LG changes tune, now claims AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support will come to select 2018 TVs

In addition, the company has confirmed that Apple's TV app is already available on its select older TV models.

LG cancels plans to add AirPlay2 and HomeKit support to select 2018 TV models

Despite previously promising to do so this year, LG has now made it clear it will not be brining AirPlay 2 and HomeKit compatibility to some of its older models after all.

How to Watch Free Live TV on Android TV

The number of quality programs on cable TV has declined dramatically in recent years. Which is one of the reasons why cord-cutting has become so popular. However, even if you hate modern TV and you’re an experienced cord cutter, there will still be times when you want to indulge in a spot of mindless channel hopping.

If you have bought an Android TV device as part of your cord-cutting strategy, you’re in luck. It’s possible to enjoy free live TV on Android TV, completely legally, and without having to pay a hefty monthly fee to access live programming through streaming services like Hulu.

So, if you want to know how to watch free live TV on Android TV, keep reading. Here are some of the best free live TV apps for Android TV…

1. Pluto TV

pluto tv android

Pluto TV provides more than 100 TV channels across several categories. News, sports, movies, viral videos, and cartoons are all well-represented. It even offers some channels dedicated to single shows.

The company itself has been around since 2013. In that time, it’s built up more than 70 content partners, including cable TV staples like CNBC, MSNBC, and Sky News, as well as web-only channels like CNET, The Surf Network, Classic Movies, and IGN. The app does not offer any on-demand content.

In addition to Android TV, the app is also available on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and some smart TVs. If you install it on the mobile version of Android, it is Chromecast-compatible.

Download: Pluto TV (Free)

2. Bloomberg TV

bloomberg tv

If you’re interested in the world of finance and global markets, you’ll already know about Bloomberg. Along with CNBC and FOX Business News, it’s one of the go-to business-focused channels in the United States and beyond.

However, unlike CNBC and FOX Business, Bloomberg’s output is free to watch through the company’s app. You will have access to the network’s live streams, as well as a wide selection of on-demand shows from the last couple of days.

Download: Bloomberg TV (Free)

3. SPB TV World

spb tv

SPB TV World is similar to Pluto TV in that it offers a wide selection of legal channels rather than just being a one-channel app.

Formerly called MobiWorld Media, SPB TV World is headquartered in Zurich but has offices in Russia, the United States, Brazil, Switzerland, Singapore, and Thailand.

At the time of writing, it boasts more than 100 channels. This includes international channels (both premium and free-to-air) and some exclusive channels. Some of the most well-known channels that are available include France 24, Fashion TV, Deutsche Welle, and Russia Today. All of the channels are available in high-definition.

Download: SPB TV World (Free)

4. NBC

The NBC app offers a mix of live TV and on-demand videos. In order to access the live TV feature, you need to have a TV service provider that includes NBC in your package

NBC’s on-demand content is impressively expansive, making it one of the better Android TV apps around. You can watch the latest episodes of the network’s shows 24 hours after they air on regular TV, but can also view many TV classics such as Miami Vice, Battlestar Galactica, and Knight Rider.

Furthermore, unlike the other apps we’ve covered so far, NBC offers support for closed-caption subtitles. As such, it’s probably the best free cable TV app for Android for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Download: NBC (Free)

5. Plex

Plex is a well-known home theater app. It lets you stream content around your home, manage your media libraries, and watch content remotely.

In mid-2017, the developers introduced the live TV feature. This lets you watch local TV channels without cable in your area for free.

If you live in the United States, that means you’ll be able to enjoy all the major US networks, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and The CW. Plex Live TV also includes a DVR; you can pre-program recordings in advance and all the content you record will be integrated with your existing Plex libraries.

The feature is only available to Plex Pass subscribers and you’ll need to purchase a digital tuner and an antenna. We recommend the Mohu Leaf and HDHomeRun.

In mid-2020, Plex further expanded the feature. Today, more than 80 live TV channels are available over the web; you won’t need an aerial to tune in. Some of the most noteworthy free channels are the Fubo Sports Network, Yahoo Finance, and Reuters.

Download: Plex (Free)

6. TVPlayer


If you live in the UK, you can use TVPlayer to watch 25 British channels for free. The available networks include BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, CBBC, and BBC News. You’ll also get free access to less popular networks like TLC, Discovery, History, and Crime & Investigation.

For £7/month, you can watch premium channels such as Comedy Central, MTV, and HGTV.

People who live outside the UK can use a VPN to access the service. We recommend ExpressVPN or CyberGhost.

Download: TVPlayer (Free)

7. BBC iPlayer


Another perennial favorite of cord-cutters, the BBC iPlayer app provides live access to all of the BBC’s TV channels, as well as a vast catalog of on-demand shows, classic BBC shows, and straight-to-TV movies. Like TVPlayer, you’ll need to use a VPN to watch BBC iPlayer if you live outside the UK.

