Chromebook Users Can Get Roguelike Dead Cells for Free

There are all sorts of benefits from using a Chromebook. And now, another benefit has arrived, with Google offering the stellar platformer roguelike Dead Cells for free, as discovered by Android Police.

Normally, Dead Cells sells for $8.99 on Google Play, which is a steal in its own right. However, for free, grabbing it is a no-brainer.

What Is Dead Cells?

Dead Cells is a platformer roguelike that will put your video game abilities to the test.

Here’s the description of the game from Motion Twin, the developers of Dead Cells:

Dead Cells is a rogue-lite, Castlevania-inspired action-platformer, allowing you to explore a sprawling, ever-changing castle… assuming you’re able to fight your way past its keepers.

To beat the game, you’ll have to master 2D “souls-lite combat” with the ever-present threat of permadeath looming. No checkpoints. Kill, die, learn, repeat.

Dead Cells has a score of 89 on Metacritic, which is an incredibly high score for a game from a small team without the AAA budget and pedigree behind it.

If that sounds like something that’ll appeal to you, then you absolutely should take advantage of this offer. You’ll get quite a few hours from the game and a real feeling of satisfaction as you grind your way through it.

How to Get Your Free Copy of Dead Cells

To snag a copy, you simply need to head to Google’s Chromebook perks page. Once there, scroll down a bit and you’ll see the Dead Cells section. Click Get Perk, and follow the steps to redeem your copy.

Of course, you must own a Chromebook to do so. Those without one can’t take advantage of this perk.

Google is making this perk available until August 7th, 2021, so you have ample time to jump in and grab the game for your Chromebook. And if you just purchased a Chromebook, check out our handy tips that all new Chromebook users need to know.

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The 13 Best Free Mac Puzzle Games to Test Your Solving Skills

Those who enjoy puzzle games should count themselves lucky, as the genre offers a lot of variety. From the classic puzzle games to matching games and mazes, there is a wide selection of titles available for the puzzler in you.

So, if you like to sit down at your Mac and put your mind to work (without spending a fortune) we have a list of free puzzle games for you.

These puzzle games for Mac are all free, fun, and definitely worth your time and attention. So, grab your thinking cap and get ready to hone your puzzle-solving skills!

For Traditional Puzzlers

If you enjoy classic puzzle games, these freebies are for you. Match pairs, work with numbers, and assemble the pieces.

1. Mahjong Free

mahjong mac

Customize your game and play a traditional puzzler with Mahjong Free. Begin by choosing from 25 background options and a variety of tile styles. Then, sit back and enjoy the classic gameplay of Mahjong.

Mahjong Free provides options to shuffle the tiles, receive hints, and undo your last move. You can start a new game each time or pick up where you left off before. After you complete a puzzle, you move onto the next one with a different layout, for a little variety.

Download: Mahjong Free (Free)

2. Sudoku Epic

sudoku epic mac

Just pick a number and click a spot in the fun and challenging Sudoku Epic. This game offers two sizes of Sudoku with a daily challenge and Wordoku game. You can also choose your level of difficulty, which is great for expert players.

Via the game settings, you can enable highlighting of completed sets and duplicate numbers, change your input method, and display a timer. You can even adjust the tile color to your preference. Earn stars, complete goals, and enjoy Sudoku Epic for free.

Download: Sudoku Epic (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Jigsaw Puzzles Epic

jigsaw puzzles epic mac

If you don’t have any good physical jigsaw puzzles, this option for Mac is awesome. Jigsaw Puzzles Epic lets you choose from categories like animals, nature, windmills, and lighthouses. Once you pick a category, you can select your puzzle.

Jigsaw Puzzles Epic provides options for you to rotate and choose the number of puzzle pieces. If your child is playing, you can set it for four pieces. Then, when it’s your turn, change it to 400 rotating pieces for the ultimate challenge. And for a relaxing experience, the game offers soothing background music.

Download: Jigsaw Puzzles Epic (Free, in-app purchases available)

For Teasing Your Brain

When you want to play puzzle games that tease your brain, choose one of these puzzle games for Mac. Plan your moves and think ahead while you have some fun.

4. Bind

bind mac

Leave no dot unattached or tile empty in Bind. Your goal is to connect dots of the same color by creating a path. Paths cannot overlap, all dots must be connected, and blank tiles are not allowed. Accomplish these three goals and move onto the next level.

This brain teaser provides 80 levels in its free version to keep you busy for a while, and each level is harder than the previous one. Bind has a simple concept that you have likely seen before, but still offers a challenge.

Download: Bind (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Rail Maze

rail maze mac

If you would rather get the train to the station than connect the dots, check out Rail Maze. This is a great wild west challenge—by flipping the track tiles, rotating directional pieces, and avoiding the dreaded pirate train, you’ll accomplish your task.

Plan your moves carefully in Rail Maze because your goal is not only to get the train to the station, but to do so safely. If you crash into an obstacle you will have to start again. There are currently over 100 puzzles, offering a great challenge.

Download: Rail Maze (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. 2048 Game

2048 Game on Mac

Another game that takes planning and brings numbers to the challenge is 2048 Game. The goal is simple enough… just get to the 2048 tile. But this sliding puzzle is anything but easy. You’ll need strategy, luck, and patience to succeed.

You want same numbered tiles to touch and thus combine into a new number. As the digits add up and the number of tiles increases, so does the difficulty to reach that golden number. Use your arrow keys, trackpad, or mouse to slide the numbered tiles up, down, left, or right.

If can get to the 2048 tile without filling the board, you’ll have bragging rights over your pals. But if you can’t, just see how high you can score.

Download: 2048 Game (Free)

For Matching Three

Match-three games are a dime a dozen, but these free puzzlers stand out. You can match flowers, fish, fancy gems, or feathered friends.

7. Gardenscapes

gardenscapes mac

If you like story-based games, then Gardenscapes is one you should try. This is a match-three game with a cheerful theme. Make matches to accomplish the level goals and earn stars to spruce up the mansion garden.

The game offers hundreds of levels, tons of silly characters, and loads of challenges. You may need to match a certain number of fruits or flowers, collect acorns, or complete objectives within the time limit. Each level brings a surprise in this colorful, enjoyable puzzle game.

Download: Gardenscapes (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. Fishdom

fishdom mac

When you’re ready to move from decorating the mansion garden, create an aquarium home in Fishdom. Like Gardenscapes, this match-three game from Playrix is upbeat and delightful. You match pearls, turtles, seashells, and other watery objects.

Match more than three items to create special tiles like firecrackers and bombs to eliminate more tiles at once. As you work through the hundreds of levels, you earn coins to trade for more fish or decorations for your fish tanks. And, don’t forget to feed those fish to earn bonus coins.

Download: Fishdom (Free, in-app purchases available)

9. Cradle of Empires

cradle of empires mac

Cradle of Empires is another match-three game with a neat story and theme. Rebuild an ancient city by collecting valuable items in each level. Match flowers, fruits, gold, and other cool objects within the move limit to earn rewards and XP.

When you get stuck, use bonuses like a hammer to crash a tile or the bomb to eliminate five at once. Like similar games, matching more than three items will give you special tiles to clear rows or groups of items.

