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How to Speed Up Slow PS4 Downloads

Do you feel like your PS4 download speeds are extremely slow? You’re not alone. Many people experience slow download speeds for updates and new games, even when other devices on their network don’t have this issue.

Let’s find out if playing a game slows the download speed on PlayStation 4, plus more tips to help you speed up slow PS4 downloads.

1. Close Background Applications

One of the biggest culprits for slow PS4 downloads is having a game running. When you have a game or app open, the PS4 prioritizes it over anything working in the background.

This makes sense—when you’re playing an online game, you likely prefer stable performance of the game over whatever’s downloading in the background moving a bit faster. Check out an explanation from Juho Snellman if you’re interested in the technical details behind how this works.

When you want a download to complete as soon as possible, you should close everything else. Here’s how to close background apps on PS4:

  1. Hold the PS button on your controller to open the Quick Menu.
  2. Scroll to the top of the list and choose Close Application(s).
  3. Confirm that you want to close the current game (or check the boxes to close multiple running apps, if applicable).

PS4 Close Application

Once you do this, you’ll return to the home screen of your system. The game should start downloading a lot faster, so keep apps closed until it’s done.

If it still seems slow, restarting your system every so often is a good idea too. Select the Power section from the Quick Menu and choose Restart PS4 to reboot.

2. Put Your System Into Rest Mode

Rest mode puts your PS4 into a low-power state so it can resume quickly. If you enable a specific option, the system will also download updates and games in rest mode. After closing apps, putting your system in rest mode can help pick up the speed even more.

First, make sure your system is set up to download in rest mode by heading to Settings > Power Saving Settings > Set Features Available in Rest Mode. Make sure Stay Connected to the Internet is checked, and your PS4 will download while it’s sleeping.

You should also check Enable Turning on PS4 from Network so that purchases you make on the PlayStation Store immediately start downloading without turning on your console.

PS4 Rest Mode Features

After this, hold the PS button to open the Quick Menu, then go to Power > Enter Rest Mode to put your system to sleep.

3. Pause and Resume the Download

While it sounds like a placebo, many people report that pausing and resuming a download can help speed it up if it’s lagging. You should try this when it seems like a download has stalled.

To view your current downloads, scroll up to the top menu on the home screen and select Notifications, followed by Downloads. Find the download that’s stalling, then select it and choose Pause. After a moment, choose it again and click Resume.

PS4 Pause Download

After it gets going again, you should see better performance in the download. While you’re here, if there are multiple downloads running, you should pause all but the most important to prioritize it.

4. Improve Wi-Fi Performance, or Use Ethernet

If you use a wireless connection to use your PS4 online, there’s potential for interference, which will slow your downloads. The further away your system is from the router, the less reliable the signal is. Plus, the original model of PS4 is only compatible with 2.4GHz networks, which are more susceptible to these issues.

Follow our guide to fixing PS4 Wi-Fi issues for tips on this.

If possible, use an Ethernet cable to get your system online instead. Not only will this be more reliable, but you’ll experience faster speeds too.

5. Stop Downloads on Other Devices

Your home network only has so much bandwidth to share between all of your devices. If you’re downloading a huge file on your computer, streaming 4K video on your TV, or taking similar network-heavy actions, your PS4 download speeds will suffer.

Thus, you should try to limit using bandwidth on other devices when you want a PS4 download to complete quickly.

6. Try Changing Your DNS Settings

Like all online devices, your PS4 uses DNS servers to translate human-friendly URLs into computer-friendly IP addresses. By default, the PS4 uses your ISP’s DNS server, which may not be the best option.

Some people report better PS4 download speeds after changing the DNS settings. This may or may not have an effect for you, but it’s worth a try.

To change DNS settings, go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection. Choose Wi-Fi or LAN Cable based on what you’re using. Select the Custom option, choose your current network if you’re connecting via Wi-Fi, and type the password if needed.

Since you chose Custom, you’ll be prompted to select a number of network options. However, you don’t need to worry about most of these, so pick Automatic for IP Address Settings and Do Not Specify for DHCP Host Name.

