverMy.Video

If you don’t want to use notes, there’s a dedicated service called RecoverMy.Video to help you keep track of deleted videos from your playlists. Click Recover now, sign in with your Google account, and it will take a snapshot of all the videos in your playlists.

When you return and click Recover now again, the service will tell you the names of any videos that were deleted in the meantime. You can even have it send you an email when it recovers a video.

RecoverMyVideo Home

This is a great way to keep track of videos without having to manually take notes. You won’t have to guess what a video was any more! Just make sure to check in occasionally to update your database if you add more videos to your playlists.

Recover Deleted Video Titles With Ease

Now you have several methods to figure out what video was deleted from your YouTube playlists. It’s definitely a frustrating problem, but due to YouTube’s ubiquity, the information from its videos is usually available elsewhere.

We’ve focused on finding the video title here. But if you want to keep a copy of the YouTube videos so you can watch them even after they’re deleted, check out the best way to download YouTube playlists.

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You Can Now Set a Bedtime Reminder on YouTube

YouTube now lets you set a bedtime reminder. As you may have guessed, bedtime reminders remind you when it’s time to stop watching YouTube videos and go to bed. Which is perfect for those people who like to watch YouTube videos into the early hours.

How to Set a Bedtime Reminder on YouTube

As detailed on YouTube Help, you can set bedtime reminders on YouTube using a mobile device. This is the latest addition to YouTube’s suite of features designed to help you maintain your digital wellbeing. To set a bedtime reminder on Android or iOS:

  1. Open the YouTube app.
  2. Sign into YouTube.
  3. Open the Settings.
  4. Scroll down to “Remind me when it’s time for bed” and turn it on.
  5. Select a start and end time for your bedtime reminder.

You can also set a bedtime reminder by clicking on your profile picture followed by “Time watched”. This is also where you’ll find other tools to manage your YouTube time, including the option to autoplay videos and to disable sounds and vibrations.

If you don’t want to have the video you’re watching interrupted, select “Wait until I finish my video to show reminder” during setup. You can also snooze your reminder, which will start your video playing again until the reminder appears again after 10 minutes.

How to Make YouTube Fun to Use Again

Bedtime reminders are just the latest addition to YouTube’s suite of digital wellbeing tools. All of which help you manage your time better. We recommend you check out your Time Watched profile, which shows you how much time you’re wasting on YouTube.

This is a small but useful feature for YouTube users. Especially those who watch YouTube in bed. Bedtime reminders mean you’ll never again burn the candle at both ends. And if that sounds far too sensible, try these ways to make YouTube fun again.

Image Credit: Rego Korosi/Flickr

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News Technology

Take That’s Gary Barlow: Use a VPN to Bypass YouTube Geoblock of Lockdown Concert

The coronavirus pandemic has managed to spread its misery to every corner of the earth, with millions out there feeling there’s little to look forward to. For fans of Take That, however, there’s a little light at the end of the tunnel.

This Friday 29th May at 8:00pm, Take That’s Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, and Mark Owen – together with former band member Robbie Williams – will perform a charity concert directly from their own homes. The event is being put together by insurance company Compare the Market (Compare the Meerkat) at a reported cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds, without an official venue in sight.

Instead, the quartet will broadcast to fans via the Meerkat Music YouTube channel and Facebook Live and considering the absolute dearth of new programming currently on TV (not to mention the massive popularity of Take That and Robbie Williams), millions are expected to tune in.

That, however, comes with a caveat. The one-off event is reportedly only going to be available for residents of the UK, so for fans across the rest of Europe, the United States and beyond, the concert will be off-limits. This is already proving a source of frustration for international fans and there have been a number of complaints that restricting the show, especially at such a sensitive time, is really unfair.

Of course, people aren’t just going to sit back and accept that so, inevitably, there have been many people posting online on how to access the show on YouTube from outside the UK. VPNs are the logical choice since they allow people to change their online locations and convince YouTube that they’re in good old Blighty.