Download: Cradle of Empires (Free, in-app purchases available)

For Making Mosaics

Use your gray matter to create colorful mosaics with these puzzle games for Mac. Put tiles in the right order or pieces in the correct spots and make cool pictures.

10. Mystery Mosaics 2

mystery mosaics 2 mac

If you enjoy graph-style logic puzzles, create an amazing image in the Picross game, Mystery Mosaics 2. In over 100 levels, you must correctly place the colors according to the numbers on the grid. Each mosaic is comprised of three colors and you can only fill one color in at a time.

For those new to this genre, number indicators by the columns and rows of the grid serve as your clues. You place tiles according to those numbers. For instance, if a column has a 3 and then a 2 under it, that row contains three tiles in a row, followed by at least one space, then the other two pieces. When you finish, you can view a nifty mosaic.

As a bonus, Mystery Mosaics 2 is story-based; you use your success to build a glorious kingdom.

Download: Mystery Mosaics 2 (Free, in-app purchases available)

11. Fairytale Mosaics Beauty and the Beast

fairytale mosaics beauty and the beast mac

Another game that lets you create neat images is Fairytale Mosaics Beauty and the Beast. However, this mosaic-creating game is more of a jigsaw puzzle with a twist. You see the finished image and then need to place the pieces correctly to reconstruct it.

The twist comes with the challenge of assembling the puzzle quickly, accurately, and completely. If you do this, you will receive a key for each of these goals. Earning keys will give you coins to unlock the subsequent puzzles.

Download: Fairytale Mosaics Beauty and the Beast (Free, in-app purchases available)

For Just Plain Fun

These games may not fit with the other categories, but they may just suit your puzzle preferences. Test your dexterity skills or word-making talents with these neat puzzlers.

12. Impossible Twisty Dots

impossible twisty dots mac

Impossible Twisty Dots is one way to test your quickness, aim, and reflexes. The premise of the game is simple. Shoot the dots into the middle dot without hitting another one. Place each dot successfully and move onto the next level.

It sounds easy, so now you’re wondering where the “impossible” part comes in, right? The center dot that you aim for twists or turns and slows down or speeds up without notice. You might be preparing to aim when, suddenly, the dot twists—causing you to hit another. When this happens, you must start the level again.

Impossible Twisty Dots offers thousands of levels to test your skills.

Download: Impossible Twisty Dots (Free, in-app purchases available)

13. Word Wow Big City

word wow big city mac

It wouldn’t be a puzzle game list without at least one word challenge. Word Wow Big City is a great free Mac game that is part word game and part puzzle game. Your goal for each level is to create words with the letters shown in order to move the worm to the bottom of the building.

You create words of three or more letters to blow up blocks and clear the worm’s path. The nice part is that the letters do not have to touch, but the catch is that you have limited time. So, plan carefully and select words with letters that will help the little worm. You’ll play through many challenging levels within each neat building setting.

Download: Word Wow Big City (Free, in-app purchases available)

Challenge Yourself With These Puzzle Games for Mac

Puzzle games come in all shapes and sizes, from word games to number challenges. So there’s sure to be at least one or two free puzzle games for Mac on this list that will be the perfect fit for you.

And if you enjoy other types of challenges as well, check out the best role-playing games for Mac.

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The 4 Best Free Dominoes Games to Play Online

Dominoes is a type of turn-based tile game that has been around for a very long time. Each deck of dominoes has a collection of tiles marked with spots that correspond to different moves that you can make in a game.

There are also multiple, different domino games that you can play with a deck—just like you can with a deck of cards.

In the current era, the popularity of dominoes has continued. Now, you can play game of dominoes online as well. With that in mind, here’s a list of free dominoes games that you can play online, either on your phone or in a web browser.

1. – Domino Games

Free Dominoes Game Online Agame.Com

As a large website devoted to casual apps, has tried to bill itself as one of the principal places where you can “try many of the world’s best free online games.”

On, the genres range from racing games and simulators, to board games like checkers. They also have a section devoted to dominoes, which we’ve explored in depth.

In the dominoes section, you can find lots of different apps, ranging from Block to Deluxe. Each of these games is free-to-play, and you can try them out at whatever speed you desire. Overall, we found these games enjoyable, although the interface for them was not the most responsive. There are also a lot of ads.

Basically, if you want to play a dominoes game online, is free, easy, and can be accessed in your browser. Best of all, if you tire of dominoes, you can quickly try playing another genre on the website. It’s a great way to spend some time on a lazy weekend afternoon.

NB: Some of these games require Adobe Flash, but not all.

2. Playdrift – Dominoes

Playdrift Domino Screen

Playdrift is another website that allows you to play dominoes online, either with an account or as a “Singleplayer” guest facing off against a bot. If you’re a casual player looking to breeze your way through a short period of boredom, then playing as a guest is really all you need.

When playing in single-player mode:

  • You can choose between the games All-Fives, All-Threes, Draw, or Block.
  • You can also choose the number of “players” involved in a game, ranging from two to four.
  • There are a few other options that you can adjust, like how many points you need to score before you win a game.

Once all of these options are settled, you can start playing.

Additionally, the interface is responsive to your screen size, so you can resize Playdrift in one window while doing something simultaneously in another. As it is not a timed game, this means you can leave it alone for hours, and take your turns at your leisure.

Another major upside to using Playdrift is that it has far fewer ads than a site like These ads can and do disrupt your gameplay if there are too many of them at a time, so it’s good that Playdrift avoids this.

Overall, the website is engaging and user-friendly. Other than that—if you’re looking for additional, slow-moving, casual games with a user-friendly interface—here’s a list of the best classic board game apps for your phone.

3. Dominoes

Dominoes App Placing a Tile

Are you sick of browser games? Would you rather have your casual apps “to-go”? Then you need to download Dominoes, a game for Android and iOS.

To play, just open the app on your phone, Click New Game, then choose the settings for the game (i.e. first move, difficulty levels, starting hand, and win points). Then you’re set.

Some really cool features from this game that may make it preferable to playing dominoes in your browser:

  • When you want to play a domino piece—and you have several different options to do so—just tap on the available dominoes in your deck. You should be shown green, yellow, and red “circles” where you can place your pieces on the board game. You’ll also see how many points each of these individual placements can award you.
  • You can change the setting, texture, and color of your board game, along with the dominoes on it.
  • If you click on the link More Games, it will take you to a page to play a Mexican Train Dominoes game online. Mexican Train is a version of dominoes. In it, you have to create a chain out of each tile that you lay down.

Overall, Dominoes is a fun, casual app to try out.

Download: Dominoes for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Dominoes Jogatina

Are you looking for a mobile dominoes option that is a bit flashier? If so, Dominoes Jogatina is another gaming app for Android and iOS. It’s free to play with a subscription available.

When you download the app, you can create an account, or play free as a guest. Additionally, there’s an option to upgrade to a VIP account, if you want to play without any ads.

Considering how many ads Jogatina plays, this subscription might be something that folks should look into. This is especially true if you play the game all of the time.

Despite the frequent ads, Jogatina is a slick-looking app that is actually lots of fun to play. The different domino games that you can try out include Draw, Block, and All Fives. You can play against users or bots, too.