If you cannot find the content you’re looking for on iPlayer, check out Netflix instead. It carries some of the best BBC documentaries and plenty of other BBC shows for Americans to enjoy.

Download: BBC iPlayer (Free)

8. Tivimate


Instead of using proprietary services to get live TV for free, you could use an M3U playlist. The playlists are comprised of links to free-to-air channels from around the world, and you can watch them all in a single app.

Many IPTV players are available, but the current market leader is Tivimate. The interface looks exactly like a cable TV interface, you can import an electronic program guide (EPG), set programs to record, and organize your favorite channels into custom lists.

The app itself does not come with any M3U playlists; it is an empty shell. You will need to find the content for yourself.

Download: Tivimate (Free)

Other Android TV Apps You Need to Install

These apps will help you watch free live TV on Android TV. Remember, if you live outside of an app’s region, a high-quality paid VPN could be your new best friend.

To learn more about other Android TV apps worth downloading, here are the essential Android TV apps you should install.

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Google Search Gets New Sports and Entertainment Features

Google Search is already incredibly powerful, but Google is making it even more useful. The company is adding some incredibly helpful features for anyone who regularly watches sports or entertainment on TV.

The new features are all about showing users where they can watch whatever they search for. It was always easy to find what time your favorite team was playing using Google, but you had to dig a little deeper to find out what channel was carrying the game. This update answers that.

What’s New in This Google Search Sports Update?

As announced on The Keyword, Google has made it so you can simply search for where to watch an upcoming game on your phone to find out what channel is carrying the game in your area. For example, you could type “where to watch the Clippers game” to find live TV options and how to tune in across a variety of cable services.

google search sports update

You could also search for something like “Yankees game” to see all of the usual features like live scores, top stories, and standings. However, with this new update, that same search query will also show you where to watch the game. All you need to do is click the Live on button to get that information.

Currently, Google is only adding this feature for MLB and NBA games, but the company intends to integrate it into other leagues as well. Additionally, Google says that it includes a variety of cable and network channels, but it will add streaming services soon.

What Do Entertainment Fans Get?

Google isn’t just limiting its Search enhancements to sports fans. If you enjoy watching TV shows, Google has something special for you.

Building upon its update that made it easier to find TV shows and movie recommendations in Search, Google is adding carousels of live content from cable and broadcast providers. You can simply type something like “what to watch” on your mobile device, and you’ll get results featuring both streaming and live TV content.

The update adds an On TV Now carousel and On TV Later carousel, which will help you find new content that’s currently airing or content coming up in the near future.

Both updates only work on mobile devices as of now.

How to Find What to Watch Next

Google is definitely offering some great new features that’ll help you find what to watch. Whether it’s live sports or television shows. However, Google Search is far from the only option. Check out the A-Z of Netflix to find the best content to watch on the streaming service.

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20 Private and Hidden Roku Channels You Should Install Now

Roku devices come in a variety of different models and specifications, but at their core, they all operate in the same way: you add channels and watch the content you want.

There are two sources of Roku channels. One is the Roku Channel Store; it offers more than enough free Roku channels to keep you entertained. However, the Roku really comes into its own when you start adding private or hidden channels.

Keep reading to learn how to add private Roku channels and discover the best hidden Roku channels you can install right now.

How Do You Add Private or Hidden Channels to Roku?

Before you can add a private channel to your Roku box, you’ll need two things:

  • The channel’s code (we have included the codes in our list below)
  • A Roku account (set one up for free on the Roku website)

Once you have created an account and know the channel code, it’s easy to start adding channels.

To begin, head to your account portal and click Add a channel with a code. Insert the code, accept the on-screen confirmation, and you’re done.

The channel should immediately appear at the bottom of the channel list on your Roku’s home screen. If it doesn’t, you can force a refresh by going to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now on the device.

(NB: Some private Roku channels are restricted to certain countries or regions.)

1. RokuCast (CL9D5D)

RokuCast lets you stream HTML5 content from the Chrome browser on your computer to your Roku device. You’ll need the Chrome extension and this private Roku channel to make it work.

2. El Cartel TV (chibchombiatv)

El Cartel TV offers dozens of live TV channels from South America, with a particular focus on Colombian channels.

Popular channels such as TeleSUR, Canal Capital, and Canal Uno are all available.

3. AOL On (aol)

AOL On Roku channel

AOL On offers content from 17 TV networks, including BBC News, Cooking Channel, DIY Network, ET Online, Food Network, and HGTV.

It used to be in the regular channel store, but is now only available as a private channel.

4. EuroRoku (296XJKP)

EuroRoku is a paid private Roku channel that provides access to 24/7 streams of European TV stations.

The service costs $15/month and offers more than 300 channels, including networks from France, Germany, Bulgaria, Moldova, Spain, Holland, and Belgium.