When you get to DNS Settings, pick Manual and enter the DNS servers you want to use. A good general choice is Google’s public DNS; use for Primary DNS and for Secondary DNS to try it. For alternatives, we’ve looked at other great DNS servers you can try instead.

PS4 DNS Settings

To finish up, choose Automatic for MTU Settings and Do Not Use for Proxy Server. You can test the internet connection when you’re done to make sure everything works OK.

7. Consider Your Home Network Speed and Equipment

If you’ve tried all of the above and nothing seems to help, the issue may lie with your overall network. A slow download speed or outdated router can slow down every device in your home, so troubleshooting your PS4 won’t have much effect.

Try testing your home network speed to see what kind of network speed you get on a computer. If you have consistent slowness everywhere, it might be time to talk to your ISP about a faster service plan.

Similarly, if your router is close to a decade old, buying a new one that can handle modern speed standards may solve your problem.

8. How to Make PS4 Downloads Less Annoying

While not necessarily related to download speed, there are two tips that can make the process of downloading PS4 updates and new games a bit smoother.

When Automatic Updates Don’t Run

As mentioned above, the PS4 will automatically download updates in Rest mode with the proper setting enabled. However, there are still times when you’ll turn your system on, only to see a message that an update just started. This is because the system only checks for updates once a day.

While it’s not known exactly when this happens, it seems to occur in the early morning. This means that if a patch goes live for your game at 4pm and you sit down to play at 7pm, you’ll have to wait for the download before playing.

To combat this, simply turn on your system and it will start downloading any updates published since the last auto-check. If this isn’t an option, you can often trigger the automatic check for updates by downloading something from the PlayStation Store.

Use the web interface to download a free game, avatar, or similar to your system, and it should start any pending updates as well.

Keep in mind that the PS4 only auto-checks for updates for games you’ve played recently. For titles you haven’t played in months, you’ll need to start them or press Options > Check for Update to get the latest version.

PS4 Check for Updates

Update Copying

After an update downloads, you’ll see a Copying Update File message as the final step in the process. Unfortunately, this step can often take longer than the actual download.

To apply downloaded updates, the PS4 actually copies the entire game file and adds the patch in as it goes. This means that even for a tiny update, the PS4 has to rewrite the entire size of the game to apply the patch.

For small games, this isn’t a big deal. But with games that take up dozens of gigabytes, the Copying Update File process can take half an hour or more. There’s unfortunately no way around this, unless you upgrade your PS4’s hard drive to a faster 7,200RPM model or an SSD. But those are expensive options.

Speeding Up Slow PS4 Downloads

Now you know why your PS4 downloads seem so slow and what you can do to combat this. Unfortunately, some of the slowness is out of your control, but with a bit of planning ahead, you can minimize any wasted time.

Thankfully, the PlayStation 5 should cut down on update times thanks to its internal SSD. So if you already have one eye on the next-generation of games consoles, here’s everything you need to know about the PS5.

Image Credit: alexmillos/Shutterstock

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How to Fix Your PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Issues

Having Wi-Fi issues on your PlayStation 4 is extremely frustrating. If your PS4 keeps disconnecting from your Wi-Fi, it’s difficult to enjoy online games or download updates. And if you can’t get your system online at all, you can’t even join friends in a party or browse the PlayStation Store.

We’re here to help, with fixes for any internet connection issues you may be having. Let’s look at what to do if your PS4 Wi-Fi is slow, unreliable, or won’t connect at all.

1. Reboot Your Console and Router

Any kind of network troubleshooting should begin with a restart of all affected equipment. You can clear up a lot of temporary issues this way, and it’s a quick step to get out of the way first.

Restart your network by rebooting the router (and modem, if you have separate devices). To do so, simply unplug the power cord, wait a few moments, and plug it back in again.

After it starts back up, restart your PS4. To do so, press and hold the PS button on the controller to open the Quick Menu. On that menu, open the Power section and select Restart PS4. Make sure you don’t choose Enter Rest Mode—this is a low-power state that doesn’t fully shut down the system.

PS4 Restart Console

Once everything has restarted, try to connect your PS4 to Wi-Fi again. If it doesn’t work, make sure you can get online on a computer or other device. Move on if the problem is isolated to your PS4; if not, you should troubleshoot your home network.