What was slightly unexpected was for Gary Barlow himself to give the movement his support. After receiving advice on VPN use from a fan on Twitter, Barlow gave a shout out to fans, asking “the army” to spread the word on how to bypass YouTube’s restrictions.

Gary Barlow VPN

That Gary Barlow himself is encouraging fans to skirt geo-blocking is interesting for a number of reasons, not least that given the planned restrictions, music licensing is probably at the root of the issue. The details of the Compare the Market / Take That / Williams / YouTube deal aren’t public but if the concert isn’t planned for worldwide broadcast, it probably isn’t licensed for that eventuality.

Of course, millions of fans around the world could care less about that and it’s difficult not to have sympathy with them.

“How about just make it global like other artists are? You have fans worldwide. We want to support you. It’s sometimes like you don’t believe you have that many fans. It’s the same with gigs on iTunes. Can’t get them in NZ,” a fan wrote on Twitter. ”

“It’s a shame things like that are necessary for ‘the army’ outside the UK,” added another.

While the VPNs suggested in the tweet may very well do the job, there should be concerns that Take That fans who aren’t so tech-savvy will head off to Google Play to download any old VPN in the hope that they grant access to the event. That isn’t advisable.

Given the numerous reports that free VPNs can be a privacy and security nightmare, fans should exercise caution by doing their research before choosing one for long-term use.

In summary, Take That fans should never forget that picking the right VPN could help them rule the world, even if they do take a little patience to set up. These days, fortunately, most only take a minute, so for many fans Friday might turn out to be the greatest day after all.

I’ll get my coat…

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Transfer Your Music From Google Play Music to YouTube Music

Google Play Music isn’t long for this world, with Google planning to kill the service at sometime in 2020. However, all is not lost, as Google has a ready-made replacement in YouTube Music. And now you can transfer your music from one to the other.

YouTube Music Is Replacing Google Play Music

While Google is one of the most innovative tech companies in existence, the company has a habit of killing its products and services. And so it has come to pass for Google Play Music, which is set to be shuttered in 2020 to make way for YouTube Music.

However, with the end now in sight, Google is actively encouraging you to transfer your music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. And, as detailed in a post on the Official YouTube Blog, it has launched a quick and simple way to do so.

How to Transfer Your Music From Google Play Music to YouTube Music

You can transfer your artists, albums, songs, playlists, uploads, purchased music, and recommendations across from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. You can also transfer your podcasts to Google Podcasts by visiting this webpage.

To transfer your music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, either visit or follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the YouTube Music app for Android or iOS.
  2. Open the Settings menu and click Transfer from Google Play Music.
  3. You’ll see a list of everything you’re going to transfer.
  4. If you agree to the terms of service, click Transfer to start the process.
  5. When it’s complete, you’ll get a notification and an email letting you know.

If you can’t yet see the option to transfer your music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, be patient, as Google is rolling this out gradually over the next few weeks.

Other Music Streaming Services Do Exist

Once you have made the switch from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, you have a number of options open to you. You can listen for free using the ad-supported version, or pay the standard $9.99/month to upgrade to YouTube Music Premium.

As keen as Google is to get everyone using YouTube Music, it’s far from the only streaming music service. So, with that in mind, here’s how to pick the best music streaming service for you, and how to move to a new music streaming service.

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Court Fines YouTuber For Posting IPTV Piracy Tutorials

As of 2019, YouTube was playing host to 31 million channels, with the most popular specializing in music, entertainment and sports.

A growing number also dedicate themselves to ‘how-to’ or tutorial videos, which aim to help viewers improve their skills on everything from cookery and car maintenance to more niche pastimes such as ‘life-hacks’ and lock picking.

For one YouTuber in Brazil, the decision to help people obtain premium TV channels from illegal sources has now backfired.

Operated by Bruno Gustavo Januário, the ‘Jorge Dejorge’ channel is packed with technology-focused videos offering reviews, unboxing videos, tips and tutorials, most of which are entirely non-problematic. However, a decision to publish advice on how to obtain TV channels via pirate IPTV services attracted the attention of ABTA, the powerful Brazilian Pay TV Association.

