How to Search Reddit Effectively: Useful Tips and Tricks to Know

Reddit is a huge website, containing thousands of posts and comments across numerous subreddits. As such, if you want to find a post that covers a specific topic, it’s a good idea to get to grips with the different ways of using Reddit’s search engine.

So, in this article, we explore how to search Reddit, including some unofficial ways to get better results.

How to Search Reddit for Subreddits, Users, and Posts

If you want to search across all of Reddit—whether you’re looking for a subreddit or a post—you can use the search bar. If the term “subreddit” just flew right over your head, be sure to check out our guide on what Reddit is and how it works before reading any further.

The search bar is in different locations, depending on which kind of Reddit design you’re using. If you’re using the old Reddit design, the search bar is in the top-right.

The search bar on the old Reddit design

If you’re using the new Reddit design, it’s at the very top in the middle.

The search bar on the new Reddit design

Type what you want to see in here and press Enter to search. When you use the search bar, Reddit will pull up subreddits, users, and posts that contain your search term. For example, if you search for “cats,” you’ll find the subreddit /r/cats, as well as every post on Reddit that has “cats” in the title.

If you want to search just subreddits, you can visit the subreddit page. This is used for managing the subreddits you follow, but it also comes with a search box exclusively for finding new communities.

How to Search Reddit Using Modifiers and Operators

You can also use the following modifiers as mentioned in Reddit’s advanced search:

  • title:[text] searches only post titles.
  • author:[username] searches only posts by the given username.
  • selftext:[text] searches only the body of posts that were made as self-posts.
  • subreddit:[name] searches only posts that were submitted to the given subreddit community.
  • url:[text] searches only the URL of non-self-post posts.
  • site:[text] searches only the domain name of non-self-post posts.
  • nsfw:yes or nsfw:no to filter results based on whether they were marked as NSFW or not.
  • self:yes or self:no to filter results based on whether they were self-posts or not.

You can also use boolean operators to better refine your search.

  • AND means you want both sides to be true.
  • OR means only one side needs to be true.
  • You can use parentheses () to group modifiers together in case the search query is a complex mixture of ANDs and ORs.
  • You can negate/exclude certain modifiers by preceding them with (minus sign).

How to Search Within a Subreddit

If you want to search a subreddit, you can use the subreddit search modifier we mentioned above. However, there is an easier way that will save you a little bit of time.

For example, let’s say you’re browsing a subreddit and you’re not finding what you want to find. Instead of browsing until you find it, you can search only within the subreddit you’re on. To do this, type what you want to look for within the search bar.

If you’re using old Reddit, click the checkbox under the search box that says “limit my search to [subreddit name]”. When you hit Enter, only results from that subreddit will appear.

Searching a subreddit on the old Reddit design

If you’re using the new Reddit design, however, you won’t see a tickbox. Instead, search the term as if you were searching the entire website. Then, on the results page, click the link that says “show results from [subreddit name]”. This then filters the search to show only content from your current subreddit.

Searching a subreddit on the new Reddit design

How to Search Reddit Comments

You’ve probably noticed that the search engine can’t look through Reddit comments; at least, it can’t at the time of writing. However, there is still a way to search Reddit comments; we just need to move away from Reddit and use third-party tools instead.

One of the best tools available is Pushshift Reddit Search. This website will let you search through Reddit comments, but as you’ll see when you visit the website, that’s not all it can do. If you get frustrated with Reddit’s search engine, be sure to try this one instead.

The PushSearch website

To search comments, ensure that you’re on the “Search” category on the first row of options. On the second row, unselect “Posts” and select “Comments”. On the third row, select the span of time you want to search in. Enter what you’re looking for in the “Search Terms” box.

If you want to search a specific subreddit, enter it into the “Subreddits” field. The “Domains” field is looking for posts that link to a specific website, but you don’t need to fill this out if you’re looking through comments.

When you click on “Search,” Pushshift will scour through Reddit and pull up all the comments that match your query.

A search result from a PushSearch query

How to Find Deleted Reddit Comments

Sometimes you’re looking through a comment thread for discussion. You’ll find a comment that says “[Deleted],” followed by a chain of replies discussing the matter further. The start to the conversation is lost forever—or so you might think.

