Disney+ is testing a new party watch feature called GroupWatch

Disney+ is testing a new "Group Watch" feature, letting up to six people watch content on the service at the same time.

Verizon will bundle Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu with select Mix & Match unlimited plans

Verizon has announced that, beginning August 20, select Mix & Match unlimited plans will have access to Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+ at no additional cost.

Apple TV+ series ‘Dickinson’ secures a Peabody Award for entertainment

Apple TV+ comedy series "Dickinson" has won a Peabody Award.

Apple TV+ customer satisfaction below average for both value and original programming

Which is understandable given Apple TV+ launched a couple months ago and has limited content because the service currently doesn't serve any licensed programming.

Hulu And Plex Are Making It Easier To Watch Streaming Video With Friends

Hulu and Plex are making it easier to watch streaming video with friends. Here's what you need to know.

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Hulu is launching a Watch Party feature so groups can watch together while social distancing

Hulu is rolling out a Watch Party feature, which boasts an integrated chat room, that will let customers who are social distancing watch films and TV shows together.

Hulu revamps the user interface for Apple TV to improve discovery and navigation

Hulu has announced that it is rolling out a brand new user interface for Apple TV and Roku customers that improves discovery and navigation.

How to Check Which Movies Are Available to Stream

Streaming media is one of the coolest technological innovations of recent years. Allowing you to watch movies and television episodes from wherever you are over the internet.

However, with so many streaming services, it’s hard to find out where your favorite movies and TV shows are available to stream. Fortunately, you have various tools at your disposal.

Search These Sites to Find Where to Stream Movies

If you know what movie you want to watch, the fastest way to find out where you can stream it is to search on one of the sites below. Each of them scans dozens of streaming services and digital stores to let you know exactly where you can watch what you’re looking for.

JustWatch: Search Streaming Services Across the Globe


JustWatch is the most popular site to find out where movies and TV shows are streaming. It returns fast results with a crystal clear UI that tells you where you can stream a movie or, if not, how much it will cost to buy it from various stores.

With JustWatch, you can check for movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Now, YouTube, and many other streaming services with a single search. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a streaming service that doesn’t come up on JustWatch.

You can even tap or click the service you want to use from the search results and JustWatch automatically opens a new tab for that particular movie. Another great feature of this site is that it has many filters so you can sort through content by genre, price, release date, and more.

You can access JustWatch through the website or download the app for Android or iOS.

Download: JustWatch for Android | iOS (Free)

Reelgood: Find Movies to Stream From Multiple Services

Reelgood Homepage

Similar to JustWatch above, Reelgood scans the content from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and over 60 other streaming services so you can find whatever movie you want to watch. Simply type the movie you want in the search bar, then select it from the results page to see all the places it’s available to stream.

Unlike JustWatch, which lets you choose your part of the world, Reelgood only checks availability for streaming in the US.

You get plenty of information about a movie from the search results to help you decide if you want to watch it. This information includes a plot summary, IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes scores, age ratings, runtime, tags, and more.

Follow the Stream Movie, Rent, or Buy links to jump straight to that movie on a streaming service or digital store.

Outside of the website, you can download the free Reelgood app for iOS, but there’s no Android equivalent.

Download: Reelgood for iOS (Free)

If You Only Watch a Couple of Streaming Services

Reelgood Subscription Service Selection Screen

Both JustWatch and Reelgood search their entire library of streaming services when you’re trying to find out where to watch a movie or TV show. But that isn’t particularly useful to you if you only subscribe to a couple of services.

For instance, it’s no good finding out that The Godfather is available to stream on Hulu if you only subscribe to Netflix and Disney+.

Luckily, both services allow you to filter your results by the services you subscribe to. You can even create a free account to save your preferences, so you don’t need to add them again every time you perform a search.

From the JustWatch website, click the services you use from the top of the search results page. This filters your results to only the movies and TV shows available on those platforms.

Reelgood invites you to Add Your Services from the homepage. Follow that link and choose a selection of services to save to your account. When you are ready to search for a movie, Reelgood only shows the ones available to you.

Search on Apple TV, Fire Stick, and Other Hardware

Apple TV searching for The Godfather

There’s a good chance you’ve got some kind of streaming hardware connected to your TV. This might be an Apple TV, an Amazon Fire TV Stick, or a Roku device. You can use any of these devices to search across a range of streaming services when you’re trying to find a particular movie or TV show.

Even without a physical streaming device, you might find that the search feature on a Smart TV works in a similar fashion.

All you need to do on most of these devices is to use the search function built into the operating system. You can even speak to Siri or Alexa to perform a voice search for movies instead.

None of these devices are quite as comprehensive as JustWatch or Reelgood. They seem to favor the streaming services available to watch with that particular device. But it’s a very convenient place to start your search if the remote is already in your hand.

If You Have No Idea What You Want to Watch

The sheer number of choices on streaming services means some people spend more time deciding what to watch than actually enjoying movies and TV shows. If you can relate, the websites we showed you above might not actually help you speed up the decision-making on movie night.

Have no fear, there are plenty of other resources at your disposal. Take a look at these film recommendation sites for help deciding what kind of flick you’re in the mood for tonight.

Once you know that, jump back to JustWatch or Reelgood to find out where you can start streaming that movie.

How to Find Movies to Stream for Free

Using these websites and apps makes it easier than ever to find out where a specific movie is available for streaming. But just because you know where you can stream a movie, doesn’t mean you already subscribe to that service.

There are far too many services these days to subscribe to them all. But if you’re tired of everything on your current services, don’t jump the gun and pay for another just yet. There are lots of ways to stream movies online for free, and they’re all completely legal.

