How to Unlock Hidden Snapchat Filters and Lenses

One of the best reasons to use Snapchat is its collection of fun filters and lenses that make your selfies pop.

There are plenty of choices from the get-go, with the selection changing on a regular basis. However, Snapchat also has secret filters and lenses that you need to unlock before they’re accessible. And, even then, they may only be available for a limited time.

So, how do you unlock Snapchat filters and lenses? Including hidden ones? In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know.

Snapchat Filters and Lenses: What’s the Difference?

In Snapchat, there are two effects that you can apply to your photos and videos: filters and lenses. While they may sound like the same thing, there are some differences between them.

Snapchat lenses are the meat of the app and the feature that sets it apart from the rest. Essentially, lenses are augmented reality filters, and they’re mostly designed for your phone’s selfie camera. It’s how all the cool kids are turning themselves into cute dogs or puking rainbows.

Filters are more basic, as they mostly change the color of your image or video (like on Instagram). However, they can also add information, such as geofilters, time, or weather. Our list of the best Snapchat filters and lenses will help you find some new favorites.

How to Use Snapchat Filters

For the filters, all you need to do is snap a photo (front or rear cameras) and then swipe left and right to go through the different filters. The filters vary depending on whether you just took a still image or recorded a video.

The further right you swipe, the more unique filters you’ll see. These include geofilters, which are overlays featuring famous locations and cities, or special ones for holidays and events, such as sports games or music festivals.

When you’re out enjoying life, make sure to launch Snapchat, as you never know what geofilters you’ll find. If you’re feeling creative, you can even learn how to make your own Snapchat filter.

How to Use Lenses

If you’re new to Snapchat, you might not know where to look to find lenses. In the camera view, enable the selfie camera (front-facing) and then press the small smiley face icon to the right of the capture button. You can then scroll through the available lenses. The lenses on the left side are interactive games called Snappables, while the right side features the collection of standard lenses.

As you look through the lenses, you’ll see a preview of each one in action. There are special effects on each lens that occurs when you follow the directions on the screen. Some lenses work with the rear-facing camera too, and others are best used with a friend.

Always in Rotation

The fun with Snapchat lies in the always-changing line-up of available filters and lenses for users to choose from. While this means more variety from time-to-time, it also means not all of them are going to be around forever. If you want to use a lens, you’d better use it when you see it.

And of course, there are some limited edition lenses and filters that are only available briefly. These are mostly to promote that hot television show that’s airing, a product with a sponsor, or even certain theme parks.

How to Find and Use Snapcodes

Snapchat has special filters and lenses locked away behind Snapcodes. What are Snapcodes? They’re similar to QR codes, and you can find them on limited edition products, in tweets, or even through basic hyperlinks.

They are slightly different than normal QR codes, though, and you’ll be able to tell the difference right away. Snapcodes feature the Snapchat logo icon, with a dotted pattern surrounding the ghost mascot. Each Snapcode is unique and only lasts for a certain amount of time.

Scan the Snapcode

Unlock Snapchat Lenses Snapchat Community

If you find a Snapcode that’s a hyperlink, all you have to do is tap on the link to launch Snapchat and unlock the lens. But if you’re working with a Snapcode image, there’s slightly more work involved.

Launch Snapchat and then switch to the rear-view camera. Get the Snapcode into the viewfinder and have it focus so the image is clear. Then just do a long-press on the Snapcode on the screen until your phone vibrates when it’s recognized.

The Snapcode can be used for a variety of things, like making it easier to follow users, but we’re only discussing the ones to unlock lenses.

Unlock Your New Lens

After you scan the Snapcode or tap the link, you’ll see the name of the filter in a popup. Just tap on the Unlock button to add it to your Lens repertoire.

As mentioned earlier, each code is unique and you can only use it for a limited time. The duration that each Snapcode is available is different, but Snapchat tells you how long you can use it for once it’s unlocked.

On top of that, Snapcodes may not be available forever, as some of them are used to promote something. Even if you find some codes from previous promos, they may have expired already.

Experiment With New Lenses and Have Fun

Once you’ve unlocked a hidden lens, be sure to give it a spin!

To use your new Snapchat lenses, go back to the camera and enable selfie view using the front-facing camera. Then tap the smiley face button to access the available selfie filters and lenses. Any secret ones you’ve just unlocked show up first, so they’re the quickest to access. To use it, just tap the one you want and then follow the directions on the screen. It’s that easy!

Where to Find Hidden Lenses and Filters

We mentioned earlier that secret Snapchat filters and lenses are usually available for a limited time to promote a new product, popular TV show, or even a location. Because of this, the availability of secret filters varies. Here are some tips that can help you find more lenses and filters that you can temporarily add to your library.

Snapchat Lens Studio

Snapchat Lens Studio Lenses

On the Snapchat Lens Studio, you can find tons of lenses made by creative Snapchat users. When you arrive on the page, you’ll see a carousel of fun lenses handpicked by Snapchat itself. Simply scroll down the page to find a huge list of trending lenses. You can scan any of these Snapcodes to upload them to your app.

The Creators page features a list of official Snapchat lens creators. Here, you can browse through each lens creators’ profile, and experiment with the unique lenses they’ve made.