ABTA, which represents the main cable TV and channel operators in the country, including Globosat, Sky, NBC Universal, Fox and Discovery, filed a lawsuit against Bruno Gustavo claiming that his instructional videos infringed their rights.

In his response, the channel owner described himself as an “ordinary person” with a YouTube channel and denied that he’d named any of the TV operators in his videos. In any event, he argued, they were informative in nature and did not aim to instruct people on how to break the law.

Nevertheless, in April 2018 a judge at a São Paulo court handed down an order that required hosting and search companies, including Google, to remove the videos in question and Bruno Gustavo was told to stop publishing such content in the future. Failure to comply would result in a fine equivalent to US$1,740 for each offense.

However, according to a Globo report, the judge held back from compensating the TV companies as he believed their trademarks had not been infringed.

This resulted in an appeal from both sides to the Court of Justice of São Paulo which was heard in April 2020. In its ruling, the Court found that the operator of the Jorge Dejorge channel must pay compensation to ABTA for breaching its members’ rights with his “fraudulent” videos.

The Court found that the videos improperly reproduced the channels’ trademarks, infringed their copyrights, and amounted to unfair competition against ABTA’s members.

The exact compensation amount is yet to be determined but the Court says that since the illegal content was first published in February 2017, 10% of any revenues earned by the channel since then must be handed over to the TV companies.

“It is certain the defendant benefited [financially] during the period in which he released the videos. This is because it is common knowledge that companies such as YouTube and Facebook, as well as their advertisers, remunerate members who obtain large volumes of followers and views”, the decision obtained by Globo reads.

The Jorge Dejorge operator must also pay R$50,000 (US$8,721) in compensation to the broadcasters adjusted for interest at the rate of 1% per month from the publishing of the first content in February 2017. In addition, the defendant was ordered not to publish any more content that infringes on the rights of the pay-TV stations and was told to pay the costs of the lawsuit plus attorney fees.

“We hope that large digital media companies will adopt a more responsive posture in relation to the publication of illegal content on their platforms. We are all responsible for preventing and combating illicit acts and crimes practiced on the Internet,” commented ABTA president Oscar Simões.

The matter is not over yet, however. Bruno Gustavo’s legal team say they will appeal to the Superior Court of Justice (Superior Tribunal de Justiça), the highest appellate court in Brazil, arguing that the judge in the first instance “made a more coherent assessment” in denying compensation to the TV companies.

This isn’t the first ruling of its type in Brazil. In 2017, a court convicted the operator of the Café Tecnológico YouTube channel for publishing tutorials on how to access pay-TV channels illegally. In 2018, the appeal was denied.

While this ruling is specific to Brazil, YouTube is awash with tutorials explaining how viewers can access pirate TV services all over the world.

In more recent times, savvy YouTube channel operators have been more cautious in the way these videos are presented, in particular by avoiding the inclusion of live video from the channels in question. However, the inclusion of trademarks in the form of channel logos remains commonplace and could potentially provide an avenue for future legal action.

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How to Search YouTube Like a Pro Using Advanced Search Operators

Most of the time, searching YouTube is easy: you simply type in a term and relevant videos appear. But what happens if you need a better YouTube search?

Thankfully, YouTube offers advanced search options that help you drill down and find what you’re looking for. Let’s look at advanced search options on YouTube and how to master them.

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Using YouTube’s Filter Options

Much of the time, you can use YouTube’s built-in filters to help narrow your search results.

To access them, first run a search on YouTube. Next, click the Filter button and you’ll see several filter options. You can choose just one of them or combine several for deeper searches.

Note that some combinations won’t work, however. For example, if you filter by upload date, you can’t also filter by channels.

YouTube Filters

Let’s quickly run through what these options offer.

Upload Date

This option makes it easy to find the latest content on YouTube. The date options are:

  • Last hour
  • Today
  • This week
  • This month
  • This year

If you’re looking for breaking news, content relevant to a recent software release, or other timely videos, these are a great help. Use them when the default results show outdated content.


YouTube Channel Search

Want to search YouTube for something other than videos? You can change your search to look for Channel, Playlist, Movie, or Show content instead.