A deleted comment on Reddit, with replies

There’s a handy website called Removeddit that stores as many comments on Reddit as possible. As such, if a comment is deleted, Removeddit will “remember” it and show you what it used to say. Moreover, it will even let you know if the user deleted their own comment by marking it blue, or if a mod removed it by marking it red.

To use Removeddit, navigate to the Reddit comment section that you want to check. Then, edit the URL so that the “Reddit” part in the domain name becomes “removeddit.” There’s no need to delete the name and re-type it; just add “move” after the “re” in “Reddit.”

Restoring deleted comments with Removeddit

When you press Enter, you’ll load the Removeddit page for that comment thread. Removeddit will look through its database and show all of the comments it has on file for that thread. If Removeddit managed to archive the comment before it was deleted, you’ll find it here in its former glory. Otherwise, if it got deleted before Removeddit could see it, the website will show an error message instead.

Upgrading Your Reddit Experience

As you can see, there are various ways to search Reddit. So, whether you’re looking for a new community to join, or are trying to find that one funny meme you stumbled across weeks ago, you should be fine. Especially if you make use of the third-party options mentioned above.

Now that you know how to search like a pro, you may want to consider upgrading to Reddit Premium. But before you do, find out what Reddit Premium is and how it works.

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Windows 10 Search Cheat Sheet: Shortcuts and Tips to Know

When you’ve amassed hundreds of files on your PC, finding one specific file can quickly turn into a nightmare. Fortunately, Windows 10 has a few methods that you can use to navigate through your files and find the exact document or tool you’re looking for.

Using Windows Search is the easiest way to get started. You can simply press the Windows key to start searching, or you can click the built-in search bar on your taskbar.

Alternatively, you can use Cortana to find files or search for information on the web. Cortana gives you the convenience of asking questions via voice commands, and also lets you type in specific searches. Just hit Windows + Q to open Cortana, or click the Cortana icon on your taskbar.

The final way to search through your documents is with File Explorer. With this feature, you can browse your entire collection of files to find specific data. What’s more, you can narrow down your search using Advanced Query Syntax and Boolean operators.

This cheat sheet will go over the shortcuts you can use to search in Windows 10 using each of these methods.

FREE DOWNLOAD: This cheat sheet is available as a downloadable PDF from our distribution partner, TradePub. You will have to complete a short form to access it for the first time only. Download The Windows 10 Search Cheat Sheet.

Windows 10 Search Shortcuts and Tips

Basic Windows 10 and Cortana Search
WindowsOpen Start menu search bar
Windows + S OR

Windows + Q
Open Cortana search bar in text mode
Down ArrowSelect result below
Up ArrowSelect result above
Right ArrowSelect option to the right
Left ArrowSelect option to the left
EnterOpen selected item
EscClose search menu
Narrow Down Local Cortana Search
Apps:Search within Apps
Documents:Search within Documents
Videos:Search within Videos
Folders:Search within Folders
Music:Search within Music
Settings:Search within Settings
Photos:Search within Photos
Mail:Search within your Outlook email inbox
People:Search within People
Cortana Web Search Tools
Web:Search the internet
Paris weatherGet weather information
Sydney timeGet time zone information
Define: "technology"Find word definitions
Facebook stockGet stock market information
Donald Trump ageFind facts about public figures
50usd to eurConvert currencies
5in to mmConvert measuring units
74f to cConvert temperatures
86/2*10Perform math calculations
DAL1439Track flight status
red sox scoreFind current sports scores
food near meFind local restaurants
Cortana Voice Command Search
Windows + COpen Cortana in voice command mode
Say "Hey Cortana"Open Cortana in voice command mode
Find document (file name)Find a specific file
Find photos from January 2018Find photos from a specific time
Open (app name)Open a specific app
Search the web for Lenovo laptopsSearch the internet for a specific term
What's the tallest mountain in the world?Find facts on the internet
Find restaurants near meSearch the internet for local restaurants
What's the time in Paris?Find time zone information
Show me the latest newsDisplay the latest news headlines
What's the weather?Find local weather information
Find showtimes near meFind local movie showtimes
What's 2+2?Perform math calculations
What's 13 pounds in ounces?Perform measurement conversions
Basic File Explorer Search
Windows + EOpen File Explorer
Ctrl + F OR