2. Run the PS4 Network Test

If a simple reboot didn’t fix your PS4 Wi-Fi issues, you can run a built-in network test to get more information about where the problem lies. On your PlayStation 4, head to Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection.

This will run a short test and display Successful or Failed for the following:

  • Obtain IP Address: Whether your system successfully received an IP address from your router. If it fails, your PS4 is not connecting to the router properly.
  • Internet Connection: This succeeds as long when your PS4 is able to reach the internet. If it fails, the issue lies between your router and the internet.
  • PlayStation Network Sign-In: Checks whether your system can reach the PlayStation Network. If it fails, you may be on a network that blocks PlayStation Network. While less likely, the issue may instead lie on Sony’s end.

PS4 Network Test

If your computer passes these three checks, your PS4 is properly online. There are a few additional data points that can help, however:

  • NAT Type: PlayStation uses a confusing system where your NAT type can be Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3.
    • Type 1 means that your system is connected directly to the internet, which isn’t often the case. Type 2 means that you’re connected to the internet through a router, which is what most people will see. And Type 3 means that your system can’t use all the ports necessary, which often causes instability.
  • Connection Speed (Download): This is an estimate of how fast your PS4 can download data. If your PS4 Wi-Fi is slow, it will likely reflect here.

Now that you have a better idea of what your problem is, let’s look at various steps to fix these issues.

3. Confirm Your Wi-Fi Details

If your system won’t connect to your router at all, the Obtain IP Address check will fail. In these cases, you should make sure you have the right Wi-Fi network information set.

Go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > Use Wi-Fi > Easy and run through the steps again to reconnect to your network. As you do, pay attention to make sure you enter the Wi-Fi password correctly, as this is a common mistake.

PS4 Set Up Wi-Fi

If you like, you can also try changing your DNS settings to use a third-party provider instead of your ISP. To do this, select Custom instead of Easy. You don’t need to tweak any of the other options, so choose Automatic for IP Address Settings, then Do Not Specify for DHCP Host Name.

At the DNS Settings screen, choose Manual and enter the information for an alternative DNS server. If you’re not sure, use a Primary DNS of and Secondary DNS of for Google’s public DNS servers.

PS4 DNS Settings

Confirm this, then choose Automatic for the MTU Settings and Do Not Use for Proxy Server. From there, you can test the connection again.

4. Improve Weak Wi-Fi Reliability

While Wi-Fi is convenient, it’s subject to many forms of interference. If you’re having trouble staying connected to your network or experience slow speeds, you can improve a weak connection by taking the following steps:

  • Move your PS4 closer to your router: The further away your system is from the router, the weaker the Wi-Fi signal will be. If at all possible, move the two physically closer together. You can see how strong the signal is at Settings > Network > View Connection Status on your PS4; look for the Signal Strength entry.
  • Reduce interference: Wi-Fi doesn’t travel well through solid metal, concrete, and other thick surfaces. You may also experience reduced performance if there are microwaves, baby monitors, or other similar devices nearby that use the same frequencies. Try to keep as direct a line between the PS4 and router as possible, and move other devices out of the way.
  • Limit other device usage: Your PS4’s network performance will suffer when other devices in your home are using the bandwidth. Try shutting off other devices, especially if they’re downloading large files, streaming 4K media, and similar.

You might wonder if your PS4 can connect to the 5GHz band on your router. As it turns out, the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro can use the 5GHz band, but the original model PS4 cannot. Compared to 2.4GHz, 5GHz connections are often faster and not subject to as much interference, but don’t travel as far.

Follow additional tips for speeding up your Wi-Fi connection if you suspect this is the problem. And in case you’re using a VPN with your PS4, it’s a good idea to disable it to see if that helps.

5. Make Sure the PlayStation Network Is Available

PSN Status Page

There’s a chance that the PlayStation Network is down, which will prevent you from connecting to online services. While rare, this does happen, so it’s worth checking (especially if PlayStation Network Sign-In failed earlier).

Check Sony’s PSN status page to make sure everything has the green light. You can also do this on your PS4 at Settings > Network > View Status of PlayStation Network Services.

