The 20 Best Fonts for Greeting Cards and Posters

Your choice of fonts can make or break your greeting cards or posters.

So, to help you get it right, here are 20 basic, geometric, whimsical, bold, and dingbat fonts that are guaranteed to add flair to your creations.

Basic Fonts

Simple and readable, a basic font is ideal for clear headlines or body text. You can’t go wrong with the likes of Helvetica and Futura, but here are a few more worth considering.

1. Public Sans

public sans

This open source font from the US government is clean, neutral, and familiar. It works almost anywhere, for headers or text.

2. Metropolis

metropolis font

Metropolis is a modern, minimalist sans-serif font that is a good option when you’re looking for an alternative to Helvetica.

3. Bodoni XT

bodoni xt

Whether you’re making inspirational posters, wedding invites, or Christmas cards, Bodoni XT will help bring a touch of class to your designs.

Geometric Fonts

Geometric fonts are simple, yet deliver a more distinctive look than you’ll get from basic fonts. They have rounded shapes, and modern, clean styles.

4. Equinox


Equinox is a minimal, sci-fi-inspired geometric font. It makes for a good alternative to Futura, although you need to be aware that it doesn’t contain any lowercase characters.

5. Gilmer


Another clean and versatile geometric typeface, Gilmer also includes an outline font that will work on a variety of poster designs.

6. Fox and Cat

fox and cat font

Fox and Cat is a lovely, light typeface with both upper and lowercase characters. The quirky design is ideal for greeting cards, and the license even allows for commercial use.

7. Anders

anders font

This is a minimal yet very distinctive font that will bring a striking look to your posters, greeting cards, or anything else you’re working on.

Whimsical Fonts

When you want to inject a sense of fun or whimsy into your designs, something like a handwritten typeface is the go-to option. Here are some that will liven up your birthday cards and other projects.

8. Windsong

windsong font

This calligraphic script font is a popular choice thanks to its OpenType feature support that helps to achieve the authentic handwritten look.

9. Fabfelt


Fabfelt is a handwritten font with a more casual, retro feel. It’s available in OTF and TTF versions, and includes a full range of characters.

10. Janda Happy Day

janda happy day

Janda Happy Day is the definition of a whimsical font. The curly-styled characters are fun, yet it remains highly readable.

Bold Fonts

To create real impact, choose a bold font. They can be serif or sans-serif, condensed or handwritten. Either way, they pack a punch.

11. League Gothic

league gothic font

Inspired by vintage Gothic typefaces, League Gothic is a classic that works in a whole range of projects. It’s open source, too, so use it however you like.

12. Chunkfive


Chunkfive is indeed chunky; a serif font that makes a real impact. This slab font is best used on posters where you need to get your message across without fuss.

13. Brusher


This bold, brush-lettered typeface offers impact without compromising on style. To download Brusher, you have to sign up for a free download link using your email address.

14. Zenfyrkalt


Zenfyrkalt is a hand-drawn bold font with a truly unique style. It combines impact and whimsy and works for fun projects.

Dingbat Fonts

Dingbat fonts are an easy way for those of us who don’t have the greatest artistic skill to add some cute drawings to our creations.

15. Bella K Dings Are Cool

bella d wingdings

A large selection of shapes that are suitable for many projects on a whole range of subjects. The hand drawn style adds a nice touch.

16. Heart Doodles

heart doodles dingbats font

Heart Doodles has got everything you need to enhance your homemade Valentine’s Day cards, with its selection of heart-based shapes.

17. Mustache

mustache dingbats

There’s a dingbats font for every occasion. To prove the point, here’s a collection of 26 mustache styles, to cover all of your facial hair needs.

18. Pea Jelene’s Doodles

pea jelenes doodles

Pea Jelene’s Doodles are great for posters and greeting cards, and much more—a cake design, or the menu at a coffee shop, for example.

19. KG Christmas Tree Fonts

kg christmas tree fonts

Featuring over 50 Christmas trees and more, this font collection will add a seasonal touch to your Christmas cards and party posters.

20. MFT Itty Bitty Baby


Finally, this baby-themed collection is the perfect accompaniment for baby showers, Congratulations cards, or even T-Shirt designs.

How to Get Even More Free Fonts

Do you want more free fonts for birthday cards, greeting cards, or posters? Take a look at our picks of the best websites for free fonts to see where you can get them.

Also, you can get your designs looking as professional as possible by making sure you always choose the right fonts for your projects. Our guide detailing how to pick the right font pairs will help get you started.