If you weren’t aware, full-length movies and shows are available to purchase on YouTube, which is what the last two choices are for. Shows doesn’t show YouTube Originals, though you can use it to find children’s shows on YouTube.


Looking for a quick video, or a longform piece on content to enjoy over dinner? Use Short to find videos that are under four minutes. Long will filter to only show videos that are longer than 20 minutes.


YouTube 360 Video

This large section lets you filter by many different types of content on YouTube. There are too many to cover here, but some of the highlights include:

  • Live: See content that’s live on YouTube right now.
  • Subtitles/CC: Only show content that has subtitles. Great if you want to watch a video but can’t turn the audio up.
  • Creative Commons: Find content that’s licensed for reuse. See our guide to Creative Commons for an explanation.
  • 360 degrees: Filter by videos that let you click and drag to look all around. Try these with a VR headset, if you have one.

Sort By

YouTube View Count Search

By default, YouTube searches are sorted by Relevance, which means that YouTube tries to match your search intent. You can change this to Upload date, View count, or Rating if you’d prefer.

Most of these are self-explanatory. Upload date lets you find brand-new content, while View count makes it easy to find the most-viewed content on YouTube. Rating, however, doesn’t seem helpful. In our testing, it doesn’t show the highest-rated videos first and instead displays a random mix of videos old and new.

Using Filters As Operators

If you don’t want to click on these filter options every time, YouTube offers a faster way to include them in your search. Simply include a comma after your search term and one of the above keywords to filter by it.

For instance, typing “iPhone, week, short, HD” (without the quotes) would show videos about the iPhone uploaded this week that are under four minutes and in HD. You can use just one or as many as you like, and they work in combination with the advanced search operators below.

Master YouTube’s Advanced Search Operators

If the above options don’t help you find what you’re looking for, you can use advanced search operators in the search field. These will sound familiar if you’ve used Google’s advanced operators.

Search for Exact Matches

By default, YouTube will try to use all the words in your search phrase. Putting your search query in quotes instead will search for that exact string in both video titles and descriptions.

It’s useful for anything that requires precision, especially if your search term is ambiguous. Something like “2012 Honda Accord oil change” (in quotes) should filter out similar but unrelated results.

Force Specific Terms

YouTube Plus Operator

If you want to require one or more specific words to appear in your video search, you can use the plus operator.

For example, if you were looking for videos about NES version of Donkey Kong, you could enter “Donkey Kong +NES” (not including quotes) and all video results would include NES.

This is a handy way to combine terms for more specific searches, especially because YouTube can sometimes ignore a certain term in a long search query.

Exclude Terms From a Search

YouTube Minus Operator

The flipside of the above is the minus operator. This lets you remove certain terms from your search.

As an example, let’s say you wanted to watch clips of tennis from the Olympics, but didn’t want to include anything from the 2012 games in London. You could enter “Olympic tennis -London” to exclude anything that took place in London.

Search for Multiple Terms

If you want to find results that match at least one of several different terms, you can use the pipe operator. This returns results for the query on either side of the pipe.

For example, a search for “cats | dogs” would bring up videos containing either one or the other.

Search Video Titles Only

When you run a search, YouTube doesn’t just look at video titles. It also considers content in the video description, which can give you irrelevant results.

Using the intitle: operator, you can force YouTube to only search the titles of videos. Give it a try if the results don’t seem to make sense.

Add a Wildcard

Not sure what to search for? Let YouTube’s wildcard operator fill in for you. Adding an asterisk will fill in at least one word in its place.

It’s not useful in all situations, but it can help you find terms related to your search without much extra work. Try something like “best * of 2019” to discover something new.

Specify a Price Range

YouTube Price Search

Looking for product recommendations that fit into a certain budget? You can use two dots to specify a range of cost in video results.

For example, if you search for “build PC $200..$700” you’ll find guides on building your own PC with costs between those two values.

Search By Hashtag

Did you know that YouTube lets creators include hashtags on their videos? This can make it easier to find content grouped around a common theme.