6. Review Your Router Settings

Wi-Fi Router Access Restrictions

If case you’re still having an issue, there’s a chance that a setting in your router is blocking your PS4 from getting online. Similarly, if you got Type 3 for NAT Type, your may need to forward ports in your router so that your PS4 can communicate properly.

Make sure you haven’t restricted router traffic for your PS4. For example, there may be parental controls or MAC filtering in place. With Type 3 NAT, or if you only have a problem in certain games, you may need to forward the right ports on your router.

See Sony’s support page to see which ports need forwarding for PSN services, and check documentation for your particular game to find the applicable ports. Note that if you’re having this problem on a school or work network, the institution likely has PSN blocked. There’s not much you can do unless you manage the network.

7. Try Connecting to Your Router’s Guest Network

PS4 Guest Network Login

While this might sound strange, some GameFAQs users found that it worked for them, particularly on the original model PS4. If your PS4 won’t reliably connect to your Wi-Fi, try enabling the guest network on your router and connecting to that on your PS4.

After you set it up, the connection won’t work at first. To fix it, you’ll need to open the Internet Browser on your PS4 and sign in using the guest network password. Afterwards, you should be online as normal.

8. Connect With an Ethernet Cable

While all of the above fixes will hopefully help when your PS4 Wi-Fi signal is too weak or won’t work at all, a wired connection is always better. Hard-wiring your PS4 to your router using an Ethernet cable will result in a more stable connection with faster data speeds.

If possible, we recommend using a cable to get your PS4 online. Even if you can’t do so long-term, try connecting with an Ethernet cable and checking for PS4 system updates, which might fix your issue.

In case this isn’t a workable option for you, try using powerline adapters, which run an Ethernet connection over the power lines in your home. You simply plug one unit into the wall by your router and another near your console.

Has This Guide Fixed Your PS4 Wi-Fi Issues?

Now you know what to do when your PS4 Wi-Fi has stopped working or become unreliable. Hopefully you’re able to make some small changes to patch it up so you can get to playing online again. If nothing else worked, you may need to do a factory reset of your PS4, but that’s a dire last step.

For more PS4 advice, here’s how to clean the dust from your PlayStation 4.

Image Credit: Fe Ilya/Flickr

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What You Need to Know Before Playing The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II was released in June 2020 to eager anticipation. However, with seven years having passed since the first game, you may need a refresher. This may be because you have never played the original, or that you have played it but can’t remember all of the events that took place.

If you’re jumping into the series for the first time and just want some context, or need to jog your memory about the plot of the first game, here’s what you need to know before playing The Last of Us Part II.

What Is The Last of Us?

The Last of Us is a PlayStation-exclusive survival adventure game that was first released for PlayStation 3 in 2013. An additional DLC chapter followed in 2014. The game was developed by Naughty Dog, the same studio behind the Uncharted series.

With the release of the PlayStation 4, a remastered version of the game came out in July 2014.

The game’s story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a fungal outbreak has turned a large portion of humanity into zombie-like creatures. This Cordyceps fungus takes over the brains and nervous systems of victims, turning them into aggressive hosts that try to spread the fungus’ spores.

In the present day, survivors live in heavily policed quarantine zones controlled by the army. However, rebels known as the Fireflies oppose this military rule.

The wilderness outside of these quarantine zones is inhabited by the infected, bandits, rebels, and small colonies of survivors (who should have read our guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse).

The Last of Us Characters

the last of us ellie and joel

*Warning: The following section contains minor spoilers for the first part of The Last of Us.*

The Last of Us has two main characters: Ellie and Joel. However, you spend the vast majority of the first game playing as and controlling Joel.

You first meet Joel at the onset of the outbreak. Joel attempts to escape the chaos with his daughter Sarah and brother Tommy. While fleeing, a soldier shoots Sarah. The young girl dies in Joel’s arms.

Players continue Joel’s story 20 years later—with Joel becoming a smuggler and bitter survivalist. It’s through his work as a smuggler that he meets Ellie.

Joel and his partner are hired by Firefly leader Marlene to escort the young teen to a drop-off point.

Ellie’s importance to the rebellion soon becomes clear. It turns out that Ellie is immune to the Cordyceps fungus and therefore humanity’s only hope to finding a vaccine.

