You Can Now Watch Live TV for Free on Plex

Plex is giving away its Live TV feature for free for up to three months. Live TV is normally only available to Plex Pass subscribers, but for a limited time only, anyone with a free Plex account (plus a couple of other necessities) can watch Live TV without paying a penny.

How to Watch Live TV for Free on Plex

Given the coronavirus pandemic that is forcing people to work from home, lots of companies are doing what they can to help. And Plex is no exception, offering three months of Live TV for free to anyone who wants it. As detailed on the Plex Forum.

To watch Live TV on Plex, you’ll need a Plex account (available for free), a Plex Media Server (also free to set up), a TV antenna, and a TV tuner. You can then watch any over-the-air broadcasts available in your area on the device of your choosing.

There are some caveats: This does not include DVR functionality or any other premium features. These features still require an active Plex Pass subscription. You’ll also only get 48 hours of guide data, whereas Plex Pass subscribers get two weeks’ worth.

Even with these caveats, this means you can now watch Live TV on Plex for free between now and June 30. Which is nice. Obviously, Plex will be hoping to persuade some of you to buy a Plex Pass after this ends, but there are reasons why you don’t need a Plex Pass.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Master Plex

We’re big fans of Plex here at MakeUseOf, so we have compiled a list of the best tips, tricks, tutorials, and guides to help you master Plex Media. You can use this exhaustive resource for help and advice whether you’re new to Plex or an experienced user.

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Spotify Kids Is a Music Streaming Service for Children

Spotify has launched Spotify Kids, a standalone app designed for “the next generation of listeners”. This is a version of Spotify for kids. And it features a child-friendly UI and a collection of songs (and more) curated for even the youngest music lovers.

In October 2019, Spotify launched Spotify Kids in beta in the Republic of Ireland. The streaming service then rolled the app out to other countries, gaining insights as it went. In March 2020, Spotify launched Spotify Kids in the US and Canada.

What Is Spotify Kids?

Spotify Kids is an app designed for kids aged 3+. There are thousands of songs available, all hand-picked by a team of editors. Younger children get Disney soundtracks and the like. While older kids can listen to pop songs from the likes of Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift.

A huge variety of genres are covered, and Spotify is adding new songs all the time. Spotify Kids also boasts audiobooks for the more literary children. And there are bedtime stories, lullabies, and calming sounds designed to make night time more enjoyable.

The Spotify Kids app looks and feels different than the regular Spotify app. With a bright and colorful UI, and a cast of characters to choose from. The look varies by age group too, so the Spotify Kids app can evolve as kids grow up listening to Spotify.

Spotify Kids is exclusively available to Premium Family subscribers. Mainly because it’s completely free of ads. Spotify Kids is available in the US, Canada, France, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil.

Download: Spotify Kids on Android | iOS (Only available to Premium Family subscribers)

Spotify Wants Kids to Start Streaming

With the streaming wars starting to heat up, appealing to the next generation of subscribers could be the key to the longterm future of Spotify et al. If children associate a certain company with music, they’re more likely to stick with them as adults.

While Spotify Kids is likely to keep the kids entertained, what about the adults in the family? If you consider listening to music as an activity to share with other people, here’s how to listen to music with friends far away. It’s easier than you may think!

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Reddit Polls Help You Gauge People’s Opinions

Reddit now officially supports Polls, with the social media platform rolling them out as a new type of post. This means that you can create a Poll on Reddit without needing to use a third-party service to do so. And the Poll can be about (almost) anything.

You have always been able to post a poll on Reddit. However, thanks to a lack of official support, you have had to use a third-party site to do so. Until now. After testing the feature for a few months, Reddit Polls are now available across the site.

How to Create a Poll on Reddit

In a post on /r/announcements/, Reddit describes Polls as “a brand new post type that encourages redditors to share their opinion via voting.” Anyone can create a Poll and then vote in that Poll. Polls are supported in all subreddits aside from text-only communities.

To create a Poll on Reddit, open the subreddit you want to post to and click “Create a Post”. Choose “Poll”, and enter a title, the question you want to ask, and the answers you want to offer. Finally, choose a “Voting Length”, and click “Post”.

Reddit Polls cannot be edited once published, so make sure you double-check every element before posting. As well as voting in a Poll, Reddit users can leave a comment on it. Which means the debate can continue beyond the simple act of voting.