Find Lenses From the Snapchat App

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of scanning Snapcodes from Snapchat’s site, you can find even more lenses right from the Snapchat app.

As you scroll through the carousel of lenses, swipe up on the screen. This brings up a page full of popular Snapchat filters that don’t come with the app by default. Select any filters that look fun to use, and you can start using them instantly.

Keep an Eye Out for Promotions

Occasionally, a brand, TV show, movie, or even theme park might release a lens that you can only use for a limited time. In the past, HBO released a special filter to celebrate Game of Thrones season premiere. Even Wendy’s joined in on the Snapchat fun by putting a Snapcode on customers’ cups—every time the code got scanned, Wendy’s donated $5 to a foster care charity.

We can’t predict when these lenses will get released, so it’s best to just keep an eye out for any news on social media. When you see your friends snapping you with a lens you’ve never seen before, you’ll know that a new hidden Snapcode has been released.

Unlock Snapchat Filters and Start Snapping

Now that you know all about how Snapchat’s filters and lenses work, as well as the best ways to find them, it’s time to have some fun. Send some snaps using the new lenses you’ve discovered, and you’ll definitely surprise your friends.

To become even more Snapchat-savvy, check out the Snapchat features all users need to learn.

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Stop Snapchat Tracking! How to Turn Off Your Location on Snapchat

In 2017, Snapchat launched Snap Map, a feature that lets you see where your friends are, and lets your friends see where you are. It sounds creepy, but isn’t activated by default. Nonetheless,  not many users know much about Snap Map. Which is worrying.

So, how safe is Snapchat Map? Can you turn your location off on Snapchat? And can you spoof your location to prank friends or maintain your privacy? In this article, we’ll answer all of your questions about Snap Map.

What Is Snap Map?

Snap Map is an intuitive world map built into Snapchat that gives you a detailed look at where people are Snapping from at any given moment.

To access the Snapchat Map, open the app to the default camera screen then swipe downwards. Snap Map will open and you’ll need to click Allow. To see other people’s locations, you have to let Snapchat see yours.

With Snap Map open, you’ll see the Bitmojis of your friends, showing their exact location. It’s accurate to within a few meters. Heat maps will show areas with lots of activity. There’s also a scattering of popular events. Click on these to see a Story made up of various users’ Snaps.

And if you click elsewhere on the map, you can see recent snaps recorded at that location. These are recorded in Our Story, an image or video shared to a public channel. (You need to learn common Snapchat terminology before sharing too much on the app.)

Who Can See Your Location on Snapchat?

The first time you use Snap Map, you’ll be asked to select your privacy settings. You can also change those settings by clicking the gear icon at the top-right corner of the map:

  • Ghost Mode hides your location and removes your last location from Snapchat entirely.
  • My Friends gives you the option to allow all of your friends to see your location on the map. Or, you can opt to only allow specific friends to see your location.

Your location is only shared when you have the app open on your smartphone.

Should You Worry About Snapchat Map Tracking You?

An app having access to your location should be a red flag straight away. But many apps need this data. So what’s the problem with Snapchat tracking you too?

One issue is that, when people have selected their privacy settings, they tend to completely forget they’ve even activated Snap Map. If you’re on the app, you could unintentionally broadcast your location.

That has all sorts of ramifications that should make users and parents concerned. Here are just four reasons Snap Maps could be troublesome.

1. Snap Map Could Put Users at Serious Risk

Imagine you accept a Snapchat friend request from a stranger, a friend of a friend, or someone you’ve just met. And you’ve set your Snap Map settings to share your location with all of your friends.

Every time you open Snapchat, that person who you barely know will know exactly where you are. This is worrying in itself. But when you take into account that a good chunk of Snapchat’s users are young teenagers, it’s especially alarming.

If you want to see how troubling this is, watch this video: a man adds a young girl on Snapchat, and simply finds exactly where she’s hanging out in a local park.

2. Snap Map Destroys Your Privacy

Pretending you’re too unwell to go to work? Told your friends you’re too busy to come out? Hoping to avoid someone while you’re at the mall? Don’t want people to know you’re home? Be careful. Snapchat has made getting away with any of this much harder.

All it takes is a friend on Snapchat to notice where you actually are. You could be in trouble with your friends, or even your boss. It’s a rookie mistake, but does happens.

3. Snap Map Can Strain Relationships

Knowing who’s hanging out with each other at any time can undoubtedly put a strain on relationships. Knowing you’ve been excluded from a meetup can sour your friendship. In some cases, ignorance is bliss—especially if the reason for your exclusion is perfectly innocent.

But Snap Map has also been the cause of affairs being outed. And incorrect accusations when partners jump to the wrong conclusions after seeing a Bitmoji hanging with someone else.

All because they forgot to put their Snap Map on Ghost Mode.

4. Snap Map Could Let Everyone Know Where You Are

When you post to Our Story, you give Snapchat permission to include that snap in Discovery—and on the Snap Map if they so wish. That means that potentially anyone could see that snap (though not your username).

It’s vital you know this before posting to Our Story. The feature is community-based, so Snap Map’s inclusion is important. But how many who post to Our Story know their location can be seen by strangers?