The Last of Us: Plot Summary and Recap

ellie and joel last of us

*Warning: This section contains major spoilers for the first The Last of Us game.*

Joel and his smuggler partner Tess agree to escort Ellie to Fireflies outside the quarantine zone. Along the way, Ellie reveals that she was bitten by one of the infected several weeks back. Despite this, the fungus hasn’t taken over—even though the transformation usually takes place within two days.

When they reach their destination, the group find their Firefly contacts dead.  Soldiers try to apprehend them, but Tess (who reveals she had been bitten shortly before) sacrifices herself so that Ellie and Joel can escape.

Joel decides to take Ellie to his brother Tommy, a former Firefly. Along the way, they meet brothers Henry and Sam who they form a friendship with. However, this ends in tragedy when Sam succumbs to a Cordyceps infection and Henry ends his own life in grief.

When they reach Tommy, Joel’s cold treatment of Ellie has warmed somewhat. After an emotional confrontation, he decides to finish the journey with Ellie. The pair then set off to the last known Firefly base.

The base is abandoned by the time they arrive. They discover that the Fireflies have since moved to a hospital in Salt Lake City.

Joel’s injury and Ellie’s abduction

ellie last of us infected

While setting off for their new location, bandits attack the pair and Joel sustains a life-threatening injury during the encounter. With winter setting in, Ellie shelters with Joel in the mountains and treats his injury.

Some time later, Ellie encounters some survivors while hunting alone. They agree to trade some medicine with her.

But things take a turn when one of the survivors, David, tells Ellie that a man traveling with a young girl killed some of his men a few weeks before. David, who heavily implies that he suspects her, lets Ellie go with the medicine.

Soon after returning to tend to Joel, she realizes that David’s group followed her. David captures Ellie and takes her back to his base, where she discovers that his group has resorted to cannibalism.

Ellie eventually escapes and during her final encounter with David, she kills him. Joel, who has tracked her down, finds her at this moment and comforts her.

last of us ending salt lake city

When spring comes, Ellie and Joel reach Salt Lake City. Joel suggests that they rather return to Tommy to live in the settlement. But Ellie wants to go through with their original plan. Remarking on the lives lost, including those by her hands, she says, “It can’t be for nothing”.

On their way into the city, they fall into water and Ellie, who cannot swim, falls unconscious. As Joel tries to revive her, Fireflies find him and knock him out.

The Last of Us Ending

last of us ending marlene

*Warning: This section contains major spoilers for the first The Last of Us game.*

When Joel wakes up, he sees Marlene. She tells Joel that doctors are preparing Ellie for surgery. The surgeons plan to remove the mutated Cordyceps growth on Ellie’s brain and use it to reverse engineer a vaccine.

Joel becomes enraged at the idea that Ellie likely won’t survive the operation and fights the Fireflies. He finds Ellie unconscious in the operating room and kills the doctors. While escaping, he encounters Marlene. She pleads with Joel to let them operate on Ellie, noting that it’s what Ellie would want and he knows it.

The game flashes forward to Joel driving away. Ellie regains consciousness in the back seat and asks what happened. He tells her that the Fireflies weren’t able to reverse engineer a vaccine and have given up trying.

However, flashbacks show what really happened—with Joel shooting and killing Marlene so that she can never come looking for Ellie.

When they reach Tommy’s settlement, Ellie asks Joel to swear that he told her the truth about the Fireflies. He promises her that he told the truth and she simply says “OK”.

Where The Last of Us Part II Picks Up

The Last of Us Part II takes place five years after the events of the first game. Ellie, now around 19 years old, has settled within Tommy’s community in Jackson. There, she has formed friendships and even a potential romantic relationship.

However, tragedy strikes and Ellie vows revenge on those responsible.

The game promises to provide players with escalating moral conflicts, shedding light on the repercussions of Ellie and Joel’s actions before and during the game. According to Sony, the story blurs the lines between hero and villain.

The sequel features similar mechanics to its predecessor, but you play primarily from Ellie’s perspective. Players are also able to use a greater variety of weapons, crafted items, and skills.