You can create and vote in Polls on Android (be sure to update to the latest version of the app), iOS, and the new version of Reddit on the web. However, on the mobile web and the old version of Reddit, while you can vote, you cannot create Polls.

What Is Reddit and How Does It Work?

Polls are just the latest addition to Reddit—and a welcome one at that—with the social media platform regularly rolling out new features. However, if you’re completely new to Reddit, be sure to read our article explaining what Reddit is and how it works.

Image Credit: Lettawren/Flickr

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Duolingo ABC Can Teach Kids How to Read

Duolingo has launched a new app designed to help kids learn how to read. Called Duolingo ABC, the app aims to teach young kids aged between three and six how to read. Duolingo ABC is completely free and doesn’t feature ads or in-app purchases.

In 2019, Duolingo, best known for its brilliant language-learning app, started working on a standalone app to teach kids how to read. It has now launched the app, called Duolingo ABC, early to help parents homeschooling due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Duolingo ABC Helps Kids Learn to Read

Duolingo ABC is designed to teach children aged 3-6 how to read. It features 300 short lessons which teach children the fundamentals of reading and writing. In a similar way to how the core Duolingo app works, Duolingo ABC uses a variety of techniques.

Lessons include tracing a letter with a finger, associating an image with a phrase, and tapping objects that begin with certain letters. Also mirroring the main Duolingo app are the gamification elements which reward kids to help keep them motivated.

At launch, Duolingo ABC is available in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Republic of Ireland. English is the only language currently supported, and the app is only available on iOS, but an Android version is reportedly in the works.

Download: Duolingo ABC on iOS

Instill a Love of Reading in Your Kids

Duolingo is set to continue developing Duolingo ABC, adding more languages and making it available in more countries over time. The ultimate goal is to help kids and adults alike learn how to read using similar techniques to the core Duolingo app.

Duolingo is one of the language learning apps that really work. And given that track record, we suspect Duolingo ABC will be a major help if you’re a parent teaching your kid(s) how to read. The kids can then move onto Google’s free reading app, Rivet.

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Where to Find the Netflix Download Folder on Windows 10

Netflix allows you to download movies and shows to watch offline with the Netflix app for Windows 10. But where is the Netflix download folder?

Finding the location of your Netflix downloads is necessary to solve this puzzle. However, remember that Netflix doesn’t give you the option to change the download location. Also, the company doesn’t allow you to browse to the place where your downloads are saved.

If your drive is filling up fast, you can manually move the downloads to another location. When you want to watch them again, just copy them back to the original location.

Where Are Netflix Downloads Stored?

  1. Open File Explorer from the Taskbar.
  2. The Netflix folder is a hidden folder. To display it, go to the View tab and then click on the Option menu button on the right.
  3. In Folder Options, select the View tab and scroll to the Files and Folders settings. If it’s not checked, then select the Show Hidden files, folders, and drives setting to enable it.
  4. Enable Folder Options in Windows 10 to view Netflix downloaded files

  5. Click OK.
  6. From the File Explorer, you can navigate to the Netflix download folder. The full path is:

    Here [USERNAME] is the Windows folder with your current username.

It might sound obvious but you can also copy-paste C:Users and then select the folder with your username. Just append the file path after that to get to the folder without drilling down into the hierarchy.

The Netflix download folder will be empty if you have never downloaded any movies or shows with the Windows 10 Netflix app. However, once you download something you’ll see a bunch of files here. The largest will belong to the actual media file.

Netflix Download Folder

Notice that there are no file names that will help you identify the movie or show. Rename the largest file and Netflix will no longer recognize them. Also, you cannot play them with any media player except the Netflix app.

You can delete the files and reclaim some of the space on your hard drive. But that can be done from within the app as well.

Until Netflix adds a few more file management features, at least the location can help you manage your hard drive space when it starts to run out.

Manage Netflix Downloads on Android Devices

Space becomes a more critical issue on phones. So check out our previous article to find out where Netflix downloads files to on an Android device and then save space by moving Netflix content to an SD card.

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How to Search for Words in a YouTube Video

If you ever find yourself skipping through a YouTube timeline trying to find a punchline or a specific part of a tutorial, this article is for you.

It can be time-consuming and mind-numbing to try and find a specific moment in a YouTube video. However, you don’t need to do this manually.