5. Armchair Tourist (ArmchairTourist)

Branded as “Free HD Wallpaper for your Television,” Armchair Tourist is a live stream of tourist hotspots around the world. Each stream has a four-digit code that you can enter of the Armchair Tourist website for more information about the location in question.

6. FOX Business (FOXBIZ)

FOX Business Roku channel

Along with Bloomberg and CNBC, FOX Business is one of the three big American news networks about finance, business, and global markets.

7. RokuMovies (zb34ac)

Not to be confused with the official The Roku Channel, RokuMovies focuses on bringing you the world’s strangest and most outlandish low-budget films.

Give it a try if you like giant monsters and forgotten kung-fu flicks with ridiculous storylines.

8. Video Games (T6PH2V)

If you love video game walkthroughs, give this channel a try. It includes complete playthroughs of nine classic video games from 1988 to 2004.

The games available include The Legend of Zelda; A Link to the Past, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Metroid.

9. DISHWorld (DISHWorld)

DISHWorld Roku channel

Owned by Sling, DISHWorld is an international TV service that lets you watch live TV in more than 15 languages. In addition to the private Roku channel, the app is also available as an APK for Android.

10. Pro Guitar Lessons TV (ProGuitar)

Feeling creative? It might be time to learn a musical instrument. Of course, the web has no shortage of free resources for musical beginners, but Pro Guitar Lessons TV is worth adding to your list.

11. Food Matters TV (foodmatterstv)

Foodies need to install Food Matters TV. It has a selection of videos covering cooking shows, recipes, diets, healthy eating, and more.

12. Happy Kids (HappyKids)

Happy Kids Roku channel

Happy Kids TV offers a broad mix of kids programming, including music, rhymes, activity guides, and some popular kids’ TV shows and movies.

13. Relaxation Channel (Relax)

Soothing sounds paired with stunning imagery, the Relaxation Channel is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a peaceful few hours to themselves.

14. Kinda Classics (GK9NH5Z)

Kinda Classics is one of the secret Roku channels that everyone needs to have on their device. It offers a wide range of classic shows and movies from around the world.

15. Emby (Emby)


Emby is an open-source alternative to media center apps such as Plex and Kodi.

If you’d like to learn more about how the app stacks up against its two rivals, check out our comparison of Emby, Plex, and Kodi.

16. Silent Night (SilentNight)

Silent Night is the first of two hidden Roku channels on our list that caters to silent movie fans. They both offer a different selection of films, so complement each other well.

17. Harvest Eating (harvest)

Another private channel for foodies, Harvest focuses on providing recipes using fruit and vegetables that are in-season during a particular time of year.

18. 5ik.TV (5ikTV)

5ikTV Roku channel

5ik.TV lets you watch live TV channels from the Far East, including China, Japan, and South Korea. The channel’s interface isn’t in English, but if you can recognize the logos of TV networks in the region, it’s relatively easy to navigate to the content you want to watch.

19. Spanish Time (spanishtime)

If you speak Spanish and would like to keep abreast of the latest goings-on in Latin America, you could subscribe to Spanish Time for $9.99/month.

It offers more than 150 live streaming channels from across the region, including all of the biggest networks in Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia. There’s also a broad selection of miscellaneous Spanish-language sports and entertainment channels.

20. Silent Movies (RLQXKG)

French movie The Artist might have cleaned up at the 2012 Oscars, but the real heyday of silent film was back in the 1920s.

The Silent Movies channel lets you relive the glory days of Harold Lloyd, Charlie Chaplin, and Buster Keaton.

How to Install Even More Roku Channels

Private Roku channels have something for everyone. If you’re not using them, you’re going to restrict your enjoyment and limit the potential of your Roku device. But they are only one piece of the puzzle.

To learn more about how to get the most out of your Roku device, here’s how to watch local channels on Roku for free.

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What Is the Mr. Krabs Meme? 6 Examples

Who lives in a pineapple and spawns many memes? SpongeBob SquarePants! While the yellow sponge himself is the focus of many memes, the character Mr. Krabs also has lots of memes of his own.

You can spot the Mr. Krabs money meme, the “are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?” meme, or the confused Mr. Krabs meme plastered all over the internet.

We’re going to explore the most popular Mr. Krabs memes and explain how they came into existence.

Who is Mr. Krabs?

Mr. Krabs (or to give him his full name, Eugene H. Krabs) is a character in the popular animated television show SpongeBob SquarePants.

He is one of the main characters in the show. He has also appeared in it since the very first episode in 1999 and is voiced by Clancy Brown.

Mr. Krabs owns Krusty Krab, a fast food joint in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom, where the titular SpongeBob is a cook. The restaurant is known for its delightful Krabby Patty burger.

Mr. Krabs is obsessed with money. If there’s a way that Mr. Krabs can make more money then he’ll take it, even if it’s to the disadvantage of everyone else.