It could leave you with an uncomfortable feeling of being a fly on the wall at private family events, dates, nights out, and even inside schools.

How to Turn Off Your Location on Snapchat Map

First off, if you don’t want potentially the entire world seeing a snap, don’t post it to Our Story. Second, if you’re having second thoughts about Snap Map, and don’t want your friends to know exactly where you are, activate Ghost Mode right now. It only takes a second.

To turn off the location feature on Snapchat, do this:

  1. Open the app and go to Snap Map by swiping down.
  2. Click the Gear icon at the top-right of the screen.
  3. Activate Ghost Mode. When asked how long for, select Until turned off.

Now, Snap Map will never share your location.

To go one step further, you could entirely disable location settings from Snapchat via the settings menu on your smartphone. To turn off Snap Map on iPhone, for instance, go to Settings > Snapchat > Location then toggle to either Never or Ask Next Time. This would, however, limit features like Snapchat’s geofilters, which activate according to where you are.

While you’re there, you may also want to turn off Allow friends to request my location.

How Long Does Your Location Stay on Snapchat Map?

Snap Map has its limitations. Where someone shows up on the Map depends entirely on when they last opened Snapchat. It doesn’t constantly send notifications wherever you go.

Similarly, if you device can’t connect to Wi-Fi, your location won’t update.

And if you leave the app unopened for long enough, Snap Map should delete your location after between six and eight hours.

How to Change Your Location on Snapchat Map

Can you spoof your location on Snapchat? It’s a natural enough question, especially if you’re worried that Snapchat is tracking you. Snapchat makes it difficult to change your location—that is, without major tampering with your smartphone, involving jailbreaking. It even blocks some VPNs.

If you don’t want specific people knowing where you are, but don’t want to use Ghost Mode, don’t open Snapchat. Let’s say you’re supposed to be at home, but need to pop out. Use Snapchat while at home; don’t use it when you’re down the shops. Snap Map should show you still at home as long as you don’t open the app elsewhere. You could also log out of the app before you leave the place you want Snap Map to show.

Your best option is going to your Settings, clicking on Snapchat, and altering location to Ask Next Time. Each time you go on the app, Snap Map won’t automatically connect to your phone’s GPS. You can decide to turn the Map on or leave it off every time you sign in.

A word of warning about faking locations: Spoofing your location may result in an instant ban from Snapchat.

To do this, you need to spoof your smartphone’s location using a third-party. Snapchat leeches off your device’s GPS to ascertain where you are. You can obviously search in your app store for “fake GPS location” but take note of how much they cost. While most offer free trials, some revert to subscriptions soon afterwards.

Fake GPS Location for Android is simple to navigate, as is Fake GPS Location for iPhone. Other services require you to tamper with your smartphone via Windows or Mac. Notably, iTools offers location masking alongside a range of other features like customizable ringtones and additional back-ups.

A word of warning: Snapchat will ban you immediately if it recognizes that you’ve suddenly moved halfway around the world. If you’re going to change location, don’t change it drastically. Even then, you could be stopped from using Snapchat altogether.

How to Keep Your Snap Map Secure

First, decide if you really need Snap Map. If not, don’t activate it. Click Ask Next Time in Settings if you want to use geofilters and decide on a case-by-case basis if you need Snap Map.

Know your Snap Map privacy settings. Remember: Ghost Mode means your friends can’t track you everywhere you go.

And if you’re a parent worried about your children using Snapchat, just have a sensible discussion with them about safety. There’s no point banning it and making them feel left out of friendship groups. In most circumstances, the app isn’t harmful. Nonetheless, you should brush up on your knowledge of some basic Snapchat security tips.

Image Credit: towfiqu007/Depositphotos

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The Best Snapchat Filters List and Essential Snapchat Lenses

Snapchat’s selection of filters, lenses, and geofilters change daily. These are great for adding some variation to your selfie game, but can also be a little overwhelming. If you want to pick the best Snapchat filters and lenses for your photos, we’ve got you covered.

This list of the best Snapchat filters and lenses covers the essentials: The basic filters Snapchat offers, the names of some big Snapchat filters, how to access your local geofilters, and some of the best Snapchat lenses to use.

The Default Snapchat Filter List

Snapchat’s terminology can get a little confusing, especially if you’re new to the platform. However, it’s just one of the many things all Snapchat users should know.

Snapchat filters are the effects that you can add to your snap after taking a photo or video; lenses show up while you are taking a photo.

  1. Brighten
  2. Sepia
  3. High Contrast
  4. Black and White
  5. Neon
  6. Speed Overlay (MPH or KPH)
  7. Temperature Overlay
  8. Altitude Overlay
  9. Time/Date Overlay
  10. Location Overlay
  11. Slow Speed (video only)
  12. Speed Up (video only)
  13. Super Speed (video only)
  14. Reverse (video only)
  15. Special Occasion (Time-limited, typically highlight holiday seasons or events)

You can view the filters currently available by swiping left and right on your photo or video before sending it to your friends (make sure you also know how to get more Snapchat filters).

Snapchat Geofilters

As you swipe left and right through your filters, you may notice that some of the last options relate to your current location or an event that you are attending. These are Snapchat geofilters.