Ctrl+E OR

Place cursor in the search bar
Ctrl + L OR
Alt + D
Place cursor in the address bar
Up ArrowSelect result above
Down ArrowSelect result below
Right ArrowSelect result to the right
Left ArrowSelect result to the left
EnterOpen selected file
Backspace OR

Alt+ Left Arrow
Return to previous page
Alt + Right ArrowGo to next page
Alt + Up ArrowReturn to the folder that the current file or folder is in
EscClear search or address bar
File Explorer Advanced Query Syntax Search
store:desktopLimit your search to the desktop
store:filesLimit your search to Files
store:outlookLimit your search to Outlook
store:oeLimit your search to Outlook Express
*.file_extensionSearch for a files with a specific extension
kind:everythingSearch all file types
kind:communicationsSearch communication files
kind:contactsSearch contacts
kind:emailSearch emails
kind:imSearch instant messaging conversations
kind:meetingsSearch meetings
kind:tasksSearch tasks
kind:notesSearch notes
kind:documentsSearch documents
kind:textSearch text documents
kind:spreadsheetsSearch spreadsheet files
kind:presentationsSearch presentation files
kind:musicSearch music files
kind:picsSearch picture files
kind:videosSearch video files
kind:foldersSearch folders
kind:favoritesSearch favorites
kind:programsSearch program files
date:today, date:tomorrow, date:yesterdaySearch for items with a specific date
modified:last weekSearch for items by modification date
size:>40, size:<40Search for items by size
File Explorer Search Using Boolean Operators
Keyword 1 NOT keyword 2Results with keyword 1 but not keyword 2
Keyword 1 OR keyword 2Results with keyword 1 or keyword 2
Keyword 1Results with the exact phrase "keyword 1"
(Keyword 1 keyword 2)Results with keyword 1 and keyword 2 in any order

Search Smarter in Windows 10

With these Windows 10 search shortcuts, you can access various Windows features, find lost files, and also uncover answers to your questions on the internet. If you’re still having trouble locating files, check out these free search tools for Windows 10.

Image Credit: Bruce Mars on Unsplash

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The New Firefox Address Bar Enables Faster Searching

Mozilla has updated Firefox, and besides the usual security fixes, the headline feature is a revamped address bar. In a nutshell, the new Firefox address bar is designed to make it faster and easier to find what you’re looking for when you search the web.

How to Use the New Firefox Address Bar

As detailed in a post on The Mozilla Blog, Firefox 75 introduces three major changes to the address bar. The new Firefox address bar will have a new look and feel, be capable of delivering smarter searches, and put your favorite websites at your fingertips.

First, Mozilla has updated the Firefox address bar to give it a new look and feel. This means that when you start to search for something, the address bar will get larger. It also boasts a larger font, shorter URLS, and shortcuts to the most popular sites to search.

Next are the aforementioned smarter searches. These are suggestions for ways you can further refine your search. As you type, Firefox will bold additional keywords you may not have thought of, but which, once added, will narrow your search down.

Lastly, the new Firefox address bar gives you easy access to your favorite websites. Click on the address bar, and links to these sites will appear. And if you already have one open in a tab, clicking the name will jump to that tab, saving you yet another hassle.

Other Ways to Refine Your Web Searches

With the web full of sites on every topic you can think of, no matter how niche, being able to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily is an absolute must. And the new Firefox address bar is certainly a step in the right direction.

There are other ways to narrow your searches down though, whether you’re using Firefox or any other web browser. Our Google Search cheat sheet contains all of the operators you need to know to refine your search and make the results more accurate.

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The New Steam Search Makes It Easier to Find Games

Steam has overhauled its Search function with “new filtering capabilities and quality of life improvements”. The new features are designed to make Steam Search “more powerful and easier to use”. And, as a consequence, help you find new games to buy.

As detailed on Steam Community, Steam has made several improvements to the way Search works. These are designed to make it easier to “browse for new games, or narrow in on exactly what you’re looking for”. Which benefits both Steam and its users.