To search by hashtag, simply enter one, like #ThrowbackThursday. Even if the video doesn’t have a hashtag in the title, YouTube will use ones from the video description. You’ll see a few of those hashtags above the video title once you click on it.

Find What You Need With YouTube Advanced Search

While YouTube doesn’t have a dedicated advanced search page, it’s still possible to perform custom YouTube searches with operators and filters. These should let you find whatever you’re looking for on YouTube.

If they weren’t enough for you, don’t forget that you can use the Google advanced operators mentioned above. Running a search on Google will help you find relevant content on YouTube.

For more, have a look at other online services that offer advanced search.

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10 Interesting Things You Can Learn on YouTube

Stuck indoors? You can turn around your frustration and pick up skills to learn and master. YouTube is just a click away and more than a billion videos on every topic imaginable are there for you to learn from.

Maybe, you aren’t sure about a new thing you would like to learn. Take on a 30-Day learning challenge and see where it takes you. If it’s somewhere fun, then you can experiment with other interesting topics.

To help you out, here are some cool things you can learn on YouTube. But first, here’s a tip…

Make Learning a Habit

Watch the Khan Academy video above for a dash of motivation in one minute flat.

YouTube is a fish-market on a Sunday morning. But in those 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, there are many gems you can hook that few other sites can rival. You can learn on the go and you can learn in 61+ languages. You can learn virtually anything. I selected the ten videos below keeping three things in mind:

  • These skills can be learned and practiced in under a day.
  • The skills can be applied anywhere with everyday equipment.
  • All these ten skills can make you seem smarter than your friends.

So, let’s put the three rules to the test with these ten interesting things you can learn to do on YouTube.

1. Improve Critical Thinking With the Socratic Method

Why is it important? A skill that can help us make better decisions and not jump to conclusions.

Critical thinkers will be in greater demand as AI takes over the mundane chores. It starts by observing important details, questioning assumptions, investigating data sources, removing biases, and the most difficult—outside the box thinking.

One of the techniques involved in critical thinking is the Socratic Method. YouTube has quite a few videos on this, but the one above is a quick introduction.

Critical thinking is also a big part of Common Core standards in schools. The Common Core focuses on developing the critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills students will need to be successful from here on.

2. Save Time with Mental Math Skills

Why is it important? A life skill you can use in a corporate boardroom or when helping your 10-year old with their homework.

For most of us, math and fun don’t belong in the same sentence. Calculator apps do their bit to solve our math fears. Even then, mental math skills are the best weightlifting exercise for the brain. Mental math is not too difficult to learn and you can impress anyone within a few seconds.

Arthur T. Benjamin devotes an entire playlist to it and shows how it can be simple and fun. This human calculator might just inspire you to take a second look at what you were taught.

3. Pay Attention to Your Writing with Proofreading

Why is it important? Because one tiny mistake can spoil anything from a memo to a term paper.

One of the golden rules of life is to always check your writing before you turn it in. We ignore proofreading because we become lazy and trust our hands and eyes too much. Some self-editing tips can help all of us become better writers.

4. Create Beautiful Calligraphy Envelopes

Why is it important? Snail mail isn’t extinct and first impressions count.

You have some special invites to send. Printing envelopes is the easy way out and can be easily done on any printer. Calligraphy is a cool skill you can learn to add that extra bit of flourish.

All it takes is a few differently sized envelopes to practice on and the video tutorial above. It may not come off perfectly the first time, but the results will eventually show up.

When there are too many mails to send out, then calligraphy might not cut it. Learning how to mail merge in Word or Excel can help rescue you from the anxiety of mass mailing.

5. Understanding Color Theory

Why is it important? Matching colors helps you do everyday stuff like using makeup or painting your house in the right colors.

You can understand color theory in less than an hour and there are apps to help you with color choices too. But do learn color theory because it will help develop your eye for the right combinations. It also gets easier on YouTube because of the visual nature of videos and the umpteen applications you can find with the tutorials.

Want a deeper understanding of basic concepts like hue and saturation, and how it affects color balance? Watch this entire playlist on Color Theory.