In this article, we show you how to search for words in a specific YouTube video, as well as how to find words across all YouTube videos.

How to Search for Words in a Specific YouTube Video

It’s easy to find the exact spot in any YouTube video by using your browser’s search function, in conjunction with YouTube’s closed caption feature.

Most YouTube videos come with captions—either manually added or automatically generated. However, if a video doesn’t then it won’t be possible to follow these steps.

YouTube transcript

  1. Navigate to the YouTube video you want to search.
  2. Beneath the video, click the More icon (three horizontal dots).
  3. Click Open transcript. This will open a timestamped list of captions to the side of the video.
  4. Press Ctrl + F to open your browser’s search function. Input the word or term you want to search. If it’s found in the transcript, it will be highlighted.
  5. You can click that caption line to jump to the part in the video where your search term is spoken.

Remember, this relies on the accuracy of the captions. It isn’t guaranteed that the captions are all correct, especially if they have been automatically generated.

How to Search for Words Across Many YouTube Videos

This method is useful for when you want to find any YouTube videos that contain a specific word or phrase.

YouGlish search words

  1. Go to YouGlish.
  2. Input the word or phrase you want to find in the search field and click Say it.
  3. Use the controls beneath the video to Play and jump to where that word or phrase appears.
  4. Press Ctrl + Right arrow to move to the next video.

YouGlish doesn’t work on automatically generated captions. As such, it will only find videos where the captions have been manually added.

How to Make YouTube Fun Again

If you think this method for searching YouTube videos for words has been useful, you should take a look at these YouTube cheats to make YouTube fun again.

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How to Stop Automatic Chrome Updates in Windows

Google Chrome updates are pretty unobtrusive. However, if you’ve decided you don’t want them to run automatically, there’s no setting in the browser to turn them off. For people who prefer a more granular level of control over their updates, that’s an issue.

Fortunately, Windows users can disable automatic updates in just a few easy steps. Keep reading to learn how to stop Chrome updates on Windows.

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Method 1: System Configuration Utility

chrome update windows

The most common way to stop chrome from updating on Windows is to use the System Configuration Utility (also known as MSConfig).

  1. Open the Run prompt. You can do this by using the keyboard shortcut Windows key + R or searching for Run using Cortana.
  2. Once it opens, type msconfig and hit Enter.
  3. Open the Services tab.
  4. Look for the two following items: Google Update Service (gupdate) and Google Update Service (gupdatem). To find them easily, it may be easier to either check Hide all Microsoft services or click on the Service column header to sort the list alphabetically.
  5. Uncheck both Google items and click OK.
  6. You will be prompted to restart your computer for these changes to take effect.

Method 2: Windows Services Manager

chrome update windows list of services

The second method way to prevent Chrome from updating uses the Windows Services Manager tool.

  1. Open the Windows Run utility. You can do this by using the keyboard shortcut Windows key + R or searching for Run using Cortana.
  2. Once it opens, type services.msc and hit Enter.
  3. Scroll down to Google Update Service (gupdate) and Google Update Service (gupdatem). Double-click each item and in the General tab under Startup Type, select Disabled from the dropdown menu and click OK.

Google warns against disabling updates, and in some cases, they bring with them some much-needed changes. By foregoing updates you may be missing out on critical security fixes, so definitely bear that in mind before you decide to disable auto-updates.

To learn more about using the Chrome browser, check out our list of the best Chrome extensions for better security.

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Anchor Makes It Easier to Record Podcasts With Friends

There has never been a better time to start a podcast. With many countries in lockdown due to the spread of COVID-19, recording a podcast is a more productive use of your time than watching Netflix 24/7. And Anchor wants to help you get started podcasting.

Everyone either already has a podcast, or has ambitions to start one. However, talking into a microphone by yourself isn’t as much fun as chatting with friends. Which is where Anchor’s Record With Friends 2.0 comes in, making remote podcasting a breeze.

How to Use Record With Friends 2.0

Anchor, an all-in-one platform for podcasters owned by Spotify, details Record With Friends 2.0 in a Medium post. The company explains that it’s “making it easier to record your conversations with anyone, wherever they are in the world, from any device.”

It’s doing this with Record With Friends 2.0, which, as the name suggests, is an improvement over its previous remote podcasting functionality. Although currently in beta, Record With Friends 2.0 is free to use and available globally.