When all is said and done, Jogatina is a good distraction for anyone who prefers to play on their phone. It’s also a good app if you don’t mind paying a bit of extra money to get an enhanced experience.

Download: Dominoes Jogatina for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

Play a Free Game of Dominoes Online

Dominoes is a fun game to play, and it’s fairly simple. After all, if you’re just looking for something casual to do to pass the time—whether you’re tied to your desk or on-the-go—then one of these websites or apps should do the trick. Even if you’ve never played dominoes before, it will make it easy for you to learn.

If you’re looking for more casual games to try out, and your heart isn’t set on dominoes, then read up on the mobile gaming hidden gems everyone should play.

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The 5 Best Roguelikes for iPhone: Survive If You Can!

Are you itching for a real challenge on your iOS device? Do you like games that leave you on the edge of your seat? What about games that make you feel nostalgic at the same time? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, perhaps roguelike mobile games are your cup of tea.

If you’re not familiar with the term: roguelikes are a sub-genre of games that originated from a single title in 1980 called Rogue. Rogue was a dungeon-crawling adventure game that gave players a different dungeon layout for each attempt. If you died, it was permanent.

This means that in roguelikes, every move counts, and even the smallest mistake can cost you. As such, this genre of games is often difficult to play, as you fight to survive.

Sounds enjoyable? We’ve rounded up the best roguelikes for iOS that you can find on the app store. All you need to do in download and install them, and then see how long you can survive!

1. Wayward Souls

Wayward Souls iOS Roguelike

Wayward Souls is one of several action-adventure roguelike games for iOS. According to the developer, “It was inspired by Spelunky, Secret of Mana, and our previous game, Mage Gauntlet.”

The game features a retro-inspired aesthetic with a pixel art style for the visuals. The graphics will appeal to anyone who grew up with a SNES. Developer Rocketcat also upped the ante with a spooky soundtrack that is sure to delight.

NB: You can now play SNES games on your Switch.

In Wayward Souls:

  • Players will find different classes they can play as. All classes have a distinctive play style, with strengths and weaknesses. They can also have pets, which are useful in battle.
  • Since Wayward Souls generates a random map every time you play it, you’ll get a completely new experience through each attempt. Each game has different areas full of unique monsters, traps, and rare encounters.

The best part about Wayward Souls is that there is loot, and lots of it. The weapons and gear that your character uses may also change the gameplay entirely, so it’s best to try out everything that you can.

When it comes to gameplay:

  • To move your character, swipe your thumb across the screen.
  • The key to survival in this game is the timing and precision of your attacks.
  • If you consider regular mode too easy, the developers have also developed Gauntlet Mode, designed for quick play sessions. Getting through this one requires a lot of skill, and it’s probably the most challenging task that you’ll face in the game.

Verdict: Wayward Souls is one of the best mobile roguelikes on iOS, and it’s a must-have for any fan’s collection.

Download: Wayward Souls ($6.99)

2. Tiny Tomb: Dungeon Explorer

Tiny Tomb is another roguelike iOS game. Despite the fact that it’s free-to-play, the quality of the game is incredible. The ads that it shows you are minimal, leading to an almost seamless, in-game effect.

The goal of this roguelike, as in Wayward Souls, is fairly simple: you must march your hero through a series of procedurally generated dungeons to retrieve loot and items, all without dying. Every step counts.

The difference here is that each dungeon layer in this game is tiny, and there are a lot of dungeon layers to each level. This, of course, gives the game its name: Tiny Tomb.

Things to note:

  • Tiny Tomb sports a pixelated art style and addictive music.
  • The game controls are simple, with the option to swipe your way across each screen.

Verdict: While this app definitely gets nerve-wracking at parts, it’s not actually fast-paced, meaning it strikes a nice balance between being difficult enough to be interesting, and easy enough to understand for those who are getting into the genre. This makes it one of the best roguelike games for iOS.

Download: Tiny Tomb: Dungeon Explorer (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Soul Knight

iOS Best Roguelike Soul Knight

Are you looking for a Nuclear Throne clone for iOS? Then your search ends here with Soul Knight, a vintage-styled game with pixelated art that pays homage to the classics.

The main objective in Soul Knight is to get through each dungeon layer by eliminating all the enemies around you. Even though it sports a pixelated aesthetic, Soul Knight packs plenty of dynamic lighting and detailed textures into the game. Plus, the soundtrack is one that all gamers will fall in love with.

In Soul Knight, the gameplay definitely gets chaotic. While there are a variety of classes available in the game, you start off with one and must unlock the rest by earning enough coins to buy them.

For gameplay:

  • There is plenty of loot to discover and equip your character with.
  • As you blast your way through the dungeons, you’ll come across NPCs that you can hire to fight alongside you.
  • The developers designed the controls specifically for touch screens, so it’s easy to pick up and play. There is also an auto-aim function so it’s easier to hit your targets.

Verdict: Whether you’re a casual gamer, or a veteran, having less work to do means more room for enjoyment. Games like Soul Knight are always a win.

Download: Soul Knight (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Crypt of the NecroDancer

Are you interested in an app that combines a rhythm game with a dungeon-crawling roguelike? Crypt of the Necrodancer fits this bill, and is definitely memorable.

Much like the other iOS roguelikes we’ve mentioned, NecroDancer features fun pixel art that brings a sense of nostalgia. Music is half of the experience for the game, so it’s important that you have your sound turned on. Just watch the trailer to find out why.

For gameplay:

  • Players will find randomly generated dungeons that are full of dangerous monsters. It’s up to you to get rid of them.
  • There’s a ton of loot you can score, too, which will prove useful in battle.

What makes this game stand out from the rest is that you must move in sync to the music, including when you’re executing an attack. As such, NecroDancer involves hand-eye coordination like never before, as you need to keep an eye on the score’s screen (and your health) while tapping to the beat to survive.

Verdict: Because of the unique rhythm mechanic in Crypt of the NecroDancer, it’s a bit more challenging than other roguelikes. However, once you get used to the controls, it’s an incredibly fun and rewarding experience.

Download: Crypt of the NecroDancer ($3.99)

5. Dungelot: Shattered Lands

Do you prefer trying out an iOS roguelike that’s incredibly easy to pick up and play? Unlike most of the games we’ve mentioned, Dungelot: Shattered Lands does not feature a retro art style. Instead, it offers up fun and cartoonish graphics that suit the quirkiness of the game. The soundtrack is also delightful.

In Dungelot, players get to explore three separate acts with increasing difficulty. The twist?

Like Tiny Tomb, each stage takes place on a small 5 x 5 grid. You have to tap on tiles to reveal enemies and items. To get to the next floor, you must find the key to its door, which is locked.

For gameplay:

  • Enemies will block adjacent squares until you defeat them.
  • To engage in battle, just tap on your target, and they’ll take turns exchanging blows.
  • Players can perform basic attacks, with the damage done being dependent on weapons and armor.
  • Despite having a finite number of acts, areas, and dungeons, everything in this game is procedurally generated. This means that the enemies and loot that you find will never be the same.

Verdict: While Dungelot: Shattered Lands looks kind of simple at first glance, there’s a lot of strategy and planning involved. It becomes addictive to play as you keep trying to do better on the next run. However, it should be noted that this game has not received an update in several years.