The SpongeBob SquarePants show is known for being silly and off-the-wall, which makes it rife for memes. Mr. Krabs is the star of some of these memes. Some of them focus on his love for money, others just capture him in a funny pose. Let’s explore all the best Mr. Krabs memes.

What is the Confused/Shook Mr. Krabs Meme?

Perhaps the most famous meme featuring the crabby entrepreneur is the Confused Mr. Krab meme. It seems to have originated from @hijabihunty on Twitter.

The basis of the meme is an image of Mr. Krab surrounded by lots of angry people (well, fish). The captions usually feature a joke about the poster being confused, confronted, or disorientated by a situation.

The still comes from an episode called “Patty Hype”, where SpongeBob sells colorful designer burgers called Pretty Patties. Mr. Krabs tricks SpongeBob into selling the rights for Pretty Patties. However, once eaten, it turns out the burger changes the color of your tongue. The image shows the moment when Mr. Krabs is confronted by these customers.

If you like this meme, you should check out our round-up of other funny confused memes.

What is the Mr. Krabs “I Like Money” Meme?

As we know, Mr. Krabs loves money. He makes that abundantly clear in this exchange from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, where he’s celebrating the opening of another Krusty Krab:

Perch Perkins: First of all, congratulations Mr. Krabs.

Mr. Krabs: Hello, I like money.

Perch Perkins: What inspired you to build the a second Krusty Krab right next to the original?

Mr. Krabs: Money!

Meme fans have turned this into an image meme to poke fun at businesses making decisions motivated only by profit. Sometimes, Mr. Krab’s face sports a company’s logo.

mr krabs money meme

One example is the caption asking “Disney, what inspired you to make Frozen 2?”, with the image showing Mr. Krabs leaning into the microphone to say “money”.

What is the Mr. Krabs Wack/Glasses Meme?

This meme is inspired by another meme—a memeception, if you will. Hannibal Buress is a comedian who featured on The Eric Andre Show. A reaction image of him captioned with “wack” is used as a response to undesirable situations.

The Mr. Krabs version seems to have originated from Tumblr. Someone edited a picture of Mr. Krabs, to which another person responded asking if it was Hannibal Buress.

mr krabs wack

The internet ran with this, taking the picture of Mr. Krabs and overlaying the “wack” caption. The context of the meme is the same as the original but is automatically better since it’s Mr. Krabs (albeit in a weirdly modified form).

What is the “Are You Feeling It Now, Mr. Krabs?” Meme?

“Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?” is a meme that was born from the “Mid-Life Crustacean” episode of the show. In it, Mr. Krabs has a mid-life crisis and SpongeBob tries to help him find the joy in life once more.

Each time they try another activity, like chilling in a paddling pool, SpongeBob asks Mr. Krabs if he’s “feeling it now”. And so, a meme was created!

For this meme, the makers have mixed audio and/or video of the scene with other clips. Sometimes it’s used for sexual connotations, other times for more humorous purposes—like transitioning the clip into “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins or “Promiscuous” by Nelly Furtado.

What is the “Oh Yeah, Mr. Krabs” Meme?

Warning: The audio in the video above is very loud. You should turn down your volume before playing.

Just when you thought memes couldn’t get weirder, along comes the “Oh yeah, Mr. Krabs” meme. This quote originated from a 2007 YouTube video, where a boy is playing with some SpongeBob toys, says the line, and then screams incoherently.

The original video didn’t get much traction, Though, a reupload another channel in 2009 has amassed over nine million views.

There’s not much logic to this meme. People simply take the audio from the video and mix it into other things, like other memes of Mr. Krab or just something random.

What is the “Could You Play That Song Again” Meme?

In the episode “Krab Borg”, Mr. Krabs calls a radio station to request a song. He sings the tune, but the DJ corrects him. The episode revolves around SpongeBob thinking Mr. Krabs is a robot, but that’s irrelevant to the meme.

People have taken this clip and edited it so that Mr. Krabs is singing other songs (well-known or invented) or simply making weird noises. Above is a compilation video with some remixes.

The Best Memes Ever

As long as SpongeBob SquarePants exists, there will be memes of it. Who knows what the future holds for the fruitful industry of Mr. Krabs memes?

If you’re a big meme fan, check out our guide to the best memes ever.

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Plex Launches Free Live TV Channels for Everyone

Plex has launched free Live TV in all 220+ countries that it currently serves. These Live TV channels will be available to watch anytime, anywhere. There are 80 channels available at launch, with Plex promising to add even more in the coming months.

What Free Live TV Channels Are Available on Plex?

As detailed in a post on The Plex Blog, the free Live TV channels on Plex are linear, pre-programmed channels. Which means you can channel hop until you find something you want to watch. And once you find something, the content plays out live from beginning to end.

This gives you a very different experience than streaming on-demand from the likes of Netflix and Disney+ (is Disney+ worth the money?). But in a good way for anyone nostalgic for the bygone age of television.