They are a lot of fun to collect. After all, if you climb Mount Everest, isn’t a Snapchat geofilter the way that you want to announce your accomplishment to the world? OK, perhaps not.

If you don’t see any geofilters, there are two likely causes. Firstly, if you live in a rural area, it’s possible that none exist. Secondly, you might not have location services enabled for your Snapchat app; you can turn these on in your phone’s Settings.

It’s impossible to list all of the Snapchat geofilters out there—some cities have one or more for every neighborhood and some buildings even have their own selection. If you think an important location is missing a geofilter (or if you want a geofilter to automatically appear at your next party or event), you can always submit your own.

Check out Snapchat’s geofilter guidelines to get started, then learn how to make your own geofilter on a budget.

A List of the Best Snapchat Lenses

Snapchat lenses are one of Snapchat’s most popular features. To apply a Snapchat lens, tap on a person’s face using either the front or rear camera before you take the photo. Your phone will “map” the face, then all of the available lenses will appear along the bottom of your screen. Tap on each one to try it out. Most lenses will work in both videos and photos.

Be sure to read the instructions for each filter when they appear, as several lenses will work with multiple people or will react to you performing an action (like opening your mouth or raising your eyebrows). Some even have fun background music, sound effects, or modify the way your voice sounds.

The available lenses change every day. There’s no guarantee that you’ll always have access to your favorites.

Here’s a list of 100 Snapchat lenses names we could track down, organized by what kind of impression they send.

The Best Classic Snapchat Lenses

We all know these ones. The classic lenses are a ubiquitous part of Snapchat, and at least one of these filters are almost always available. Sure, they’re overdone, but they’re also classics for a reason: these filters never look out of place.

  1. Dog with Tongue Hanging Out
  2. Classic Flower Crown and Glow
  3. Pink Glow Flower Crown
  4. Puking Rainbow
  5. Rosy Cheeks Retouch
  6. Dancing Hotdog
  7. Face Swap
  8. Camera Roll Face Swap
  9. Extreme Sad Face
  10. Golden Butterfly Crown

The Best Snapchat Lenses to Make You Look Good

Several Snapchat filters can substitute for makeup or not shaving on a bad day. As long as you remember that there’s no lens for real life, these lenses can help you achieve an airbrushed effect.

Of course, some of the most beautifying filters we’ve already mentioned in the list above, but these also ensure your look is on point.

  1. Black and White with Red Lipstick and Eyeliner
  2. Black and White with Colored Sunglasses
  3. Jeweled Eyes and Pink Lipstick
  4. 50s Glam
  5. Scruffy Beard and Chiselled Jawline
  6. “I Love You” Fog
  7. Comic Book Drawing
  8. Cat Ears, Eyes, and Nose
  9. Purple Lipstick and Tattoos
  10. Halo and Beam of Light

The Best Scary Snapchat Lenses

Some of the lenses Snapchat offers are legitimately terrifying. Some have jump scares, others feature creepy-crawlies, and others should have never been made in the first place. If you want to keep your friends from resting peacefully, these are the lenses you should send.

  1. Marshmallow Being Roasted
  2. Screaming Zombie
  3. X-Ray Skeleton Skull
  4. Human-Pug Hybrid
  5. Molten Plastic Mask
  6. Face on Fire
  7. Your Mouth As Eyes
  8. Spider Hat
  9. Thundercloud and Glowing Eyes
  10. Lizard Face Lens

The Best Funny Snapchat Lenses

If you’d rather make your friends laugh than cry, Snapchat has tons of lenses that are nothing but good fun. These lenses manipulate your facial features to ridiculous proportions and animate funny situations your friends won’t be able to stop laughing at.

  1. Cat on Head
  2. Eyes Popping Out of Your Head
  3. Big Eyes Big Mouth
  4. Tiny Chin Big Eyes
  5. Big Mouth and Nose
  6. Tiny Mouth
  7. Bubble Gum Explosion
  8. Scuba Diver
  9. Crying Eyes
  10. Heart Eyes

The Best Snapchat Lenses for Living an Alternate Life

Have you ever been sitting at work wishing you were someone else? Snapchat has your back. With these lenses, you can pretend to be anyone you want.

  1. Firefighter
  2. Police Officer
  3. Pilot with Flight Goggles
  4. Age Yourself
  5. Grandma Glasses and Head Wrap
  6. Elvis
  7. Magazine Cover
  8. Nerd
  9. Red Riding Hood
  10. Santa Claus

The Best Animal Snapchat Lenses

If there’s one area where Snapchat excels, it’s at creating strangely addicting animal-themed lenses. Here are just some of the many animals-themed Snapchat lenses on the app.

  1. Voice Changing Deer
  2. Buzzing Honey Bee
  3. Rapping Bee
  4. Zebra Face
  5. Glam Lion with Eyeliner
  6. Animal Ears with Glasses
  7. Rainbow Puking Unicorn
  8. Mouse Ears with Cheese
  9. Realistic Monkey Face
  10. Racoon

The Most Upsetting Snapchat Lenses

These are some of the best Snapchat lenses that, whether they’re creepy or just weird, are too much to handle. Send these ones with care—even looking at yourself in the preview might prove to be a little overwhelming.