Download: Dungelot: Shattered Lands ($3.99)

These iOS Roguelikes Will Keep You Entertained

Roguelikes go in and out of fashion depending on the year, but this repeat popularity means that there are always new options and old favorites to try out, available on platforms like iOS.

If the intensity of roguelikes stresses you out, however, here are the most relaxing puzzle games for your iPhone.

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The 10 Best Free Turn-Based Strategy Games to Play

Turn-based strategy games have a slower pace than real-time strategy games. But that’s part of their appeal. You can take your time to think and react to other player’s moves.

If you want to play some fun turn-based strategy games, we’ve got you sorted. As these are some of the best free turn-based strategy games that you can play right now.

1. Freeciv


Founded in 1996, the Freeciv project is one of the oldest and most well regarded free turn-based strategy games ever released. This is for good reason, as while most free turn-based games are flash based, Freeciv is a fully downloadable and incredibly complete game with features like multiplayer.

The project began in the same year Civilization II was released, so it’s little surprise that Freeciv largely replicates the style of that game. It retains the older 2D graphics (though there is a 3D WebGL version) and many features, such as the simplified combat system.

This will be interpreted as advantages to some; the direction of the Civilization series since Civilization II isn’t universally loved.

Are you a Civilization fan? Then here’s how to play Civilization on your smartphone.

2. Freeorion


Taking inspiration from Freeciv, Freeorion is a project that attempts to replicate the glory of the original Masters of Orion. While Civilization is a series that has moved on, Masters of Orion hasn’t. After the introduction of the universally panned third entry into the series, the franchise wobbled. It’s understandable then that a free project would begin.

Freeorion hasn’t been around nearly as long as Freeciv, but it’s still an excellent choice if you like turn-based space strategy games. The style is very reminiscent of the first two games. The graphics are better tailored for high-resolution displays and the menus are large and boast very crisp text.

3. Megamek


This downloadable game is a recreation of the once popular Battletech board game, which is the inspiration for the Mechwarrior series. In Megamek, you command a number of huge, hulking warrior machines in battle against an opposing force of the same. You will have a number of lasers and missiles at your disposal.

Megamek includes an AI opponent for offline play, and it is reasonably competent, but the real fun of Megamek is the multiplayer. Battletech is fun to play, but like most complex board games, it could get bogged down under the weight of its own rules.

With the computer handling the complexity you’re free to play the game and pay attention to your battalion of battlemechs.

4. Battle for Wesnoth

battle for wesnoth

Battle for Wesnoth is a free turn-based strategy game with a high fantasy campaign that spans many centuries, set across the land and sea and with quests like reclaiming a throne or uncovering magical jewels. Once you’re done with the game’s missions, you can download lots of community-created campaigns.

There’s also an excellent online mode, where you can choose between seven factions and battle friends and strangers in over 50 maps. You can even create your own map and take it online.

5. Colonist


If you like turn-based strategy games, you’ve likely played the board game Settlers of Catan. Colonist is a free web alternative to that, built in HTML5 so it will work on your desktop, smartphone, and tablet alike.

In the game, you control a colonist and your aim is to build a civilization and expand your territory. Build settlements, gain points, and avoid attacks from enemies. You can either play solo against the computer, or battle it out against others online.

If you enjoy Colonist, here are some excellent Settlers of Catan sites and apps.

6. Geopolitics


Geopolitics is your classic real-time strategy game that is all about conquering the world. You begin with control of a capital which generates gold. You then need to use this gold to buy an army and occupy nearby provinces to expand your power.

Geopolitics isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s simple, fun, and has a nice charm thanks to its pixel art. As an added bonus, it can be run entirely in your browser and requires no downloads.

7. Remnants of the Precursors

Remnants of the Precursors is another free real-time strategy game that clones the features of the 1993 classic Master of Orion. This is a downloadable game that is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

In Remnants of the Precursors, you choose your alien race and then lead it to galaxy domination. You do this through developing technology, exploring space, and colonizing where you can. Come for the fun animal/space hybrid artwork, stay for the deep strategy.

8. RISK: Global Domination

risk global domination

The Risk board game has been around in various forms since 1957. RISK: Global Domination is a free-to-play version that you can grab from Steam. In case you don’t know, in Risk you need to control all the territories on the map and take down the other players as you do so.

This version features multiple modes, like single player and online multiplayer, over 40 maps, lots of scenarios, and various difficulty settings to adjust to your play style. It also links in with the iOS and Android apps.

9. Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena

tactical monsters rumble arena

If you’re after more of a lighthearted turn-based strategy game, then Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is for you. It pits monsters like Medusa, Frankenstein, and Bigfoot against one another in matches that last between three and five minutes.

There’s an adventure mode that you can work through to unlock more monsters, which you can then unlock moves and skills for. There’s also a fun endless survival mode if you want to put your wits to the test.

10. Age of Conquest IV

age of conquest iv

Age of Conquest lets you control armies across the world and throughout history, like the Roman Empire, Chinese Dynasties, the Incas, and more. You must expand your nation while controlling diplomacy, finances, and resources.

When you get bored with the single-player campaign, you can hop online to challenge friends and foes alike. There’s also a great map editor so that you can build your own campaigns or download other people’s to create hours of endless fun.

More Free Strategy Games Worth Playing

There are lots of turn-based strategy games to buy, but why pay a dime when these free ones will keep you entertained for hours on end. And if you enjoy the strategy genre and want more free fun, check out the best strategy games for your browser.

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15 Multiplayer Brain Games to Play With Friends

No matter how old or young you are, or how intelligent you think you may be, it’s important to exercise your brain regularly. Thankfully, there are lots of fun ways to do that. One of which is to play multiplayer brain games with your friends.

These mobile games will test your gray matter, and let you show off your knowledge and skills to anyone willing to play with you. So, can you beat your friends at one of these awesome multiplayer brain games? They’re all free to play.

1. Maze King

Mazes can make for great brain exercise game and the bigger the maze, the more challenging it is. Maze King is a great game for showing off your solving skills against others. Play through the Stage Mode to get the hang of the game, then head to the Multiplayer Mode to take on a friend.

You can invite friends with a tap that will send a link to the game via text message. Or, you can compete against a random player if you prefer.

Download: Maze King for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Chess Time

Chess Time is a terrific mobile option for playing pals around the world. The game offers different background colors to choose from, leaderboards by country and rating, and a timer to see how long the challenge lasts. You can also enable options such as the quick chat keyboard, coordinates display, and valid move color.

Connecting with friends is easy: You can search for a player if you know their username or send an invitation to them via email or text.

Download: Chess Time for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Chess With Friends Free

If you prefer to take on your Facebook friends in a game of chess, then Chess With Friends Free is the way to go. Search for one of your pals or find a player by username. You can enable chat notifications, show yourself available to other players, and make yourself visible on the leaderboards.

Chat while you play or just concentrate on the game. You can also discover a new opponent and view the leaderboard for the month.

Download: Chess With Friends Free for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Skillz – Logical Brain

Skillz – Logical Brain is an excellent way to train your brain alone, but is even better against others. The app has a variety of brain teasers for you to pick from or you can play a random game.

Start off level one by picking a friend, once you sign into Google (on Android). Then, show off your skills in puzzles and challenges that put your memory, reflexes, accuracy, and speed to the test.