How to Use the New and Improved Steam Search

The first change means you can now set a maximum price, narrowing your search for games according to your budget. You can also filter out anything other than special offers, allowing you to only buy games when they’re on sale at a knockdown price.

Next up is the option to include and exclude genres of games by tag. You’ll see a set of tags covering every genre you can think of, with a number showing how many results that tag will return. You just tick or untick the genres to narrow your search.

You can also narrow your search further by removing games you already know about. New filters enable you to hide games you already have in your library, games you’ve ignored, and games you have on your wishlist. You can also exclude VR-only games.

Last but not least are two smaller changes. The first introduces infinite scroll, meaning more results will load automatically. The second makes it easier to find games in your language, which will be useful if you’re using Search in a language other than English.

Get Help Deciding What Game to Play Next on Steam

The new and improved Steam Search has come about thanks to Steam Labs, which develops new features and then tests them out on real people. Another Steam Labs experiment uses machine learning to help you decide what games to play next on Steam.

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The Spotlight Search Tips Cheat Sheet for Mac

Spotlight is one of the easiest ways to launch files, folders, apps, and more on your Mac. You can bring it up with a keyboard shortcut (Cmd + Space) or by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the menu bar.

This native macOS feature also comes in handy when you want to look up definitions of words, get sports scores, track flights, do basic math, and retrieve all kinds of information in a snap. And thanks to natural language support, using Spotlight feels intuitive and effortless.

If you’re eager to discover the best tricks Spotlight is capable of, our cheat sheet below can help.

The cheat sheet includes keyboard shortcuts that work in Spotlight and special attributes you can use to filter data faster. You’ll also discover how to use Boolean operators, natural language, and various in-built Spotlight tools to access just the data you need in a few keystrokes.

FREE DOWNLOAD: This cheat sheet is available as a downloadable PDF from our distribution partner, TradePub. You will have to complete a short form to access it for the first time only. Download The Spotlight Search Tips Cheat Sheet for Mac.

The Spotlight Search Tips Cheat Sheet for Mac

Cmd + SpaceOpen Spotlight
¹keyword(s)Display results for search term with first result highlighted and its preview in right-hand pane
“keywords” or “phrase”Display exact matches
²“as”Display App Store as top result
²“pc”Display Parental Controls as top result
Return (Enter)Open selected item
Double-click resultOpen selected item
Down ArrowSelect result below
Up ArrowSelect result above
³TabSelect first item in preview pane
⁴CmdDisplay Finder location of selected result at bottom of preview pane
Right ArrowAutocomplete search keyword using the suggested/selected result
Cmd + Down ArrowJump to first result in next category
Cmd + Up ArrowJump to first result in previous category
Cmd + LJump to definition in results
Cmd + ROpen result in Finder or relevant app if applicable
Cmd + Return (Enter)Open result in Finder or relevant app if applicable
Cmd + IOpen Get Info pane for result
Cmd + BLook up search term using default search engine in default browser
Cmd + CCopy item
Drag result to Finder window or desktopCopy item
Double-click Show all in Finder in results list
View all results in Finder
Hover over preview for audio/video resultReveal Play button to play result in preview
Two-finger scroll over previewReveal scroll bar
Drag search boxMove Spotlight to reposition it
EscClear search box
Cmd + DeleteClear search box
Option + Cmd + SpaceOpen Finder search window with search box selected
⁵Search Using Metadata Attributes
from:NameCreated or sent by Name
by:NameCreated or sent by Name
author:NameCreated by Name
to:NameAddressed to Name
title:Title_NameWith title Title_Name
tag:TagNameWith tag Tag_Name
date:DD/MM/YYFrom DD/MM/YY
created:DD/MM/YYCreated on DD/MM/YY
modified:DD/MM/YYModified on DD/MM/YY
⁶comment:keywordComment contains keyword
kind:event(s)Calendar events
kind email(s)
kind: mail message(s)
kind:image(s), kind:jpeg, kind:pngImages
kind:system preferences
kind:pagesPages documents
kind:numbersNumbers spreadsheets
kind:keynoteKeynote presentations
⁸Search Using Boolean Operators
keyword 1 AND keyword 2Results with keyword 1 and keyword 2
keyword 1 OR keyword 2Results with keyword 1 or keyword 2
keyword 1 NOT keyword 2Results with keyword 1 but not keyword 2
keyword 1 -keyword 2Results with keyword 1 but not keyword 2
⁹Find local businessescoffee
places to eat
“apple store”
Get time zone information“time in Sydney”
Get weather information“weather” for local weather
“weather in Mumbai”
Look up definitionskeyword
Convert temperatures“302kelvins in f”
Convert measurements“52 pounds to kilograms”
Convert currencies“600gbp in usd”
Get math calculations“234/5*6”
Get real-time sports scores“cricket scores” “lakers game”
Get stock prices“sbux” for SBUX or Starbucks Corporation
See what’s playing at local theatersshowtimes or movie times
Get movie details and showtimes“men in black”
Track flights“WN3536” or “southwest 3536”
¹⁰Play songs without opening iTunes“waka waka”
Search Using Natural Language
emails i received today
photos from yesterday
files from this week
messages from last week
screenshots i took last month
last year photos
unread emails
pictures i took in june
documents i created in 2019
“spreadsheets from tim”
“presentations from ben”
¹Keyword(s) can be in title of Finder item or within content.