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No Birthday Cake? Send a Virtual Cake With These 6 Celebratory Sites

If you’re celebrating someone’s birthday overseas, or you simply don’t have excellent baking skills, why not send a virtual cake over the internet? They may not taste as good as the real thing, but a virtual birthday cake is a fun way to celebrate a special occasion if you can’t get a physical one.

Let’s explore the best virtual cake makers on the internet.

Virtual Cake Images and GIFs

If you’re not looking for a full birthday greeting, you can send a virtual cake image or GIF. You could attach one to an email, or send it over any messenger app for an easy way to wish someone a happy birthday.

1. NameThatCake

The NameThatCake website

NameThatCake does all the hard work by providing virtual cakes with your recipient’s name on it. All you need to do is look through the cakes and pick out the one that matches the special person’s name.

NameThatCake achieves this by hunting down and uploading photos of real cakes with names on them. The website claims that every photo they upload is copyright-free, so you need not worry about stealing someone else’s photo.

NameThatCake also has cakes for mothers and fathers day, cakes with “I love you” on them, and cakes that have numbers on them for birth years. Once you find a cake you like, you can attach it to an email or even print it off in a letter to a friend.

2. BirthdayCake24

The BirthdayCake24 website

If NameThatCake doesn’t have the name you’re looking for, why not write your own? BirthdayCake24 gives you a nice selection of cakes to choose from, each with editable text to enter your recipient’s name.

Some will allow you to edit the whole message, and some will even let you upload a custom photo to personalize your cake. Just enter what you want to change, then save the result to your PC or share the unique URL that’s generated.

BirthdayCake24 also has an excellent selection of GIF images you can customize. Just enter the text you want on the cake, and the website will generate a fully-animated GIF that you can share with your friends. The website also features generators for happy birthday messages and invitations, so it’s a useful one-stop-shop for all your celebratory needs.

3. Tenor

The Tenor website

Tenor by itself isn’t a birthday cake website. It’s actually a huge database of GIFs designed for you to pick out and choose the ones you want. However, if you search for birthday cake GIFs, you’ll find a lot of images explicitly designed to send to friends or include in a birthday greeting.

Once you find the cake GIF you want to send, click on it, then look for the black “Caption” button at the bottom right. If you click this, you can add a touch of personalization to your GIF before you send it. If you want even more control, try a GIF app to edit or annotate your image.

Happy Birthday Cake e-Cards

Fancy combining a card and a cake into one, easy-to-make package? Then be sure to check out these great e-card websites that let you create a card with a fantastic cake on it.

4. Paperless Post

The Paperless Post website

Paperless Post, as the name suggests, aims to make the art of card-sending totally virtual. For example, it comes complete with a digital envelope that opens up to reveal the card within.

You can use Paperless Post for many different occasions, including setting up a “virtual party.” However, they have a great range of birthday cake cards to choose from.

Some of them are free, and some require payment of “coins” to use. You can filter out the paid cards by clicking the “Free” checkbox in the filters on the left. However, Paperless Post will still attempt to charge you for additional elements, which you need to remove before you can get a genuinely free e-card.

5. OpenMe

The OpenMe website

If you prefer a completely free option, try OpenMe instead. It doesn’t have the same style and glamor as Paperless Post, but it does have the advantage of never asking for a price tag.

OpenMe has a few interesting traits that make it shine. For one, OpenMe will actually email you when the recipient opens the card; no more wondering if they’ve seen it yet! If the recipient loves it, they can use OpenMe to send a thank-you reply back.

OpenMe also supports group signings. If you want to send a special birthday treat, you can “pass” the card around for different people to sign it. That way, you can get one big card with everyone’s name in it for a more memorable card.

Of course, if you’re only interested in birthday cake-related cards, you can perform a search to find them.

6. Hallmark

The Hallmark website

If you want the finesse and style that only an official Hallmark card can provide, you’ll be pleased to learn that they have their own e-card range too. These include fun little animations that you can preview before you send. This is handy for finding the right card to match your recipient.

You can type your own message, which appears in a clear font. However, if you feel this is too digital for your liking, you can “add handwriting” to the card. This changes the font to some pre-set ones that look like you hand-wrote the card.

If you’re bad with well-wishes, you can use Hallmark’s expertise to help you out. Using the “Add a Hallmark Sentiment” button, you can select from one of many premade sentences to suit your recipient.

Unfortunately, Hallmark’s easy card creator isn’t free. They do ask for a $5 monthly membership fee before you can send your creation. As such, this might be best for someone who mails a lot of e-cards, rather than a one-time use.