You can type a message to other players who are waiting in rooms to play and see where you stand on the leaderboard.

Download: Skillz – Logical Brain for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. QuizUp

QuizUp is an enjoyable trivia games with a huge variety of topics. You can pick from business, education, history, and science. Or see who knows the most about sports, games, television, and music. The trick is to answer quickly and correctly in a round of questions. Move up the levels as you annihilate your pals in this battle of wits.

You can connect easily using Facebook and then search for friends who have the game installed. After you play a round, tap the chat button to gloat to your buddy about how you just outscored them.

Download: QuizUp for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. Trivia Crack

The original Trivia Crack is still around and still a blast. Your goal is to collect a character for each of the six categories: art, history, science, sports, geography, and entertainment. To do this, continue to answer questions correctly for the category you hit when you spin the wheel.

Log into Facebook to play against friends or connect to Twitter to invite others. Trivia Crack is a turn-based game, so you can take your spin when you have time. You can also chat within the game and share your level achievements to rub in your victories.

Download: Trivia Crack for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

7. Trivia Crack Kingdoms

If you enjoyed the first Trivia Crack game, then check out Trivia Crack Kingdoms. In a royal battle against your buddies, find out who really is the brainy one in the realm of trivia.

Pick a channel topic such as sports, world history, food and drink, movies, or television shows. Then when you answer correctly, you earn crowns, striving to collect them all before your opponent does.

By connecting to Facebook, you can challenge your friends. Plus, Trivia Crack Kingdoms offers an in-app chat for a little trash talk.

Download: Trivia Crack Kingdoms for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. Words With Friends

Words With Friends has been popular around the world for years. But if you’ve never tried it and you enjoy word games, then you must check it out. Gameplay is similar to Scrabble, where you create words with the letters you are given. The words must connect on the game board and longer words and letters with higher point values help you score bigger.

Like Chess With Friends Free and made by the same company, Words lets you play against your Facebook pals. Chat during the game, take your turn when you have a minute, and show off your smart skills with high-scoring words.

Download: Words With Friends for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

9. Word Chums

For a Words With Friends style game with cute characters, try your skills at Word Chums. With the same type of Scrabble gameplay, a colorful interface, and a cheerful experience, creating words for high scores is truly fun. Word Chums also offers power-ups for replacing all of your letters and getting high-scoring hints.

You can play against your Facebook friends, other Word Chums players, or someone in your contacts list. The game has an in-app chat for some friendly ribbing during the competition.

Download: Word Chums for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

10. Pictoword

For a different type of word game battle, Pictoword is a picture-based challenge. The concept is simple. You see two images that combine to form one word. You just have to figure out what that word is with the number of letter spaces provided.

Unlike the other games in this list, Pictoword lets you create a “family” to play against others. You will need to solve your way through many levels first, but this is great practice. Then, create your group, invite members, and chat during a break.

Download: Pictoword for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

11. Infinite Word Search

Another brainy game to play against your friends is Infinite Word Search. The game is played in the same classic style of the word search puzzles you have seen all over the place. But Infinite Word Search lets you choose the topic for your puzzle with options like animals, countries, fashion, and many more.

If you think your word finding skills are better than your Facebook friends, connect and play a pal. In real-time gameplay, see who can find the most words the quickest. This adds quite a bit of challenge to the gameplay, especially if you are both looking for the same word at the same time.

Download: Infinite Word Search for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Facebook Games

Don’t forget that there are tons of Facebook Instant Games worth playing as well. There are plenty to play alone, but what’s the fun in that when you can outscore a friend and brag about it?

Pop open your mobile Facebook app and select Gaming from the menu. Or, when you are online on a desktop or laptop, click the Home button and pick Games from the left-hand navigation.

Here are just a few brainy games you can play against your friends:

On your mobile device or online, just choose a game and hit Play.

These Multiplayer Brain Games Are Extremely Entertaining

It’s normal to love a game that you are good at. If you often outscore or simply outplay your friends, that’s even better. With these games, you can sharpen your skills and prove that you’re the smartest among your friends. So, let the brainy battle of wits begin!

For more fun games to play with friends, check out these cross-platform mobile multiplayer games.

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12 Free Online Games You Can Play With Friends Anywhere

If you’re looking for free online games to play with friends you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to play locally on the same computer or remotely on different computers. With these online multiplayer games, you can enjoy a little downtime with nothing but a browser window.

Browser games have come a long way in terms of graphics. Whether it’s 1v1 games or multiplayer team-ups, modern browsers can support any of these games. However, since Adobe is killing Flash, the games in this list are based on other technologies such as Unity and HTML5.

Online Games to Play With Friends on the Same Computer

These games see you face off against a friend online while sat at the same computer…

1. 8 Ball Billiards Classic

8 Ball Billiards Classic

It might be called 8 Ball Billiards Classic (8BBC), but the game is actually good old pool. You play in turns, and have to pocket stripes or solids depending on which type you first sink into a hole. Although it’s a mouse-based game, it’s surprisingly easy to play on a laptop touchpad too.

First, you have to line up the shot using the guideline indicators. Then, move the mouse to the strength meter, and pull back the stick to the desired amount of power you want to hit with. It’s one of the best free pool games to play with friends online.

  • No sign-up necessary
  • A maximum of two players
  • Players play in turns
  • Play with friends online, but on the same PC

2. Gunball!


Gunball is like soccer… but with guns! In this pixel-art game, you and your friend control two on-screen characters. Each has a gun and a goal post to protect, and there’s a big red ball in the middle. Shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal to score a point. The first to score five points wins.

This browser game is a great example of how the simplest gameplay mechanics can still be super entertaining. You’ll need to move around the screen rapidly to shoot and defend at the same time, as the keyboard struggles with two people fighting on it.

  • No sign-up necessary
  • A maximum of two players
  • Players play simultaneously
  • Play with friends online, but on the same PC

3. Firefall


Comet-like fireballs are falling from the sky. You play as the blue or red square smiley on the ground. Move left and right to avoid being burnt to a crisp. Sounds easy, right? Even when the speed of the fireballs increases, the game is not too difficult to play.

What makes it difficult is the two-player competition. This is because your opponent can’t go beyond you. So use your character to push and/or block your opponent as a fireball rains down upon them. It’s a deliciously evil online game to play with friends.

  • No sign-up necessary
  • A maximum of two players
  • Players play simultaneously
  • Play with friends online, but on the same PC

4. Gravity Shift

Gravity Shift

Most two-player online games focus on a 1v1 dynamic. Instead, Gravity Shift makes you team up for a common goal of solving physics-based puzzles. Each player controls an on-screen character, one with the W, S, A, D keys and the other with the arrow keys.

In each level, you need to move the characters so that all buttons are pressed to open the portal to the next level. There are gravity inverting tiles, where you can change your character’s gravity. It’s all about coordination and puzzle-solving as a team.

  • No sign-up necessary
  • A maximum of two players
  • Players play simultaneously
  • Play with friends online, but on the same PC

5. Money Movers

Money Movers

Here’s another online game to play with friends as a team. In Money Movers, you play as two brothers who have to stage a daring jailbreak. Each level takes you further out of prison, as you use the abilities of each brother to solve the puzzle and get to the exit.