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Viral Marketing Firm is Pirating Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video & HBO Go

The legal online movie and TV show streaming landscape has expanded rapidly in recent years but has now developed its own issues.

From having no platforms just a few years ago, there are now many with each attempting to create space for their own exclusive offerings. As a result, consumers must now subscribe to them all at great expense to get everything they desire, something that most wallets are averse to.

At least ostensibly, this is the problem being addressed by, a self-proclaimed ‘pirate radio’ video site. At the time of writing it is streaming shows from Hulu, Disney+, Netflix, HBO Now, Prime Video and Showtime, all for free.

When we tuned in we were greeted by The Office from Netflix and The Mandalorian from Disney+.

Of course, the latest Disney shows being streamed online for free isn’t something one should ever expect. The AllTheStreams ‘manifesto’ is curious too.

“Netflix has all the Netflix stuff, Disney has all the Disney stuff, and never the twain shall meet. Let’s change that, however briefly,” it reads.

“Whenever media becomes inaccessible, piracy thrives again – from the 1960’s BBC 1-hour limit on pop music, to the iTunes store mp3 tyranny of the 00s. Today, All The Streams comes in response to the fragmentation and walled-garden paradigm that has risen to prominence for online video streaming services.”

The people behind AllTheStreams say they don’t care about several things, including but perhaps not limited to user-utility, scalability and terms of service. “All The Streams is made to revel in platform independence, and to demonstrate how even the most lo-fi hacks can be the equal of giants. We’re going to play anything and everything we feel like,” the manifesto continues.

“We’re going to make a frankensteinian playlist of media that none of these streaming platforms could ever recommend to you because it would cost them the profits of their exclusively-owned content. Sit back and enjoy the ride: like all pirate media offerings, we’re doing this for you.”

Given the tone, one could be forgiven for thinking that had just redirected to the PR department of The Pirate Bay, which is bizarrely half the way there. While The Pirate Bay has nothing to do with this site, the people behind it are a PR department of sorts.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the site are five fairly familiar letters – MSCHF. Said quickly we hear ‘mischief’, something that the company of the same name has caused plenty of.

MSCHF is a marketing company that claims to run on “structured chaos“. It previously developed a browser add-on that disguised Netflix viewing as a conference call, launched an Internet restaurant that transformed corporate perks into a tool to attack corporations, and sold Air Max 97s with ‘Holy Water’ in the sole.

So what’s this latest campaign all about? TorrentFreak spoke with CEO Gabriel Whaley who didn’t give away too much but pretty much admitted that the campaign is infringing copyrights.

“We don’t have any permissions to be running this whatsoever. But once one network shuts us down, five stand in their place!” he said.

That sounds a little bit like the pirate mantra (shut down one site, another five will appear) completely turned on its head, which is another curiosity. We put it to Whaley that if AllTheStreams doesn’t have permission to stream The Mandalorian online to the masses for free, then it’s possible that the Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment could be paying a visit quite soon.

We received no response to that thought but given MSCHF’s record, of engaging in over-the-top stunts to gain exposure, the legal aspect must have at least crossed the company’s mind. We asked if a calculation had been done to balance the potential marketing exposure against potential legal fees and what the endgame might be, but that didn’t help much either.

“Haha,” Whaley added. “MSCHF’s only endgame is the endgame itself.”

It’s almost impossible to work out what MSCHF is trying to achieve here. Maybe they have some kind of plan to bring all streaming services under one roof at a fair price and if so, that would be impressive, if brutally obvious. Given their history, however, it’s more likely they’re hoping to sell out a new line of exclusive sports clothing for cats made entirely of cheese.

If the company is looking for exposure, which it most certainly is, it has the right recipe here. Perhaps Disney will supply the crackers. Or the lawyers.

Drom: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, torrent sites and more. We also have an annual VPN review.


How to Download Hulu Shows to Watch Offline

You can now download Hulu shows to watch offline. The feature allows some users (but not all) to download thousands of movies and TV shows to watch offline. This means that Hulu users can watch content even when they aren’t connected to the internet.

Hulu Finally Delivers on Its Promises

In January 2017, Hulu promised that it was working on offering offline downloads, with a timeline of “a few months”. Then, in May 2018, Hulu formally announced its intention to start offering downloads “during the 2018-19 upfront season”.

Finally, in October 2019, Hulu delivered on its promises, with the company announcing Downloads in a post on Hulu Press. The feature means that some Hulu users will be able to watch Hulu on the go by downloading shows and movies to watch offline.

How to Download Hulu Shows to Watch Offline

To download movies and shows on Hulu, just look for the Download icon next to a video. Click that, and the content will download to whatever device you’re currently using. To find content to download, just tap the Search icon and select Downloadable.

You can have up to 25 movies or television episodes downloaded at a time. This is per account, and each account can download content on up to five devices. You can access downloads for 30 days, but need to finish watching them within 48 hours of hitting Play.

Downloads are only available on the Hulu (No Ads) and Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV plans. These are the premium plans which cost significantly more than the standard plan. And anyone on the standard plan will still need to stream content as they go.

Hulu claims that there are “thousands of shows and movies” available to download. This includes Family Guy and Desperate Housewives, as well as Hulu Originals like The Handmaid’s Tale. You can see more by clicking “See What’s Downloadable” in the Hulu app.

Get Started by Exploring Hulu’s Downloads Tab

Hulu Downloads are available on Android (running 5.0 and above), iOS (running 12.0 and above), and selected Amazon Fire tablets (running Fire OS 5.0 and above). If you keep the Hulu app updated you should see the Downloads tab at the bottom of the screen.

After several years falling behind its rivals such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Hulu finally seems to be getting its act together. You can even now stream Hulu shows in 4K. It’s almost as though the extra competition is forcing Hulu to improve its service.

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