The 80 free Live TV channels on Plex include news offerings from Reuters and Yahoo Finance, kids’ programming on Toon Goggles, food and travel shows on Tastemade, sports programming courtesy of the fubo Sports Network, gaming content via IGN TV, and movies from The Film Detective and Midnight Pulp.

Some of the more out-there channels include The Bob Ross Channel (for Bob Ross fans), Love Destination (for romantic types), KMTV (for all things K-pop), The Pet Collective (for pet lovers), Surf Now TV (for surfers), and Unidentified (for fans of UFOs and the supernatural).

How to Watch Free Live TV on Plex

All of these Live TV channels are available to watch on Plex for free, as long as you’re willing to sit through the ads. Most of them are available globally, with a handful restricted to the US and Canada. The channels are easily accessible via the Plex app, which is available on most devices you can think of.

The free Live TV offering is distinct from Plex’s existing over-the-air TV and DVR offering, which requires a digital antenna and tuner. You can watch these channels on the Plex app, without any additional hardware. Still, the OTA option gives you access to major networks such as NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, CW, and PBS, so it’s worth setting up.

Don’t Forget About The Roku Channel…

Plex isn’t alone in offering free live TV channels to those willing to sit through ads. Since June 2020, The Roku Channel boasts over 100 channels in the US, which includes some of the same channels you can now watch on Plex. Still, we’re not complaining, as they’re all free, and perfect for those moments when you just want to sit back and channel surf.

Read the full article: Plex Launches Free Live TV Channels for Everyone


Where to Download Subtitles for Movies and TV Shows: The 6 Best Sites

Knowing a few subtitle download sites can improve the way you enjoy films and TV shows. Subtitles serve many purposes, and not just for foreign language content that isn’t dubbed.

Subtitles are great for clarity of dialogue, especially during action sequences where loud noises can drown out what characters say.

Subtitles are also useful for shows with ensemble casts (seeing names can help with tracking characters), shows with heavy accents, and shows with lots of terminologies like sci-fi, fantasy, and procedurals.

Are you still wondering where you can get subtitles? We’re going to tell you the best places to download subtitles for movies or TV shows, along with how to load them.

Where to Download Subtitles for a Movie or TV Show

1. Subscene

Subscene, a site to find subtitles

Subscene is fast, comprehensive, and always kept up-to-date with subtitles for the latest films and TV episodes. All subtitles are created and uploaded by users, which means you can often find matches even for obscure titles.

Subscene has a simple and straightforward interface. Subtitles are organized according to shows and movies, so all you have to do is type the show or movie name in the search bar and select the right one from the results.

Nearly all of Subscene’s subtitles are in the SRT format. You can set a search filter to limit results to certain languages (up to three maximum), and you can decide whether you want to include “hearing impaired” subtitles (for sound effects).

You may also find the forums to be a nifty feature. There you can request subtitles for shows and films—perhaps there aren’t any in your native language or none that are correctly synced for your version of the media.

2. OpenSubtitles

Open Subtitles search interface

OpenSubtitles has a good selection of subtitles. Users upload their own subtitles and others can then rate the quality of the subtitling. This ensures you can check the rating and only download the best.

There’s a key reason why OpenSubtitles is so popular: it’s the largest subtitle database with support for dozens of languages. If you can manage to find your way around the site, you’ll see that there are subtitles here that don’t exist anywhere else.

Other useful features include the dedicated Request Subtitles page, the surprisingly in-depth advanced search filters, the embedded third-party information (like IMDb details), and relevant links that show where you can buy or stream free movies.

3. YIFY Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles has a huge, ever-expanding list of subtitles for movies and films. It’s really easy to browse thanks to its sleek interface that shows the promotional poster, year of release, director, and other handy information.

You can filter by loads of languages so that you only see the entries that have subtitles for your needs. You can also simply just search for the name of the movie or show.

The only downside is that some entries don’t have subtitles, so your search might return a result but you’ll come away empty-handed. Nevertheless, YIFY Subtitles remains a great and easy way to download subtitles.

4. Podnapisi


Despite sounding like a site for podcasts, Podnapisi is an excellent resource for nearly 60000 movies and 7000 TV shows. Chances are, whatever you need subtitles for is available here.

On top of those staggering numbers, there are over 2 million subtitles that have been submitted in various languages and formats, including 100000 that have been adapted for hearing impaired and hard-of-hearing (SDH) viewers.

With a speedy, clean interface, and easy search function (filter by keywords, seasons, language, FPS, and more), Podnapisi is an excellent choice for subtitles.

5. Addic7ed


Although the interface isn’t the fanciest, Addic7ed is still a great place to get subtitles from due to its breadth of content. New subtitles are being uploaded all the time.

The easiest way to find what you need is to use the search bar. Alternatively, you can look at a list of all the TV shows and movies that they have subtitles available for.