The big burly brother can pick up and throw objects, but has limited movement. The little brother has speed and jumps high. Using a combination of their abilities, you need to flip switches, avoid or incapacitate guards, and think of clever ways to get out of a jam.

Some levels are quite tough, and you and your friend will have a great time trying to figure it out. As they say, two heads are better than one.

Plus, once you’re done with the game, there are two sequels to enjoy. Check out Money Movers 2 and Money Movers 3.

  • No sign-up necessary
  • A maximum of two players
  • Players play simultaneously
  • Play with friends online, but on the same PC

6. Pong 2

Pong 2

Pong 2 is an online recreation of the classic game of Pong. Each player controls one paddle on opposite sides of the screen, while the ball zips back and forth in between. Once you load the game, it works offline too through the browser’s cache. Pong 2 is one of the best online Pong games because of how it lets you customize the settings.

You can customize the ball speed and the paddle speed for both players. We recommend 15-20 for the ball speed, and 10 for paddle speed. You can also change the background and the color of the paddles. Set an objective of points to declare the winner, and begin playing. One player controls with the up and down arrow keys, while the other uses W and S.

  • Sign-up not necessary
  • A maximum of two players
  • Players play simultaneously
  • Play with friends online on the same PC

Online Games to Play With Friends on Different Computers

These games let you face off against your friends online while using different computers…

7. Battleship Online

Battleship Online

There are plenty of ways to play online Battleship for free, but this one is our favorite. The rules stay the same as always. Invite your friend by sending a link, set up your 10×10 grids with different battleships, say you’re ready, and begin.

Click anywhere on your friend’s grid to try and sink his battleships, and keep playing until one of you is out of ships. If you don’t have a friend online, play a random game with a stranger. There are always people online looking for a quick game.

  • No sign-up necessary
  • A maximum of two players
  • Players play in turns
  • Play with friends online on different computers

8. Lichess


If you want to engage in a battle of wits, there is nothing like a game of chess. Lichess is perhaps the best browser game of chess if you want to quickly jump into a game with a real person without even signing up.

The graphics are pleasing to the eye, and you can try different time intervals. Plus, there’s a chatroom, game modes (like Chess960, Antichess, King of the Hill, etc.), and even an analysis board. Our favorite feature is that you can request to take back a move, which is wonderful when playing a game between friends.

  • No sign-up necessary
  • A maximum of two players
  • Players play in turns
  • Play with friends online on different computers

9. Speed Sudoku

Speed Sudoku

Sudoku is a fun brain-teaser, but you can make it competitive. That’s what Speed Sudoku is all about. Who would have thought that you can play Sudoku with friends online over the internet!

Sign up and create a new game or join an existing one. You can have a maximum of four players, but you can also play between the two of you. Password-protect your game to keep it private. While you’re solving, you will also see the other players’ progress in terms of percentage, which keeps your competitive engine running.

  • Sign-up necessary
  • A maximum of four players
  • Players play simultaneously
  • Play with friends online on different computers

10. Ludo King

Ludo King

The old board game Ludo has turned into an internet phenomenon, and Ludo King is the best app to play it on. It features a number of ways to play with friends. You play locally with friends on the same computer, or play with friends on a different computer or mobile app. Yep, you can be on a browser while your friends use the Ludo King app.

Ludo is a simple dice-based game and you’ll pick up the rules in no time. The objective is to get your four pins from the starting point to your “house.” Along the way, kill friends’ pins by landing on the same square they’re on, and avoid their attempts to get you.

On a browser, you can only play Ludo King through Facebook. So you’ll need a Facebook account, which also lets you find friends on the social network who are playing the game. But you can also invite friends using the app, who aren’t on Facebook.

  • Facebook account necessary
  • A maximum of four players
  • Players play simultaneously
  • Play with friends online on different computers, or play with friends locally

 11. 8Ball Online

8Ball Online

8Ball Online is one of the quickest ways to start a game of pool online, but it’s tricky to play against a friend. You will both need to be using the game at the same time, and hope to get matched. You can log in with your Facebook or Google account, but signing in isn’t necessary.

It’s unclear why 8Ball Online doesn’t have a simple option to select an opponent or invite a friend. Thankfully, there aren’t too many people online, so you should be able to set up a game in a few tries. The game’s physics are fantastic, and there’s a helpful indicator to show where the ball is likely to go.

  • No sign-up necessary
  • A maximum of two players
  • Players play in turns
  • Play with friends online on different computers


How about solving a giant jigsaw puzzle online with a friend? offers a variety of puzzles to choose from, and it’s easy to set up and use. To start your own private session, you’ll need to log in with your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account. Then you get to choose the type of puzzle (nature, animal, street art, etc.), the size (how many pieces it will have), and who can help you solve it.

Once it’s set up, send the link to your friends and begin. There’s a handy text chat within the game to talk live. Drag-and-drop pieces into the puzzle with your mouse, and you’ll see friends doing it too. assigns each player a different color to keep track of the moving hands. The game also automatically saves progress in case you have to stop midway and come back to it later.

We aren’t sure how many people can try to solve the online jigsaw puzzle simultaneously, but in our tests, three friends could smoothly play at the same time.

  • Best with sign-up, but can play without sign-up too
  • At least three players
  • Players play simultaneously
  • Play with friends online on different computers

The Best Free Browser Games to Kill Time

This is a solid list of brilliant multiplayer games you can play online with friends. The problem is that you won’t always have a friend who is free to play games online. In which case you should scour our list of the best free browser games to kill time.

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20 Quick Web Games to Play Online When You’re Bored

If you’re bored or have a bit of time to kill, playing a web game is the perfect way to keep you entertained. To help ease the boredom, we’ve put together a list of the best quick web games to play online when you’re sat twiddling your thumbs.

These addictive games are small and require no commitment or registration. While they’re so fun you won’t want to stop, they’re lightweight enough that you can move on from them at a moment’s notice if necessary.

Here are the best quick web games to play online when you’re bored.



QWOP is a legendary web game. The goal is simple: successfully run 100 meters. Except, doing that is anything but simple, as you have to manually control the thighs and calves of the runner. Don’t be surprised if it takes you a while to get off the start line, but at least you’ll have a laugh doing it.

2. Entanglement


Entanglement is the perfect game to play when you’re stressed, even if you don’t like puzzle games. The goal is to create the longest path through tiles you place down. These tiles are randomly generated, but offer enough options that it isn’t frustrating. Plus there’s some lovely soothing background music.

3. Gridland


Gridland is a match-three game with a twist. There are two phases: day (where you match and gather resources to build your village) and night (where you match to fight off invading monsters). Time only progresses when you make a move, so it encourages smart planning and thoughtfulness. It’s extremely clever, but more importantly, a ton of fun.

For more like this, check out these cool puzzle games you can play in your browser.

4. Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker

The concept of Cookie Clicker is so banal, you can only truly understand it once you start playing. The ultimate aim is to produce as many cookies as possible. You do that by clicking a cookie. That’s it. You can then trade the cookies in at the store to buy power-ups to automate tasks, like a reinforced cursor or a grandma.