Other Unmissable PlayStation 4 Games to Play

Now you’re all caught up on the events of the first The Last of Us game and can jump right into the sequel. And once you finish The Last of Us Part II, it might be worth checking out the best PS4 exclusives. After all, the PlayStation 5 will soon be with us.

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How to Record and Share PS4 Gameplay Videos

Whether you’re racing the streets, defeating a boss, or simply admiring the view, there are loads of great moments that can happen while playing PS4 games.

So, in this article, we show you how to record and share your PS4 gameplay so that you can relive these moments or send them to your friends for bragging rights.

Change Your PS4 Sharing and Broadcast Settings

Before you begin capturing PS4 gameplay, you need to make sure that the settings are customized the way you want.

PS4 Sharing and Broadcasts

Press the Share button on your controller to bring up the Share menu. Select Sharing and Broadcast Settings.

In here are various settings that relate to screenshots and broadcasting on services like Twitch (streaming is one way to get more out of your PS4). We’re going to ignore these and focus on those for recording gameplay.

First, go to Length of Video Clip. Here you can choose the maximum length of gameplay captures. They can be shorter than whatever you choose, but this is the time it will record for if you don’t manually stop the capture. By default, it’s set to 15 minutes, but you can go as low as 30 seconds or as high as 60 minutes.

PS4 Audio Sharing Settings

Next, go to Audio Sharing Settings. Here you can enable or disable Include Microphone Audio in Video Clips. If ticked, it will capture your microphone audio (from a headset or PlayStation camera) when you record gameplay.

Record Your PS4 Gameplay

With the settings sorted out, it’s time to record your PS4 gameplay.

There’s one wrinkle to this. Some games don’t let you record parts or all of it. This is down to the developer. You cannot circumvent the restriction using the PS4’s default recording tools. Instead, you will have to buy dedicated capture equipment. Examples of these games include Yakuza 0, Persona 5, and Tales of Zestiria.

For the instructions below, we’ll be making use of the Capture Gallery. You can find this on the PS4 home screen. If it isn’t there, go to Library > Applications > Capture Gallery > Start.

The Capture Gallery is great for managing videos that you have saved in the past. However, you can also access many of the same settings by using the Share button while in-game, so feel free to use that if you find it quicker.

Now, let’s begin recording. You can either record a video of something that is about to happen or that has already happened.

Start a Recording

To start recording, press the Share button twice. A small notification will appear on the left of the screen to signify that the recording has begun.

Now play the game and everything you see on screen will be captured. Your recording will end automatically after the Length of Video Clip setting time period is reached. Alternatively, end the recording manually by pressing the Share button twice again.

The recording will be saved in the Capture Gallery.

Save a Recording of Something That’s Already Happened

Don’t worry if you just did something awesome but weren’t recording it. The PS4 automatically stores the last 15 minutes of gameplay in its memory.

To grab this recording, hold down the Share button. Do not tap it because you will erase the recording. Holding it down will bring up the Share menu. With this open, press Square to select Save Video Clip.

This will be stored in the Capture Gallery.

Edit Your PS4 Gameplay Video

You might want to edit your recording before sharing it with the world. You can do that on the PlayStation 4 itself.

Go to the Capture Gallery and find the video you wish to edit.

With it selected, press Options on your controller. You have two options here: Edit in SHAREfactory and Trim.

SHAREfactory is a free app that you will need to download and install. The app includes lots of advanced editing features, like the ability to overlay audio tracks or webcam footage on the video. You can also apply themes, stickers, and text. If you want to get fancy with your editing, choose SHAREfactory.

If you simply want to crop the length of the video down, select Trim. Use the dropdown to select the editing intervals. Scroll across and press L2 to set the start point, R2 for the end point, then press OK once done.

Share Your PS4 Gameplay on Social Media

Naturally, you’ll want to share your video on social media so you can let your friends see your capture.

To do this, go to the Capture Gallery and highlight the video you want to share.

PS4 Share Video Clip

Press the Share button on your controller and select the social network you want to share to (like YouTube or Twitter).

If this is the first time you’ve done this, you’ll need to enter your login details for the social account.