If something isn’t available, hop into the forums and someone might be able to help you out. Alternatively, you can browse their tutorials to find out how to make subtitles of your own.

6. TVsubtitles


Despite its name, TVsubtitles isn’t just for TV shows. It also has subtitles for loads of movies old and new.

Of course, TV shows are its bread and butter, and you only need to glance at their list of subtitles to see why. There are so many TV shows listed here, spanning decades and genres.

The movie subtitle selection is slimmer, so you’re better off with a different site for those, but some are available if you need them.

How to Load Subtitles for Movies and TV Shows

Most free media players will automatically detect and load subtitle files as long as you title them properly. What does a “proper title” involve?

For the most part, all you have to do is copy the exact filename of the movie or TV video file and paste it as the subtitle file’s filename. This works for nearly all video file formats (e.g. AVI, MKV, MP4) and the most common subtitle file formats (e.g. SCC, SRT, SUB, VTT). You also have to make sure both the video file and the subtitle file are in the same location.

With that done, launch the video file and your media player should automatically load the subtitle file.

What if it doesn’t? Or what if your video file has a built-in subtitle track and you want to override it with the subtitle file? In that case, you’ll have to manually load the subtitle file and switch the track in your media player.

How to Manually Switch Subtitle Tracks for a Video

VLC Subtitle Track selection

We’ll demonstrate using VLC, the most popular media player app in the world.

To manually load a subtitle file, even one that isn’t in the same location as the video file:

  1. Launch the video file in VLC.
  2. Under the Subtitles menu, click Add Subtitle File.
  3. Navigate to the subtitle file, select it, and click Open.

To switch to subtitles that are different from built-in subtitle tracks in some video files:

  1. Launch the video file in VLC.
  2. Under the Subtitles menu, navigate to Subtitle Track > Track #.

You can load multiple subtitle tracks (as many as you want) and switch between them at will. This is particularly useful for certain movie files, especially in the MKV format, which come with many subtitles in various languages.

An Even Faster Way to Download Subtitles

The above sites are great. However, if you prefer subtitles for everything, then downloading them by hand every time can get cumbersome.

Happily, a handful of free media players support the ability to search and download subtitles right within the app, and some can even automatically find subtitles based on the filename of what you’re watching.

  • BS.Player: Built-in support for auto-downloading subtitles, available in both the Free and Pro versions. It’s unclear which sites they’re sourced from.
  • Media Player Classic: Built-in support for auto-downloading subtitles. By default, they are sourced from Open Subtitles.
  • VLC Player (with VLSub addon): Can search Open Subtitles and download matches to the current video, either by name or by hash (the latter is more accurate). No longer works with VLC 2.1.x, requires VLC 2.2.x series.
  • PotPlayer: Can search for subtitles within the player and download the ones of your choosing. You can add your own source sites if you wish.

This works just as well when watching with mobile video player apps. Even if your video player of choice doesn’t support automatic subtitle downloads, it most likely supports automatic subtitle loading for matching filenames.

What to Binge Watch Next?

That’s everything you need to know about where to download subtitles from and how to use them. No longer will you have to strain to hear dialogue over huge explosions. And thankfully, streaming shows save you the bother of downloading subtitles.

If you’re after a new TV show to enjoy, here are the best TV shows to binge-watch next.

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How to Add Subtitles to a Movie or TV Series

Subtitles are one of those things many people sneer at. But once you start using them to better understand what’s going on, it’s hard to stop using them. And if you’re watching a foreign-language movie, you might have no choice but to use subtitles.

In this article, we’ll show you how to add subtitles to movies or TV series on your computer. It’s quick, easy, and totally free to do.

Reasons to Start Using Subtitles

If you’re hard of hearing. subtitles are a lifesaver. They allow you to follow the plot or a movie or TV show without having the volume turned up to room-shaking levels.

If you’re watching a movie in a foreign language, you need to use translated subtitles to understand the plot. For most people, subtitles are less jarring than dubbed audio because you can enjoy the original performance of the actors without getting distracted by out-of-sync dialog.

But there are good reasons to add subtitles to a movie or TV show even if it’s in your native tongue:

  • Inaudible dialog: It’s tough to understand characters with thick accents, even when they’re speaking a language you know. This also happens when actors mumble their lines, making them impossible to hear over other sound effects.
  • Narrative comprehension: Sci-fi and fantasy shows include a wealth of made-up proper nouns for names, planets, and technology. When you’re watching complex shows like this, subtitles make it easier to follow what’s going on.

The Abyss movie with subtitles turned on

Unfortunately, when you download movies and TV shows to watch offline, they don’t always come with subtitles. This means you need to add them yourself, which is actually a lot easier than you might think.

How to Add Subtitles to Movies or TV Series

Now that you know why you should consider adding subtitles to movies or TV series, we can move onto the process of adding them. Which starts with finding subtitle files.