  1. Green Sick Face with Thermometer
  2. Demonic Bunny
  3. Screaming Orange
  4. Boxing with Black Eye
  5. Lights Out With Spiders
  6. Devil to Angel Transition
  7. Poo On Head with Flies
  8. Angry Skull
  9. Laser Eyes
  10. Evil Laugh with Creepy Moustache

The Best Food-Related Snapchat Lenses

Do you like food? Do you like food so much you often want to become food? Or wear it on your head? Perfect. Snapchat has a lens for you.

  1. Face in Bread
  2. Tomato Face
  3. Strawberry Head
  4. Donut Face
  5. Taco Face

The Best Snapchat Lenses for Winter

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing better than basking in the warm glow of your smartphone. Okay, that’s a lie. But at least you can have some fun with the inclement weather thanks to these filters.

  1. Snow Falling
  2. Crocheted Moose Hat
  3. Snowball Sling Shot
  4. Ice Crown with Frozen Screen
  5. Ski Goggles

The Best Snapchat Lenses We Aren’t Sure How to Categorize

Sometimes Snapchat outdoes itself with the randomness of the available lenses. These are the lenses we think are in a league of their own.

  1. Under the Sea Crown
  2. Cartoon Bunny
  3. Andy Warhol
  4. Shattered Screen
  5. Pom Pom Headband With Color Changing Lipstick
  6. Spa Day
  7. Duck Bill with Purple Eyeshadow and Glasses
  8. Emoji Monkey
  9. Alien Abduction
  10. Llama Face
  11. Broken Mirror
  12. Wolf Whistle with Heart Eyes
  13. Inside a Fish Bowl
  14. Cyclops
  15. Iron Man System View
  16. Frog Face with Bowler Hat
  17. Tiki Hut
  18. Motorcycle, Bandana, and Beard
  19. Fish Face
  20. Sheep on Head

Scratching the Surface of Snapchat

We have listed 100 of the best Snapchat lenses, and yet barely scratched the surface of all the filters and lenses that exist. No matter who you follow on Snapchat, the chances are that they regularly use filters and lenses. So if you see one you like ask them what it’s called!

To learn more about using Snapchat, check out everything you need to know about Snapchat memories.

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How to Get a Lost Snapchat Streak Back

You log into Snapchat. You see that wonderful fire symbol next to the name of your best friend. The number is growing daily. You are enjoying your best ever Snapchat Streak (officially known as a Snapstreak). You’ve become a Snapchat master!

Then the worst thing that could possibly happen happens. Unexpectedly, you’ve lost your Snapchat Streak. Your life is ruined. But don’t panic! We’re going to show you how to get your Snapchat Streak back.

How Does a Snapchat Streak Work?

Let’s start with the basics. Some of you may not know exactly what a Streak entails or its benefits. You’ll need to understand these if you want to know how to get a Snapstreak back.

This isn’t a solo effort by any means—this is a demonstration of your friendship. You have to rely on someone else. You can either overtly tell your friend you want to try for a Snap Streak, or it might be an unspoken agreement.

A Streak begins when you and a friend send Snaps to each other every 24 hours for 3 consecutive days. Once you’ve done this, a fire emblem will appear next to that contact’s name, alongside a tally of how many days the Streak has lasted.

The rules are simple: you have to send a Snap to that person each day. They have to respond to your Snap within 24 hours. Chats don’t count. Neither do Snaps sent from Memories or from Snapchat Spectacles. Video calls don’t either. However, videos sent through the Snap function do.

And remember that this is about individuals, so sending a Snap to a group or adding one to My Story doesn’t add towards a Streak.

What are the benefits of maintaining a Snapchat Streak? Bragging rights. That’s essentially what you’re aiming for here. The more you Snap, the higher your in-app score. Confused? Here’s how your Snapchat score works. It’s a numerical valuation of how dedicated you are to the social network.

What Do the Snapchat Emojis Mean?

Firstly, note that these emojis are different from Trophies. However, the more Streaks you take part in, the more likely you are to get all of the Snapchat Trophies.

Go to the Chat function and you’ll see your contacts. Emojis will accompany some of these names, if not all of them (depending on how many friends you’ve added and how frequently you communicate).

If you’re consistently sending messages to one person, a smiley face will appear to the right of their name. This signifies that you’re best friends. This will certainly appear if you’re participating in a Snap Streak with someone.

How do you know you’re on a Streak with a friend? A fire emoji will appear alongside their name plus the number of consecutive days the Streak has lasted.

snapstreak emoji

If your Streak reaches 100 days, Snapchat will congratulate you by putting the “100” emoji next to the flame symbol. Beyond that, it continues to list the number of consecutive days you’ve been on this current Streak.

No one’s perfect, so one party will inevitably forget they’ve not sent a Snap within 24 hours of the previous one. Snapchat has you covered—it’ll remind you by showing an hourglass emoji by your Streak number. If you see an hourglass, send a Snap! If you’re worried the other person has forgotten too, send them a message on Chat and hope they have notifications turned on.