Follow the prompts through to upload your video—each social network has different requirements. For example, on YouTube you can set the privacy of the video, while on Twitter you can accompany the video with a descriptive tweet.

Transfer Your PS4 Gameplay to a Computer

You can also take your PS4 video and transfer it to your computer. To do this, plug a USB stick or external drive into the PS4. Note that the device must be FAT32 or exFAT formatted. If you need help understanding the difference, see our guide to FAT32 vs. exFAT.

Go to the Capture Gallery and find the video you want to transfer.

PS4 Copy to USB Storage Device

With it highlighted, press the Options button. Select Copy to USB Storage Device.

Next, choose the videos you want with X. When ready, select Copy > OK.

When the transfer is complete, plug the device into your computer. Open the drive and browse to the PS4/SHARE folder to find your videos separated by game and in MP4 format.

If you prefer, you can use your computer to edit the videos or upload them to social media; do whatever you find easier.

To Capture Great Footage, Play Great Games

That’s everything you need to know about recording and sharing gameplay videos on your PS4. So, go forth and record those exciting moments!

Are you in need of some great games to record? Then check out our list of the best PS4 exclusives to play today.

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How to Change Your PSN Name

In 2006, Sony launched the PlayStation Network (PSN). People signed up in droves, and everyone chose a PSN name as their online ID. However, many people didn’t realize that this would be permanent, as Sony refused to let you change your PSN name.

In October 2018, Sony announced that it was finally going to let you change your PSN name. The option was initially launched in beta as part of the PlayStation Preview Program, but now everyone can change their PSN name, either on a PS4 or the web.

How to Change Your PSN Name

To change your PSN name on your PS4:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Account Management > Account Information > Profile > Online ID.
  3. Enter a new PSN name of your choosing (or one of the suggestions).
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the change.

To change your PSN name on a web browser:

  1. Sign into your PlayStation Network account and select PSN Profile.
  2. Select the Edit button next to your Online ID.
  3. Enter a new PSN name of your choosing.
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the change.

Changing your PSN name doesn’t mean you lose your old one. And you can revert back to an old PSN name by contacting PlayStation Support. You can also display your old PSN name next to your new PSN name for 30 days to help your friends notice the change.

Unfortunately, changing your PSN name comes with some risks. While games released after April 1, 2018 support the feature, older titles do not. And some may cause critical issues. Sony recommends checking this list of tested games before changing your PSN name.

Be Sure to Choose Your New PSN Name Wisely

You can change your PSN name once for free, but after that, all subsequent name changes will cost you money. PlayStation Plus subscribers will pay $4.99, while everyone else will pay $9.99. So it would be a good idea to get your PSN name change right the first time.

This is long overdue, as Xbox owners have been able to change their gamertags for a while now. Still, it gives all of you PS4 owners who chose terrible PSN names when you were young a chance to start over. And you can then play the best PS4 exclusives.

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Need for Speed Heat Will Be The First EA Game To Support Xbox One, PS4, And PC Crossplay

Need for Speed Heat will be the first EA game to support Xbox One, PS4, and PC crossplay. Here is everything you need to know about this.

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5 Ways to Play Your Video Games on Any TV, PC, or Mobile Device

Console gaming is awesome, but sometimes you just can’t get the TV to yourself. One option is to move your games console into another room; another is to stream the games to your PC, laptop, TV, or mobile device.

Didn’t know you could do this? Well, you can, by streaming games across your home network. Here’s everything you need to know about playing PC and console games on almost any device around your home.

Play Your Favorite Games Across Your Home Network

The great thing about streaming games to other devices is that you’re not limited to one location. Streaming to a laptop lets you play your favorite console games in comfort, away from the family as they gather around the TV to watch soap operas. Which means no more unplugging and moving your console.

If you want to stream games across your network, from one device to another, you have the following five options:

  1. Xbox One to PC: Stream games from your Xbox One to a Windows 10 PC.
  2. PlayStation 4 to PC: Games can be streamed to Windows and macOS.
  3. PlayStation 4 to Android: You can stream games from your PlayStation 4 to an Android device.
  4. Steam to TV: Stream your favorite Steam PC games (Windows, macOS, or Linux) to any TV with a suitable streaming app.
  5. Steam to Android and iOS: PC games can also be streamed to your phone, tablet, or television set-top box.