Making Someone’s Birthday Special

Sometimes you won’t be able to send a real cake to someone on time. These digital “birthday cakes” aren’t the perfect replacement but they are thoughtful enough. Now you know how to create a virtual cake and send it to whoever needs that special cheer.

If you want something more than just a cake, why not try our selection of birthday memes?

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The 7 Best eCard Makers for Your Own Personalized Greeting Cards

In the current era, where most of our correspondence is digital, it makes sense that cards have also made the jump online. Now, whether you’re sending a card to someone across the world or you just remembered someone’s birthday is today, you can send a card to anyone at any time.

Here are the best ecard maker websites for that special occasion.

1. Adobe Spark

The Adobe Spark website

Adobe Spark is an in-depth online media creator. You can use Spark for a lot more than just greeting cards; it’s also perfect for pamphlets, posters, and portfolios.

As such, Adobe Spark isn’t good for generating a quick and easy card. It is, however, great for designing one that fits your needs best. You can use the templates to design a physical card that you can print and fold, or use it to create your own ecard to save and send to your loved ones.

Because Adobe Spark focuses on professional usage, there’s a lot locked behind paywalls. As such, if you decide on using Spark, be ready to sift through the paid options to get to the free ones.

2. Canva

The Canva website

If you want a professional-looking free ecard maker, try Canva. It’s one of the more interesting options on this list, as it allows you to create cards and share them as a video instead of an image.

You can use Canva to create a traditional card to print out; however, its real power comes from using videos in your cards. You can use the premade videos that Canvas has in its library, or upload one of your own from your desktop. This makes it a great way to share a special video that encapsulates the occasion.

When you’re done placing videos, you can download your card as either a video or a gif. Whichever option you pick, the end result will go through each of the pages you designed for the card, including playing any videos you embedded. If you chose the video download option, it’d even play the sound in each clip.

3. JibJab

The JibJab website

If you’re after an ecard generator that’s a little silly, try JibJab. JibJab’s main attraction is the ability to upload faces for their premade cards. The result is a funny card personalized with you or your friend’s faces on it.

The card generator is surprisingly robust. You choose a card you want to send, then upload the faces of the people you want to star in it. JibJab will then let you line up the jaw tool, so the card knows where the face’s mouths are. This is because the actors in the card can speak and sing, with animated mouths like something out of South Park.

4. Befunky

The Befunky website

Befunky is a useful ecard maker that speeds up the process. It comes with a selection of different premade templates for you to choose from. Once you’d picked out a model, you can edit the text on it to customize it to your needs.

Unfortunately, while Befunky does have a beautiful collection of templates, you’ll find the majority of them require a monthly fee of $6.99 to unlock.

Befunky also requires Flash to run, which modern-day browsers will have a problem with allowing. As such, you may need to learn the steps to enable Flash in Chrome.

5. Someecards

The Someecards website

Someecards is an odd entry on this list. There is no way to build your own card; the ability to make your own Someecard vanished in 2018.

As such, there’s no real room for personalization here and isn’t the ideal choice for people who want to tailor the card to their needs. Instead, you can browse images and memes that relate to different occasions and share them.

The main forte for Someecards is that you can share the cards via a link. While over card services need an email address to send your card, or require you to upload and share a file, Someecards can be shared by copy-pasting the link wherever you need it.

6. Smilebox

The Smilebox website

Smilebox makes it very easy to make a card. You can select a template to suit your needs, then quickly add photos to your design. To make it extra flashy, you can add music to play while the card’s animation slowly reveals the details.

Unfortunately, Smilebox is very restrictive if you want to use it for free. You’re only allowed to share your creation via Facebook or Twitter, and the card will have Smilebox’s watermark on it. However, if you’re willing to pay for premium, Smilebox can be an excellent source for professional-looking cards for any occasion.

7. Amazon eGift Cards

The storepage for Amazon eGift cards

If you want to tie a gift to your ecard, why not try an Amazon eGift card? These are like an ecard and a gift card combined, allowing you to choose from a pre-set selection of cards to fit the occasion.

You can choose from regular cards, animated ones, or upload a photo to personalize the card. Then, select the amount of money you want to send. You can send the card via email or text message, whichever works best for you.

When your recipient receives the card, they’ll see your design, name, and gift card redemption code all in one. It’s a very convenient way to celebrate an occasion when you’re unsure what to get the person in question.

Celebrating a Special Occasion With Style

Thanks to their personalization, ease of use, or their speedy delivery, digital ecards are a useful way to celebrate an occasion. Now you know some of the best websites out there for making a card of your own, so you can commemorate an event with style.

If you’re celebrating a birthday, why not accompany your card with a happy birthday meme?

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