How can you keep a Snap Streak going? The secret is not to get too precious about what you take a picture of. You won’t find something meaningful to say every day, so don’t feel too bad if you Snap the ceiling. Add text to explain that this is to maintain the Streak; alternatively, send a nice “thinking of you” message.

Make your Snaps more interesting using filters, lenses, and stickers, bringing variety to your pictures and videos.

Why You Lost Your Snapchat Streak

snapchat streak lost

The most obvious reason is that either yourself or your friend hasn’t sent a Snap within the past 24 hours. But don’t immediately blame the other person; sometimes it isn’t anyone’s fault.

Often, connectivity issues plague the app. If one of you has problems connecting to the internet, Snaps could fail to send; in such cases, Snapchat should tell you a Snap wasn’t delivered. You can try again, but make sure you’ve got Wi-Fi. Otherwise, you’ll have to send at a later time (which is why it’s a good idea to start a Streak when you know you’ll be at home during certain hours every day).

There may also be an issue with hardware or operating systems. Sadly, if this carries on for a few days, your Streak won’t be the only victim. Your “best friend” status will also vanish.

However, many report that both parties sent Snaps, but the Streak nonetheless disappeared. No one really knows why—but most blame a bug within the app. Especially if you’ve just installed an update. Watch out for other glitches within Snapchat, including Opened Snaps not disappearing from the Chat timeline.

Fortunately, in most of these instances, you can get your Streak back.

How to Get a Snapchat Streak Back

Snapchat recognizes and appreciates its dedicated userbase, and further that some things are out of our control. That’s why there is a way you can get your Snap Streak reinstated.

To do so, you need to appeal to Snapchat.

What You Need to Know Before Getting Your Snap Streak Back

Before we go into details, you should know that there are provisos to getting a Snapchat Streak back. Notably, you can’t do it regularly. Don’t get into the habit of losing your Streak and appealing to Snapchat. They won’t fall for it. In fact, they may only do it once, depending on how generous the company feels.

Secondly, if numerous Streaks have disappeared, this method will likely only work with one contact. Certainly there’s a limit of one username per submission. Make your longest-running Streak the priority.

Here’s How to Get a Streak Back on Snapchat

Go to Snapchat Support. You’ll see a list of potential problems; click on My Snapstreaks disappeared. A contact form will load underneath details about Streaks. This will require basic information about your account (username, email address, cell number, and device) then specifics about the Streak.

Include as many details as you can. Fingers crossed you can remember how many consecutive days your Streak lasted for. If not, ask your friend. Failing that, estimate. There’s space later in the form to say it’s an approximation.

Similarly, if you know an exact date you lost your Streak, that’s useful data. However, you can also say the issue occurred since you installed the most recent update.

The penultimate question concerns the hourglass emoji. This is to ascertain whether one of you simply forgot—in which case, Snapchat probably won’t do anything to help. Still, you can make your case clear in the final section, “What information should we know?”

how to apply to get your snapchat snapstreak back

Be honest. Tell Snapchat if the app wouldn’t load, a Snap just wouldn’t send, or if your internet connection failed.

Send your request and wait for a reply. That is, if the company replies; sometimes, the reps don’t bother.

Why Won’t Snapchat Help Me Get My Snap Streak Back?

The social network won’t reinstate your Streak if it just naturally waned. It doesn’t matter if you were nearing 1000 days: if someone forgot, that’s on your own heads. Of course, you could lie and say something went wrong with the app. But we don’t advocate that—it’s whether your conscience can handle such a lie.

Maybe the service doesn’t think you’re deserving enough. In this case, you’ll need to start new Streaks. It’s a good idea, too, to brush up on the common Snapchat terms so that you can become an expert.

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The 7 Hottest Snapchat Streak Tips for Beginners

Snapchat streaks, officially called Snapstreaks, are much like Reddit karma: utterly useless in the real world, but a source of pride for those who have racked up massive totals.

Whether you’re just starting out on Snapchat or you’re a long-time user who’s been enviously looking at your buddies’ growing Snapstreaks, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know about Snapchat streaks, then offer some practical tips to help you maximize your score.

What Are Streaks on Snapchat?

Snapchat primarily introduced Snapstreaks as a way to keep people on its app and within its ecosystem. Snapchat has come under increasing pressure in recent years as Instagram continues to hoover up the company’s userbase via its Snapchat-inspired Stories feature.

We’ll dive into the detail more closely later in the article, but at its most basic, a Snapstreak merely means you have exchanged snaps with another user at least once every 24 hours for several consecutive days.

You can see your live Snap Streaks by checking for the relevant emojis alongside your friends’ names in the conversations tab.

Since their launch, Snapstreaks have become popular among users. They’ve added an element of gamification to the app; groups of friends compete to see who can rack up the longest streak. You don’t win anything (other than an on-screen emoji), but it’s a fun challenge nonetheless.

Snapstreaks are also a great way to improve your Snapchat score. Running lots of concurrent Snap Streaks will see your score rise rapidly.

What Do the Snap Streak Emojis Mean?

Snapchat is full of emojis; you’ll see them pop up frequently to alert you to relationships, events, and celebrities.