Where to Download Quality Subtitles

Before you can apply subtitles to a downloaded movie or TV show, you first need to find and download a subtitle file for that particular title. If possible, it’s best to download the subtitles from the same place you got the content. That way they are most likely to sync up with your video file.

However, if there aren’t any subtitles available from the same place, you can use other websites to download subtitles from instead.

We recommend the following two sites:

  • Subscene: Unless the movie or TV show you’re trying to watch is rare or decades old, you’re almost guaranteed to find working subtitles on Subscene. Subtitles are categorized by title, language, and closed captions for hearing-impaired people.
  • OpenSubtitles: This is a large database with plenty of working subtitles—including some that are missing from Subscene—but it is very heavy on the ads. Downloading subtitles can feel like a game of elimination as you try to figure out which download links are genuine and which ones are spam.

Subscene website showing subtitles for The Abyss

After downloading the subtitles you need—which should be in an SRT or SUB file—there are two methods you can use to add them to your videos: soft and hard.

Soft subtitles allow you to turn them on and off, switching between different languages or no subtitles at all while watching. Whereas hard subtitles merge with the video file itself. You can’t turn them off, but you never need to worry about adding subtitles again.

We’ll explain how to add subtitles, both hard and soft, to a movie or TV series below…

How to Add Soft Subtitle Tracks to a Downloaded Movie

All of the best modern video players support file-based subtitles. This means you can add as many subtitle tracks to a downloaded movie as you like, and switch between them at any time from the subtitle menu.

We’ll demonstrate how to add subtitles using VLC Media Player, which is free, open source, cross platform, and the most widely used video player around. But most other video players operate in much the same way.

Download: VLC Media Player for Windows | macOS | Linux (Free)

Add Subtitles to a Movie Automatically

The easiest way to add subtitles to a movie is to give the subtitle file exactly the same name as the video file (excluding the format extension). Then keep both files in the same folder. When you open the movie in a media player, such as VLC, it automatically loads the subtitles along with the video.

So if your video file is named:


Then you need to make sure the subtitle file is named:

Since it doesn’t allow you to add a specific language to your subtitles file name, this method is best if you only want to add subtitles in a single language.

Folder with video and subtitle file with the same name

Add Subtitles to a Movie or TV Show Manually

If you want to use different file names for your video and subtitles files, you need to manually add the subtitles instead. This is the best method to use if you have multiple subtitle tracks you want to add to the same film.

There are two manual methods you can use to add subtitles in VLC.

First, open the video file in VLC, then go to Subtitles > Add Subtitle File from the menu bar and select the subtitle file you want to add.

Add Subtitle File menu from VLC options

Alternatively, open the video file in VLC, then click-and-drag the subtitle file from your file manager and drop it into the VLC window.

Drag-and-drop subtitle file in VLC

If you add multiple subtitle tracks, use the Subtitles option in the menu bar to switch between them.

How to Permanently Add Hard Subtitles to a Video

If you want to permanently add subtitles to a movie or television show, you can create a new video file using HandBrake. This isn’t as quick or easy as the methods above. But since HandBrake is free, open source, and cross platform, it’s still a good option if you never want to worry about adding subtitles again.

Download: HandBrake for Windows | macOS | Linux (Free)

To get started, launch Handbrake and select the video file as the Source. Switch to the Subtitles tab, then open the Tracks dropdown box and select Add External Subtitles Track. Select your subtitles file from the browser that appears.

Next to your subtitles track, turn on Burned In to permanently add hard subtitles to your movie. Alternatively, add multiple subtitle tracks, select a Language for each of them and choose one to use as your Default subtitles. This allows you to switch between various subtitles tracks without worrying about different files.

HandBrake window showing Subtitles track

After configuring your settings, click Start to burn the new video file.

Create Your Own Subtitles

You might struggle to find subtitles for niche or independent movies. You also might not find subtitles in a particular language if it isn’t widely spoken across the globe. In either of these circumstances, you should consider creating your own subtitles to add to a movie or TV show instead.

It’s a time-consuming endeavor. But you can follow our instructions detailing how to make your own subtitles, then use the steps above to add them to your movie. If you do a good job, don’t forget to share your subtitles online for other people to use as well!

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How to Watch Netflix on Your TV: 5 Simple Methods to Try

If you’re looking for ways to watch Netflix on your TV, you’ve come to the right place. There are a number of different ways to watch Netflix on your TV, and most of them are very simple.

But what options are available? Can you connect Netflix to your TV from a phone? Can you still get Netflix on your non-smart TV? And which platforms offer official Netflix apps?

Let’s look at a handful of ways to get Netflix on your TV, and, in the process, answer any questions you may have.

1. Use an App to Watch Netflix on a Smart TV

netflix remote

The world of smart TV operating systems is a confusing one. Ever since Firefox TV met its demise in 2016, there are four major smart TV operating systems still in use. These are Tizen, WebOS, Android TV, and Roku TV.