All you need to do is start recording a podcast using the Anchor app. Then tap “Invite friends to join.” You can invite up to four other people to record with you by sending an invite link. That will open either in the Anchor app, or their default browser.

The host needs to be using the Anchor app and have an Anchor account. However, unlike the previous version of Record With Friends, the guests don’t need to have either, making it easier than ever to record a podcast with your friends.

The Best Podcast Equipment You Can Buy

All of my favorite podcasts feature people talking to each other. There’s something more appealing about listening into a conversation than listening to a monologue. So if you have previously recorded alone, Record With Friends 2.0 could be a Godsend.

Whether you choose to use Anchor or not, you should give podcasting a try. If you have an original idea and a voice people want to listen to, there’s no reason not to start a podcast. And once you get established, you can buy the best podcast equipment to up your game.

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You Can Now Browse Instagram With Friends Over Video Chat

Have you ever wanted to browse Instagram with friends? Well, now you can, with Instagram launching a Co-Watching feature. This is just one of several things Instagram is doing to make the COVID-19 crisis, and the subsequent self-isolation, easier to bear.

Instagram Helps Us Cope With Coronavirus

This pandemic requires everyone to play their part. Whether that’s through self-isolating, donating money, or supporting healthcare workers. We have already detailed how Nextdoor’s Help Map is helping people help neighbors, and now Instagram is doing its bit.

In a post on the Instagram Blog, Instagram outlines the steps it has taken to “help people access accurate information, stay safe, and stay connected.” The company has been working on these since the WHO declared COVID-19 a public health emergency.

How to Browse Instagram With Friends

The headline feature is Co-Watching, which lets you browse Instagram with friends remotely. This opens up a video chat with one or more friends, and lets you browse Instagram together. You can like posts, view stories, or watch Instagram Live together.

To start Co-Watching with a friend or friends, open the Direct tab, and click the video chat icon. You can either start a new video chat or start one in an existing thread. Then, tap the photo icon in the bottom-left corner to start browsing your account.

As well as Co-Watching, Instagram is rolling out educational resources for anyone searching for coronavirus and its related queries. As with Google’s COVID-19 minisite, there will be links to trusted sources such as the World Health Organization.

There are also stickers promoting accurate information, a donation sticker promoting relevant non-profitable charities, and a “Stay Home” sticker promoting social distancing. Instagram will also be cracking down on accounts trying to profit from the crisis.

How to Watch Instagram Live Videos in a Browser

It’s good to see Instagram doing its bit to help, and the Co-Watching feature should help Instagrammers keep in touch with friends far away. And if you’re using Instagram to get through this troubling time, here’s how to watch Instagram Live videos in a browser.

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How to Delete Recently Watched on Netflix

Netflix does a lot of things exceptionally well, but content discovery is not one of them. It’s surprisingly difficult to dig deep into the company’s library to find enjoyable new stuff to watch. Instead, users often have to rely on the not-so-user-friendly secret Netflix codes (how to enter Netflix’s secret codes).

In theory, you shouldn’t need to use these codes. The Netflix apps have a list of recommended shows that are generated by sophisticated algorithms that analyze the content you have already watched.

But what if you and your partner share a single Netflix profile? It’s one of the common mistakes people make using Netflix and will make the algorithm become confused.

Luckily, all hope is not lost. You can remove the movies and TV shows you’ve watched from your Netflix history, and prevent the algorithms from considering them when suggesting new content. So, here’s how to delete your Netflix history to improve your recommendations.

How to Delete Recently Watched on Netflix

netflix watch history

It is easy to delete your watch history on Netflix, just follow the simple step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Navigate to and sign into your account.
  2. Click on the primary Netflix user’s name.
  3. Click on the small arrow in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  4. In the dropdown menu, choose Account.
  5. Go to My Profile > Viewing Activity.
  6. You will see a list of all the content you’ve watched.
  7. To remove a TV show or movie from the list, click on the Delete icon next to the show’s name.

Remember, if you’ve watched multiple episodes of a show, you need to remove them all for Netflix’s algorithms to stop considering them. You can either do this manually, or click Hide Series? to remove the show as a whole.

You can also edit the thumbs-up and thumbs-down ratings and older star ratings you have given content by clicking on the Rating tab in the top-right corner.

To learn more about using Netflix, here’s how to change your Netflix region and how to change the Netflix playback speed.

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