However, there are a handful of Snapchat emojis relating to Snapstreaks. These are:

  • Fire: You’ll see the fire emoji next to a person’s name emoji when the two of you have been on a Snapstreak for three consecutive days.
  • 100: The 100 sign appears when you’ve been on a Snapchat streak for 100 consecutive days.
  • Hourglass: The hourglass emoji will be displayed alongside someone’s name when you’re on a Snapstreak which is about to end.
  • Mountain: The mountain emoji is something of a unicorn. Several Snapchat users claim they’ve seen it when they’ve been on an exceptionally long Snapstreak. However, Snapchat does not mention the mountain in its official documentation. Does it exist? We can’t confirm or deny it.

All the Snapstreak emojis are accompanied by a number. It represents the total number of consecutive days for which your Snapstreak has been running. It will reset to zero if you miss a day.

What Are the Snapchat Streaks Rules?

The rules sound simple. Both you and your friend must send at least one snap to each other at least once every 24 hours in order to keep the Snapchat streak running. But alas, there are lots of caveats you need to know about.

There are five types of interactions that do not count towards your Snapstreak:

  • Chatting: Snapchat isn’t just about sending videos and photos; you can also engage in regular text-based chat. Unfortunately, text conversation between you and your friend will not count towards your Snapstreak.
  • Stories: One of Snapchat’s most popular features is the ability to record your daily story. It lets your followers check in to see what fun adventures you’ve been up to every day. Again, they won’t count towards your streak, even if the friend watches the story.
  • Memories: Snapchat’s memories vault lets you rekindle old events and share them for a second time. Any memories you share with your buddy will not be considered as an interaction.
  • Snapchat Spectacles: Yes, Snapchat Spectacles are still a “thing”. Sadly, if you use them to send content to your friend, you won’t be increasing your Snapstreak.
  • Group chats: People who want to start lots of Snapstreaks always have the same thought: throw everyone into a huge group and bulk-Snap all the people at the same time. Sorry, but Snapchat is one step ahead of you—snaps you send to group chats won’t be considered; you need to snap everyone on an individual basis.

In fact, only two types of content will help you increase your Snapchat streak: sending a photo to a friend individually or sending a video to a friend individually.

Tips on How to Do Streaks on Snapchat

You don’t need to do anything special to start a streak on Snapchat; just make sure you send a snap to your friend, and your friend sends a snap to you at least once every 24 hours.

However, if you’re hopeful of developing a long streak, half the battle is starting your Snapstreak off on the right foot. Here are three tips that’ll get your new streak off to a flying start:

1. Find Willing Participants

Not everyone can be bothered to keep a Snapstreak going. Even some of the app’s most avid users might not be interested in sending a snap every single day to the same user.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure you find willing participants.

One way of establishing who is up for the challenge is to use some of Snapchat’s features. For example, take a blank photo with the caption “Snapstreak?” and send it to anyone you think would be interested. No one will know how many people you sent it to.

2. The First Day Matters

It’s also a good idea to start a streak on a special day (such as your birthday or Christmas), you’re more likely to grab the other person’s attention, get a reply, and keep the other person engaged for the long haul.

3. Focus on People With Whom You Frequently Interact

There’s little point in trying to start a Snapstreak with someone you rarely communicate with. Sure, it can be done, but there’s a high risk that the person will lose interest.

Remember, the first few weeks are the hardest. Once you get to a respectable number of consecutive days, both people are invested in the game and it becomes easier. The easiest way to get over the initial hurdle is to start Snapstreaks with people that you already send lots of snaps to.

Tips for Maintaining Your Snapchat Streak

Now that you have established a Snapstreak, here are a few ideas that should help you keep your Snapstreaks going for as long as possible.

1. Use Blank Photos

You don’t need to send high-quality snaps to keep the streak going—no one is judging you. Instead, why not take a blank photo and add a caption that says “Streak”. You can use the same picture every day and your score will keep going up. It’s one of the simplest Snapchat streak ideas out there.

2. Stick to a Particular Time of Day

Broadly speaking, it’s better to start your Snapstreaks later in the day, especially if you only plan on sending one snap per day.

Doing so means you will see the hourglass emoji for a few hours before your time expires. If you send a snap first thing in the morning, the emoji will only be visible during the middle of the night when you’re not using the app.

The flipside of this argument is that one of the most convenient times to send your snaps is when you first wake up; you could even set a reminder as part of your alarm.

You should use whichever approach works for you.

3. Reorganize Your Friends List

Some of your Snapstreaks might be with people who you do not consider to be your best friends. As such, they won’t appear in Snapchat’s automatic Best Friends list.

The solution is to rename your contacts. Snapchat lets you rename any person in your friends list to help you remember who they are (remember, some people have wacky usernames).

To change a friend’s name, start a chat with them, tap on the Menu icon in the top left-hand corner, and select Edit Name.

When choosing the new name, add the prefix of Aaaa. It will force the name to be pinned to the top of your list.

Note: If you want to change your Snapchat username, you need to take a different approach.

4. Check Your Filters

Sometimes, you might forget who you’re in a Snapstreak with, especially if you’re trying to juggle lots of Snapstreaks at the same time.

Luckily, there’s a way to see your streaks without going to your list of friends. Whenever you’re about to send a new snap and swiping through filters, you will see a special Snapchat streak filter. This will show you how many consecutive days you have racked up in big white numbers alongside the flame emoji.