5. Threes


Threes is a popular mobile game that has been turned into a web game. You slide numbered tiles on a four-by-four grid to combine them into multiples of three. The aim is to earn the highest score by stacking and achieving rare tiles. Though it seems simple in concept, it’s delightfully difficult to keep games going more than a few minutes until no moves remain.

6. The Wiki Game

The Wiki Game

Wikipedia is a treasure trove of interesting information. And The Wiki Game makes use of the free online encyclopedia by challenging you to travel from one Wikipedia page to another by using the internal links on the page. It also times you based on how easy the challenge is.

For example, getting from the start page of The Pacific War to the end page of Sea is relatively easy. On the other hand, moving from Electric Chair to HTML is a bit trickier.

7. Line Rider

Line Rider

Line Rider is such a popular web game that it got turned into Nintendo DS and Wii titles. You don’t need those consoles though because it can be played directly in the browser. Use your cursor to create lines, which the little figure will then ride along. Get creative as you can by drawing loops, ramps, and insane jumps.

8. The Floor Is Lava!

The Floor is Lava

The Floor Is Lava! is exactly what it sounds like: there’s lethal lava below that you avoid by launching yourself towards your mouse cursor. But there are other players too, and it’s a bit like bumper cars; if you hit them, you bounce back. It’s tough to stay alive, but lots of fun! Each game lasts less than a minute, but you’ll want to keep playing again and again.

9. Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! is not only a game, but also a way of training a neural network. You are presented with a word and then get a short amount of time to doodle it. As you draw, the system will try to guess what it is based on machine learning. Your drawing will then be used to help train the machine in the future.

10. Frogger


Frogger is a classic 1980s arcade game. It’s had loads of sequels through the years, but the original still holds a lot of charm. This web game is a recreation of the original. If you’ve never played Frogger, you need to correct that. The object is to hop your frog to the other side, avoiding traffic on the road and a hazardous river.

11. Free Flow Colors

Free Flow Colors

Free Flow Colors has hundreds of levels to keep you entertained for many visits. In the game, you must pair colors together by drawing lines between them. You also need to have the entire board covered. The only problem is, if any of the lines cross then the move is invalid. Simple yet addictive.

12. Slime Volleyball

Slime Volleyball

Slime Volleyball is an old online game, but it stands the test of time. You can either play against the computer or a friend. You control a little blob—or slime—as you hit a ball back and forth across a net. Should the ball touch the ground on your side, it’s a point to the opponent. The Slime series expanded into other sports, but volleyball remains the best.

13. Cursors


Cursors turns your mouse cursor into a character, and your aim is to escape the maze. But you aren’t alone! You share the world with everyone else playing the game, and some of the puzzles require cooperation and coordination.

14. Helicopter


In Helicopter, you use your mouse to control a chopper and dodge incoming obstacles. Click to let the helicopter rise, stop to let it fall. This is an endless game that speeds up and gets frantic. Since it records a score every play, it’ll give you that addicting “just one more turn” feeling as you try to beat yourself.

15. A Dark Room

A Dark Room

A Dark Room is one of the most notable clicker games because it isn’t just a clicker game. It’s infused with role-playing and narrative elements that elevate the experience into something greater. It starts off slow, but stick with it. It’ll be worth it.

16. Mackerelmedia Fish

Mackerelmedia Fish

If you like the weird and wonderful, Mackerelmedia Fish is for you. It’s an interactive experience that guides you through a fictional retro web. The aim of the game? Well, that’s one to discover for yourself. This is a hilarious and wonderfully animated game and the less you know about it before you go in the better.

17. Sinuous


In Sinuous, you are your mouse cursor. Avoid the endless torrent of red dots, touch the green dots for invulnerability, and see how long you can last. The game is highly replayable and excellent for short 5 to 10 minute bursts.

18. is a fun and colorful online game where you control a snake in a neon landscape, sliding into glowing orbs to grow your length. The challenge is that you’re playing against others, some of whom are longer than you. They can envelop you and make themselves longer. Of course, you can do the same thing to smaller snakes. See how big you can get.

19. Books Tower

Books Tower

The objective of Books Tower is to stack as many books as possible without the tower topping over. Each new book glides from left to right and you need to click when you want it to drop. Time those clicks perfectly to align the books, otherwise it’s all going to come tumbling down.

20. The Jigsaw Puzzles

The Jigsaw Puzzles

The Jigsaw Puzzles is home to thousands of free online jigsaw puzzles, from categories like animals to nature, ranging in difficulty from 50 to 150 pieces each. Perhaps not as satisfying as completing a real puzzle, but it’s still an enjoyable way to spend 15 minutes.

Mobile Games to Play When You’re Bored

These are some of the best quick web games to play when you’re bored and want to pass the time. And the chances are you’ll find them so entertaining that you’ll come back to play them time and time again.

However, as fun as web games are, there are even more options on your smartphone. So, for some fun when you’re on the go, check out these addictive mobile games you can play for five minutes at a time.

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You Can Now Play Minecraft for Free in Your Browser

Minecraft is now over 10 years old. And to celebrate this milestone, Mojang released Minecraft Classic for the web. This means you can play Minecraft in your web browser. You don’t need to download anything, and Minecraft Classic is completely free to play.

Minecraft Classic has been available for many years. However, Minecraft Classic was previously only available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and required Java. Now, it’s available for anyone to play for free without downloads on the Minecraft Classic website.

How to Play Minecraft for Free in Your Browser

To play Minecraft Classic, just point your web browser at the Minecraft Classic website. It will immediately start generating a level. Once your game has been generated you’ll get given a unique link which you can share with friends.

If you want to invite some friends to play with you (doing so isn’t mandatory), share that link via email or on your messaging app of choice. Then, just pick a username and click the Start button to start playing Minecraft in your browser.

The controls are simple: Just left-click on your mouse to place or mine blocks, using right-click to toggle between the two. Otherwise, it’s the usual WASD controls for moving forward, left, back, and right, as well as some other simple keyboard controls.

You can press the Escape key at any time to bring up the Game Menu. Here, you can generate a new level or copy the link to the existing one. Clicking Options lets you turn various settings on or off and remind yourself of the controls.

What You Can and Can’t Do in Minecraft Classic

As the name suggests, Minecraft Classic isn’t the Minecraft of 2019. Instead, it’s the game as it existed in 2009. This means you’ll have to put up with a clunky user interface, be stuck with just 32 blocks to build with, and more bugs than the average rainforest.

Minecraft Classic only allows you to play in Creative mode, so there’s no Survival mode with enemies to fight off. There’s also no way to save your game. Still, as mentioned above, you can invite up to nine friends to join your game. Making it more entertaining.

Minecraft Classic Is a Piece of Gaming History

Let’s not kid ourselves here; Minecraft Classic cannot compete with the current version of the game. Still, it’s free, and can be played in your web browser with no effort on your part. So you may as well take the opportunity to sample a piece of gaming history.

If you’re new to the game you should check out our beginner’s guide to Minecraft (for latecomers). If, on the other hand, you’re a veteran you may be interested in scouring the ultimate Minecraft commands cheat sheet for any you don’t yet know.

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The 10 Best Free MMORPGs That Require No Download

The big-name MMOs, such as World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Destiny 2, and Final Fantasy XIV, take up a lot of space on your hard drive. However, if you have a computer lacking hard drive storage, these mammoth installations can be a problem.