²Speed up search for apps and System Preferences panes by typing in their initials. Works with third-party apps also.

³Works with folders only. Preview pane items can be enclosed files or subfolders.

⁴Works with local results only.

⁵Can be used with or without keywords.

⁶Searches for Finder items with keyword in Comments section of Get Info pane.

⁷Without this filter, searching for an app name also reveals files recently used in app and matching apps in Mac App Store.

⁸Can be used with metadata attributes.
Eg: kind:document date:25/08/19-31/08/19 NOT 28/08/19

⁹Look under Maps category for relevant results. Does not work with all emojis.

¹⁰Hover over relevant track in preview to reveal Play button.

1. Feature availability might vary based on country.

2. Visit System Preferences > Spotlight to toggle visibility of Spotlight categories.

Let Spotlight Find What You’re Looking For

Searching with Spotlight is one of the good habits you should get used to as a Mac user. It’s also among the best productivity tips we recommend for your Mac.

Image Credit: Wesson Wang on Unsplash

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Gmail’s New Search Filters Help You Find Emails Faster

Google is making it easier to find the email you’re looking for, and it’s all thanks to Gmail search filters. These search filters, called Search Chips, let you pare down the results of a search, making it quicker and easier to zero in on the exact email you want to find.

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Searching for That Elusive Email in Your Inbox

While Inbox Zero (the idea that you should strive to keep your email inbox empty) is a thing, most of us are nowhere near achieving it. Whether through a lack of desire or an inability to manage our emails, most people’s inboxes are full to overflowing.

The problem is that a full inbox makes it very difficult to pinpoint an email when you need it. This is especially true in Gmail, which, for a product made by an expert in search technology, has been sorely lacking. However, Google is now seeking to change that.

How to Use Google’s Search Chips in Gmail

As detailed in a post on the G Suite Updates Blog, Google is introducing what it calls “Search Chips” to Gmail. According to Google, these Search Chips provide “an easier way to sort and filter search results to find exactly what you’re looking for faster.”

Search Chips are filters which will appear when you search for an email in Gmail. You tick the filters you want to apply, and Gmail will pare down the results to make it easier to find the email you’re looking for. Or at least that’s the idea.

These new Search Chips let you specify whether the email has an attachment, what kind of attachment it is, when it was sent, and more besides. You can also exclude things like calendar invites and chats to further narrow your search results.

The Gmail Search Tricks Everyone Should Know

There actually has been a way of filtering search results in Gmail for many years. And it worked on the same principle as Search Chips. However, this required the user to manually input the search filters by typing “has:attachment” and “from:[email address]”, etc.

Google is rolling Search Chips out to G Suite customers first, before rolling it out to all Gmail users. Which should save us all precious seconds when searching for old emails. And if you’re still struggling, here are the Gmail search tricks everyone should know.

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