As a user, that’s not ideal. Sadly, as you’d expect, the various app marketplaces for each OS are fragmented, with different apps available on different platforms. The good news, though, is that all four of the major smart TV operating systems offer an official Netflix app. Some televisions will even come with the Netflix app pre-installed and with a shortcut button hard-coded on the remote control.

Install the app first if you don’t have it, then fire the app up and enter your Netflix credentials. You’ll be watching Netflix on your TV in seconds. If you encounter problems and can’t install Netflix on your TV, contact your TV manufacturer for troubleshooting tips.

2. Connect Netflix to a TV From Your Phone

chromecast dongle

Smart TV apps aren’t always the best solution. Depending on the quality of your television’s hardware, the app could be slow and buggy. So, what other options are out there? If you have a smartphone or tablet, you could buy a Chromecast dongle and cast Netflix directly from the mobile version of the app.

To cast from Netflix to your Chromecast, open the Netflix app, and tap on the cast icon in the upper right-hand corner. You will see a list of all your available devices. Tap on one to connect to it. The connection process will take a few seconds to complete.

NB: Before you buy a Chromecast, check your TV’s handbook. Many newer models have the technology built-in. Some set-top boxes, such as the Nvidia Shield, also offer it natively.

3. Cast Netflix From Windows to Your TV


If you have a Windows computer, you could try and use Miracast. The Wi-Fi Alliance finalized the Miracast technology at CES 2013 and touted it as a wireless alternative to HDMI cables.

Sadly, Miracast is not as popular or as reliable as Chromecast, but it is available on more devices thanks to Miracast support on Windows. Indeed, Miracast is available on all Windows machines running 8.1 or later and all Android-powered devices.

On the receiver end, Roku devices and the Amazon TV Fire Stick are Miracast-enabled. Many smart TVs also offer the technology natively.

To use Miracast on Windows, go to Settings > System > Display > Multiple Displays > Connect to a Wireless Display. To use Miracast on Android, go to Settings > Display > Cast Screen and tap on your TV’s name.

Miracast is not available on Apple devices.

4. Get Netflix on a Non-Smart TV

If you don’t own a smart TV, you could try using a trusty HDMI cable. It is arguably the most reliable way to get Netflix on a non-smart TV.

Sure, an HDMI cable might not be at the forefront of cord-cutting technology anymore, but it will always get the job done. You can pick up a functional six-foot-long HDMI cable relatively cheaply on Amazon.

4K 60HZ HDMI Cable 4K 60HZ HDMI Cable Buy Now On Amazon $13.79

Setting up the HDMI cable is easy. Just connect one end to your TV and the other end to your computer. On your machine, load up the Netflix web app and find the content you want to watch. On your TV, make sure you have selected the correct input channel.

If you’re lucky, your computer will recognize your TV and it will connect immediately. If it doesn’t, the next step will vary depending on the operating system you’re using.


windows mobility center

To tell your Windows operating system to send your monitor’s display to your TV, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Right-click on the Start Menu.
  2. In the pop-up menu, select Mobility Center.
  3. Locate the box called External Display.
  4. Click on Connect Display.
  5. A menu will pop out of the right-hand side of the screen, choose Second Screen Only.

Your Windows screen will go black, and both the video and audio will be playing on your TV.

NB: Some manufacturers might have included a keyboard hotkey to switch to HDMI output.


If you own a Mac, follow these steps instead:

  1. Open the Apple menu.
  2. Click on System Preferences.
  3. Choose Displays.
  4. Hold down the Option key.
  5. Click on Detect Displays in the lower right-hand corner.

If your computer still can’t connect to the TV, you have a problem with either the TV’s HDMI port, the Mac’s HDMI port, or the HDMI cable itself.

NB: Many modern Apple laptops do not include an HDMI port, so you will need to buy an adapter first.

Hopefully, you should now be seeing Netflix on your TV screen. You might notice the edges of the screen are missing. Don’t worry, it’s called “Overscan” and is a common occurrence. Typically, the problem needs to be resolved in your television’s settings rather than on the operating system.

5. Use an Apple TV and Apple AirPlay

Unsurprisingly, Apple is the only company that doesn’t offer support for Miracast, Chromecast, or HDMI cables.

Instead, the company wants you to either buy an Apple TV and install the platform’s version of Netflix, or use its proprietary AirPlay technology and cast the web app version of Netflix. AirPlay does work well, but given its proprietary status, support for the standard among smart TVs and set-top boxes is sorely lacking.

How Do You Watch Netflix on Your TV?

Now we have introduced you to a number of different ways to watch Netflix on TV. The right solution for you depends on the equipment you own and the gadgets you use.

Once you have figured that out, you can then turn your attention to tracking what movies and shows you’ve watched and figuring out what to watch next on Netflix, like these awesome British crime dramas or the best musicals.

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