Let’s look at each of these options in turn.

1. How to Stream Xbox One Games to Windows 10

Desperate for a gaming session but can’t get anywhere near your TV? The solution is to play your Xbox One games on your Windows 10 PC.

This is possible thanks to the Xbox Console Companion app on Windows 10, which lets you stream any game from your Xbox library to your PC (the game disc needs to be inserted where necessary).

Download: Xbox Console Companion

Meanwhile, there is also Xbox Play Anywhere, which lets you play digitally purchased Xbox One games on PC or Xbox. It features continuity of play, meaning that progress on one device is retained when you start playing on the other.

You’ll know when a game supports Xbox Play Anywhere as it is highlighted in the Microsoft Store listing. These games can be activated on Windows 10 or Xbox One, and launched on either platform.

See our guide to Xbox Play Anywhere for more details. Xbox game streaming works best with the console connected to your router with an Ethernet cable. If this is a problem, consider buying a powerline adapter.

2. How to Play PlayStation 4 Games on a PC

What if you own a PlayStation 4, and want to stream games to a TV in another room? Game streaming is the answer again, with Sony’s Remote Play feature. This is compatible with Windows 8.1 or later and macOS (running OS X Yosemite or macOS El Capitan).

You’ll need a computer with an Intel Core i5 CPU at 2.67GHz or faster, with at least 2GB of RAM. Your PC should have a spare USB port for connecting your DualShock 4 controller. Once again, the solution requires a fast and reliable connection with your router for both devices, preferably via Ethernet.

This solution also requires the PS4 Remote Play app, which you need to download and install on your computer.

Download: PS4 Remote Play for Windows and macOS

Read our guide to PS4 Remote Play on Windows and macOS for information on how to set this up. Note that not all titles support remote play; check the game packaging or online store listing for more information.

3. How to Play PlayStation 4 Games on Mobile

You’re not limited to a computer if you want to stream PS4 games to another device. The PS4 Remote Play app for Android and iOS lets you stream your favorite PlayStation 4 games to your phone or tablet.

There’s no need to kick your family out of the living room, and no need to avoid sunlight when you want to game. Instead, just use the PS4 Remote Play app, connect a DualShock 4 controller via Bluetooth, then kick back and enjoy!

Download: PS4 Remote Play for Android | iOS

4. How to Play Steam Games on a TV

Steam library viewed on Raspberry Pi

What if you want to play games from a PC on your TV? Perhaps you own a powerful gaming PC and want to enjoy it on the 50-inch TV in your living room.

Maybe you’re having a few friends ver and opt to play games on the main television.

One option is to run a very long HDMI cable from a PC in room A to a TV in room B. But this is usually as impractical as moving the PC closer to the TV. Streaming is the best option.

If you use Steam to manage your PC games, you can use Steam Link to stream games across your network. This feature is built into the Steam client on Windows, macOS, and Linux. To get the game onto your TV, you have three options:

Once again, connect the streaming device directly to the router via Ethernet for the best results.

Meanwhile, you shouldn’t feel limited to Steam games. You can also install Parsec on a Raspberry Pi, and stream any PC game to a TV in your house.

5. How to Play Steam Games on Android and iOS

Steam Link running on Android

It is now possible to stream your favorite PC games from your Steam library to Android or iOS devices. Steam games will run on anything: phone, tablet, even an Android TV or Apple TV box.

With the free Steam Link app, you just need a Bluetooth or USB controller (or keyboard and mouse) to play.

Download: Steam Link on Android | iOS

Android Steam Link app playing Strider on PC

Check out our guide explaining how to set up Steam Link on mobiles. For the best results, use your router’s 5GHz band. If this isn’t possible, ensure that the PC hosting your Steam library is connected to the router via Ethernet.

Start Playing Your Games on Other Devices Today

It doesn’t matter where you are in the house, and whether you want to play PC games or console games. If you use one of these methods, you now have an option to enjoy your games in any room, or even outdoors.

Do you want to know more about game streaming? If you want to stream games on the move, here are the best cloud gaming services.

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