If you want to play MMOs without downloading any files, check out these free MMOs that you can play in your web browser without taking up any space on your hard drive.

1. Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends is a fast-paced action MMO you can play in your browser. Arcane Legends combines RPG elements with hack-and-slash gameplay, allowing you to create a group with your friends and plow through enemies of all kinds.

There are three classes to choose from (Warrior, Rogue, and Sorcerer), multiple pets to enhance your gameplay, and hundreds of thousands of items you can use to level up your character. Your party members can also combine their skills across classes to create powerful spells and hit for more damage.

One of the best Arcane Legends features is the cross-platform gameplay. While Arcane Legends is available as a free browser MMO, you can also play on Android and iOS devices.

2. Hordes

Hordes is a clan-based open-world browser MMO, featuring both Player vs. Player (PVP) and Player vs. Environment (PVE) gameplay. It has multiple environments for you to explore with your clanmates, as well as large bosses that you can only take down as a group (sort of like a raid, but not quite on the same scale… yet).

There are four classes to choose from, two factions, and three gigantic maps. There are also heaps of loot of varying rarity, plus a rune system that allows you to upgrade your existing weapons and armor.

Hordes is the work of a two-person team, one coding the game and the other one bringing the world to life with 3D assets. When you see how much effort has gone into producing Hordes and on such a minimal budget, you’ll see why it is worth playing.

3. Mad World

Mad World is a free browser MMO that integrates a lot of the latest browser technology to bring users an experience that could easily pass for a regular indie game.

In that, there are a few things that will remind you of larger games, too. For example, Mad World features a large talent tree for extensive player customization. You’re also bound to a weapon style that focuses your build type, rather than being bound to a specific class.

Other than that, the art style gives Mad World an almost unique aesthetic. The hand-drawn characters, items, and backdrops help Mad World stand out from a browser MMO crowd that is often happy to mimic the best performing games of the era.

If you prefer to download free games for offline play, check out our guide to the best open-source video games.

4. Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

If you played real-time strategy games in the 1990s and early 2000s, you probably remember all-time classic, Command & Conquer. The Tiberium-focused C&C games take their lede from science-fiction, featuring cool futuristic technology you can deploy against your enemies.

Tiberium Alliances continues that legacy as a free-to-play browser MMO. After you start building your base, you have a week of protection where no one can attack you. After that, it is a free for all. Collect resources, build units, expand your base, and lay waste to the opposing faction.

Tiberium Alliances is free, but you have the option of purchasing funds to speed up your progress. You can easily go through the game without spending any real money, though, making this a great way to get your RTS fix.

C&C Tiberium Alliances is far from the only browsed-based RTS. Here are some of the best browser strategy games for you to delve into right now.

5. Realm of the Mad God

Do you prefer to shoot stuff instead of strategizing? You should check out Realm of the Mad God, an 8-bit pixelated bullet-hell browser MMO. There’s not much preamble to this game. You’re teleported by Oryx, the Mad God, to his realm to be consumed by his minions.

Team up with other players, let the bullets fly, and survive! If you can. Once you’ve defeated enough minions, Oryx will show up—but once you’ve killed him, there’s plenty more to do. Explore the Shatters, a super-hard dungeon experience, collect legendary loot, and try to get the highest stats.

Just don’t die: once you’re dead, that character is gone forever, and you’ll need to start over. As irritating as this is, it adds another level of difficulty and is a nice nod to the roguelike genre.

6. Urban Dead

Did you know that there are text-based MMOs? Urban Dead is a great way to get introduced to a fascinating genre. You start as a human, and you need to survive zombie attacks. If you get killed off, you’ll come back as a zombie unless someone can heal you.

Explore the city, find useful items, and stay alive as long as possible. And don’t forget that you can be killed off even after logging out, so be sure to find a safe place before you quit for the day (or before you use up your Action Points).

Urban Dead is a free browser MMO. However, If you want to give money to the developer, you can buy some UD merch.

7. Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Do you prefer the high-seas to zombies and bullet-hell madness? Try Pirates: Tides of Fortune instead.

Pirates: Tides of Fortune offers a more classic setup, where you build up a Haven, establish your pirate fleet, and plunder the seven seas for loot and infamy. Harvest lumber and gold, distil rum (very important!), pillage shipwrecks, and take on other pirate fleets to become the most fearsome pirate of them all.

You can also spend time working through an impressively large technology tree, which includes things like sword-fighting, gunpowder, mathematics, trade, and even flight. Join a brotherhood and get to it!

8. Dead Maze

In Dead Maze, you’re building a better tomorrow in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world. The free MMO doesn’t require you to download any files, although there is a version of Dead Maze available on Steam.

Back to the game. Dead Maze is an isometric MMORPG with a focus on survival. You must gather resources and work with your fellow survivors to create shelter. Your shelter must also withstand attack from zombies, which you’ll also battle as you work your way around the world, finding resources.

So far, so familiar, but Dead Maze is well worth a look. There are warring factions, quests, private housing for your characters, and a crafting system.

9. Intium

Intium is a free MMORPG you can play from your browser, developed by a team of Reddit users. Intium is not only an MMO but also a MUD-like (Multi-User Dungeon). MUDs were one of the first ways people played out MMORPGs on the early internet, allowing for detailed world-building through text without creating a heavy network overhead.

Intium features roguelike gameplay with permadeath (when your character dies, they’re gone forever). There is a substantial amount of loot, server-wide elite bosses, and quests. Furthermore, the Intium world economy is entirely community-driven. There are no NPCs or price-fixing for items, which places a strong emphasis on exploring and finding premium loot to sell (or to craft!).

10. Stein.World

Stein.World started as a part-time coding project but evolved into a free MMORPG for your browser. Like Dead Maze, you can play Stein.World without downloading any files, but there is also a Steam version available.

Stein.World features a 2D 16-bit art style that brings the fantasy world to life. You’re on a quest to recover a lost family heirloom in the shape of a priceless beer stein. There are hundreds of quests, dungeons, guilds, and even in-game professions to hone your character. The game world is extensive and receives frequent content updates, adding new weapons, tools, and other improvements.

Are Free MMOs Dying Out?

The era of browser-based free MMOs was curtailed as many popular internet browsers removed support for Java-based games. Java is considered an unnecessary security risk, although some browsers still allow third-party Java installations.

Many of the most popular free browser-based MMOs depended on Java to run. Without Java, some browser MMOs switched to a non-browser version requiring you to download a program to launch the game (like Runescape). Other browser MMOs decided to cease development from that moment, preserving the game in gaming history.

So, in that light, are free browser MMOs dying out?

As strange as it sounds, the answer is no.

As you’ve seen from several entries on this list, new browser MMOs are appearing all the time. The lure of MMOs that require no downloads remains strong. While the number of free MMOs might decrease slightly, the overall quality of story, gameplay, and artwork rises as creators use more advanced tools to craft their worlds.

What Are Your Favorite Free MMOs?

These games are great free MMOs that you can play in your browser. However, there are plenty more MMORPGs that don’t require downloading out there.

However, if you do have hard drive space to spare, you should check out the best free PC games you can play right now.

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