Take Snapchat to the Next Level

Snapstreaks are just one of the many ways that Snapchat offers more than meets the eye. We’ve covered lots of tips and tricks for Snapchat beginners if you would like to learn more.

And remember, if you want to add more color and life to your Snapchat communications, make sure you use one of the many Snapchat filters available.

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Twitter is testing disappearing tweets called ‘Fleets’

Twitter is testing a new feature called "fleets", which are ephemeral tweets that only appear on the platform for 24 hours before automatically disappearing.

How to Use Snapchat on a School’s Wi-Fi Network

Ah, teenagers and Snapchat; can you name a more iconic duo? Wait, we’ve got one. Teenagers and finding novel ways to use Snapchat on school Wi-Fi!

As you’d expect, most IT departments block access to services like Snapchat and Instagram at school. After all, there’s not much that Snapchat can teach you about trigonometry or the American Civil War.

So, if you want to unblock apps on school Wi-Fi, keep reading.

Warning: Proceed at Your Own Risk

Before we dive into how to use Snapchat on school Wi-Fi networks or unblock Instagram on school computers, a word of warning…

Many schools have strict policies in place regarding their internal Wi-Fi networks and the devices they’ve issued to students. If you are found to have breached the rules, you could put yourself at risk of being suspended, or worse, expelled.

Check with your organization before attempting to follow any of the recommendations in this article.

How Do Schools Restrict Wi-Fi Access?

Many schools in the US deploy cyber-nanny software. One of the most commonly used systems is called iBoss. You’ll also find it used on office Wi-Fi and other restricted networks.

From an education standpoint, iBoss has noble intentions. It’s no secret that the US has a significant problem with school shootings. iBoss aims to lets schools detect at-risk and high-risk students by alerting them to threats against other pupils, suggestions of self-harm, and other associated topics, in real-time.

It also keeps a complete history of students’ internet activity and works on all devices in all locations (regardless of whether a student is connected to the school’s Wi-Fi or a home network).

Other similar systems include Open DNS Umbrella, Cisco Umbrella, WebTitan Web Filter, Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateways, Lightspeed Systems, Symantec Web Security Service, and Citrix Secure Web Gateway. The feature sets differ, but the softwares’ underlying principles are all the same: restricting and monitoring students’ web activity.

What Is iBoss and How to Bypass It

Students can try a few different ways of bypassing iBoss (or whichever other cyber-nanny software your school uses).

Let’s take a closer look.

1. Use HTTPS

There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for using Snapchat and Instagram at school. Much depends on how your IT department’s filters and port blocking.

For example, you might discover that simply switching from HTTP to HTTPS unblocks many sites. Many schools only block port 80 (the one used by HTTP), leaving port 443 (used by HTTPS) open for use. To test, just tweak the address in your browser and see if it works.

2. Use a Free Proxy

Another way to unblock apps on school Wi-Fi is to try a free proxy site. There are dozens of sites out there; a quick Google search will bring up several free public proxies.

Sadly, free proxies have a few disadvantages compared to VPNs. Most notably, they do not encrypt your traffic. That means that it’s much easier for your school to know that you’ve unblocked Snapchat on its computers—a free proxy means you’re far more likely to land yourself in trouble. Free proxies are also notoriously slow and often struggle to load images, videos, and complicated web pages.

Check out our roundup of the best free proxies to learn more.

3. How to Use Snapchat on School Wi-Fi Using a VPN

The most reliable way to unblock sites on school computers is to use a VPN. However, you might run into a situation in which some VPNs work while others don’t.

Broadly speaking, free VPNs are less likely to work—your school has probably blocked the ports. If you want to try, some of the best free VPNs for school Wi-Fi include SurfEasy, ProtonVPN, Hotspot Shield, and Speedify. Check out the article on MakeUseOf if you need more information.

To improve your chances of success, you need to use a paid VPN. Many students agree that the most reliable paid VPN for school Wi-Fi networks (and for bypassing iBoss) is Windscribe. It offers servers in 60 countries and 110 cities. It will also block ads and trackers. A plan costs $9 per month or $49 per year.

Other paid VPNs that will let you unblock Snapchat and Instagram on school Wi-Fi networks include Surfshark, ZenMate, and CyberGhost. They cost $12/month, $10/month, and $13/month respectively. Discounts are available with all three providers if you sign up for an annual plan.

4. Unblock Apps on School Wi-Fi With a Portable Browser

Many schools will not allow you to install extensions on the default web browser they have provided. If that’s the case, you might need to use a portable browser (on a USB stick) to circumvent the restrictions. You can then add your preferred proxy or VPN extensions and bypass iBoss.

Some of the best portable browsers to choose from include Opera Portable and Firefox Portable.

Learn More About Using a VPN

We’re confident that at least one of the four methods we’ve described will let you use Snapchat (or any other blocked app) on a school’s Wi-Fi network.

But we’re also conscious that not everyone is comfortable with using a VPN. For new users, they can be intimidating and confusing.

If you would like to learn more about the process, make sure you read our other article on whether VPNs are legal in the country where you live.

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