6. Learn to Read Nutritional Info on Food Labels

Why is it important? You can make better decisions about the food you consume.

Some tiny bits of knowledge can have a lifetime’s worth of impact. Reading the nutrition facts on food labels on the back of containers is one of them.

Serving sizes and nutrient information is just like knowing the amount and type of fuel you need for your car. Maybe, more so because your health needs more work than a car.

The FDA has a thorough explanation of the food label on its site and this Q&A YouTube video helps with a better understanding of your diet.

7. How to Cook Perfect Eggs

Why is it important? For starting your day quickly with an easy egg breakfast.

Eggs can get you through any emergency in life. And cooking the perfect egg is one of the easiest skills even beginner cooks can master. It may not look like a big deal, but cook one sunny side up and it can be the start of a perfect day.

Eggs are comfort food and once you learn the timing that goes into cooking them, search for a video that teaches you how to flip them in the pan.

8. Start Your Day by Making Your Bed to Perfection

Why is it important? It’s an example of how little things matter.

Admiral William H. McRaven once gave a popular commencement address on how making your bed first thing in the morning can be life changing. Look it up on YouTube.

Also, take at the video above and many more that teach you this less regarded but an important life skill.

9. Cut and Trim Your Own Hair

Why is it important? Stay well-groomed when you cannot go to a hairdresser.

You can be one snip away from a hair mishap but cutting your own hair is still a nice DIY skill to learn. YouTube has lots of advice and the video above is the most popular one yet with a million plus views.

It helps to have a head-to-toe body groom shaver, but there are other videos too that show you easy self-haircuts with a scissor and comb.

10. Learn Things in Plain English

Why is it important? Because learning interesting things need not be complex.

Confounded by Daylight Savings Time or what the heck is an Electoral College? YouTube channels like CGP Grey, Crash Course, and In a Nutshell (Kurzgesagt) come to the rescue with simplified explanations of the most complex topics.

Just to illustrate the value, watch the video above that explains the Coronavirus.

Once you get hooked, YouTube has a lineup of fascinating channels to educate your mind.

Learn a New Skill in Your Free Time

When you have a few minutes to spare, you can work your way through these videos and decide the skills you want to work on. After all, true learning is only useful when you transfer it to your own life rather than just use these YouTube videos for entertainment.

YouTube is an educational hub in itself. So, if you are serious about diving deeper into DIY skills then take a look at these Chrome extensions that can help you learn better on YouTube.

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You Can Now Watch Netflix Documentaries for Free on YouTube

Netflix has uploaded some of its best documentaries to YouTube. This means they’re available for anyone to watch for free, with or without a Netflix subscription. The documentaries on offer include Our Planet, as narrated by David Attenborough.

For several years, Netflix has allowed teachers to screen its documentaries in their classrooms. However, with schools around the world closed due to COVID-19, Netflix has uploaded a selection of documentaries for children (and adults) to watch at home instead.

How to Watch Netflix Documentaries on YouTube

The documentaries are all available on the Netflix YouTube channel. The streaming media giant has even put them all in a playlist to ensure they’re easily accessible. They’re all available in English, with subtitles in other languages being added later this week.

To watch some of the best Netflix documentaries on YouTube, just open the playlist, and scroll down until you find one you want to watch. A couple of the free documentaries are feature-length, while the others are episodic. In all, there are 34 videos to watch.

The highlight is probably the aforementioned Our Planet, as narrated by renowned naturalist, David Attenborough. Our Planet offers some fascinating insights into the natural world, as revealed across a beautifully filmed eight-part series.

Also available are Explained, a short-form series explaining various issues, 13th, a film all about the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, Abstract, which looks at the art of design, and Period. End of Sentence., which details the fight against the stigma of menstruation.

Where to Watch Even More Free Documentaries

Not only has Netflix made these documentaries available for free on YouTube, the company has also supplied educational resources for each one. These provide extra talking points and additional resources for anyone homeschooling their children.

There are certainly worse ways to educate your children than showing them a documentary. And if you have already watched all of these documentaries on Netflix and want even more to watch, here are the best places to watch free documentaries online.

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