6 Free Online Tools to Download Text-to-Speech as MP3 Audio

Text to speech tools help you turn the written word into the spoken word. Text to speech technology has come a long way over the years, with male and female voices, different accents, and the ability to control volume, pitch, rate, and more.

If you need a service to convert text to speech and then download it as an MP3 file, we’ve rounded up the best free websites to do that. The emphasis here is on tools that give you a file at the end of it, rather than just playing the conversion.

Here are the best text to speech converters with free download.

1. ttsMP3


ttsMP3 is a brilliant text to speech tool. First, you can select from loads of different languages across a variety of accents like American and Welsh. Input your text, choose your voice from the dropdown, then click Read to hear it. If you’re happy, click Download as MP3 to grab the recording.

The standout feature here though is the ability to use syntax to change the voice. You can emphasize words, change the pitch, create conversations, and much more. That’s because the service is powered by Amazon Polly. You can view some example syntax on the ttsMP3 site, or check out the full list on Amazon’s Supported SSML Tags page.

You can convert up to 375 words or 3000 characters a day for free. If you need more, you can either wait for it to reset or pay for a membership—curiously, you can only get either a 24-hour plan or an annual plan.

2. Text 2 Voice

Text 2 Voice does what it says on the tin. Input up to 2000 characters into the text box—a counter beneath the box shows how much you’ve used and if you need more from a single conversion then you’ll have to pay.

Beneath, use the Language and Regions dropdown, and then select from the Voices list alongside. Once done, click the yellow Convert to speech button. This might take a short while if you’ve written a lot. When it’s ready, the audio will automatically play.

You can also expand the options for Additional Audio Settings (change between MP3 and OGG and change the sample rate) and Additional Voice Settings (voice speed and voice effect). If you do alter these, click Convert to speech again to process the change before clicking Download MP3/OGG.

3. Text 2 Speech

text 2 speech

Text 2 Speech is a simple service, but it does the job well. Input your text (up to 4000 characters) select from a small range of voices, choose the talking speed, and give the resulting audio file a name. When ready, click Start.

You’ll then be taken to a new results page where you can play the audio. If you’re not happy, click Back to start to begin again and make any necessary changes.

If all is good, you can then download the file in either MP3 or WAV format. The site shows you the file size of each. Both should be relatively small, but if you want the smallest then go for MP3.

4. Festvox


Festvox is part of a project at Carnegie Mellon University’s speech group. Their text to speech tool is a bit outdated now, especially as the voices sound a bit robotic, but it still does a quick and simple job if that’s what you need.

There are some limitations. While there’s no specified character limit, it doesn’t convert anything if you input a huge amount of text. Also, though there is a dropdown to choose audio format, whatever you select will output as a WAV—but that’s fine since it’s a common and lightweight file format.

Once you’ve popped your text in, and chosen your voice, click Synthesize to download the file. If your file shows as 0 KB and/or doesn’t play any audio, it means you’ve used too many characters. Go back and reduce the amount of text.

5. Kukarella


Kukarella requires you to sign up before you can use the service, but that’s okay since it’s free (for up to 2000 characters), quick, and ultimately worthwhile. Once signed up and logged in, click the Convert Text to Voice button on the homepage.

Since Kukarella is powered by Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft, that means you can choose from a good number of different voices in many languages. Some are only available on a paid membership, but the free service has a large enough choice.

Above where you input your text, note that you can switch to the Voices with Effects tab. Here you can highlight your text and apply effects (like emphasis or whisper) to specific parts. Once done, click Convert to process everything, and you can then play the clip and click the Download icon to grab the MP3.

6. Hearling

Hearling is the second version of a text to speech tool called Sound of Text (which is still a good choice, but very basic). You need to sign up for a free account which grants you 5000 characters per month of standard voices and 1250 characters per month of the more advanced WaveNet voices.

Once logged in, head to the Clips page and click New Clip. Choose your language, the dialect, and the voice, then click Next. On the right-hand panel, input the text that you wish to convert. When ready, click Synthesize Clips.

You’ll be taken to a Download Clips page, where you can choose to Play and Download your clip as an MP3 file. If you’re not happy with the output, click Start Over to try again. You can return to this page whenever you like to view all your previously created clips, though you will need to pay if you want to download them all at once in a ZIP.

The Best Free Speech to Text Software

Whichever of these services you choose, you’re in good hands. Here’s a little tip: even if you exhaust your free limit on one of them, you can simply move to the next.

There are some excellent text to speech apps for your Android phone too. And if you’re also looking for speech to text, here’s our best free speech to text programs for Windows.

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How to Download Photos From iCloud

With iCloud Photos, you can view your entire photo collection in the cloud from any device. But you need to download those photos if you want to minimize loading times, back up your library, or make any edits using native and third-party apps.

It isn’t always obvious how to download photos from iCloud, despite the fact that there are several methods at your disposal. We’ll explain all the different ways to download iCloud photos on iPhone, Mac, or a Windows PC so you can start accessing your photos offline.

How to Download Photos From the iCloud Website

Whatever device you’re using, you can sign in with your Apple ID account to download photos from directly the iCloud website. It’s possible to download up to 1,000 photos at a time. If you need to download more than that, you must break it up into multiple sections.

This method creates a copy of your iCloud photos. That means the original photos are still available in iCloud and any edits you make to the downloaded photos don’t affect the ones in your iCloud library.

To download photos from the iCloud website to an iPhone:

  1. Open Safari and go to
  2. Sign in to your iCloud account and go to the Photos page.
  3. Tap Select and choose which photos you want to download by tapping them.
  4. Tap the More () button in the bottom-right corner, then choose Download. Confirm you want to Download the selection in the window that opens.
  5. Follow the progress in the Downloads button at the top-right corner. Your photos will save to the Downloads folder in iCloud Drive; you can find them using the Files app.

To download photos from the iCloud website to a Mac or Windows PC:

  1. Open your web browser and go to
  2. Sign in to your iCloud account and click Photos.
  3. Click to select which photos you want to download. Hold Shift to select multiple consecutive photos or hold Cmd (Ctrl in Windows) to select non-consecutive photos.
  4. Click the Download icon in the top-right corner to start your download.
  5. If you download multiple photos at once, iCloud will save them in a ZIP folder.

Download button in iCloud Photos website on Mac

How to Download iCloud Photos on an iPhone or Mac

When you choose to optimize your device storage with iCloud Photos, your iPhone or Mac only saves compressed versions of each photo on the device. It downloads the full-resolution version of each picture when you open it in the Photos app.

You can see the progress of this download from a circular icon that appears in the bottom-right corner of the Photos app. When this circle fills up, your photo pops into focus and Photos switches to the full-resolution version.

Loading bar in Photos app on iPhone

These photo downloads are only temporary. Your iPhone or Mac reverts to the compressed version again as soon as you run out of storage.

To retrieve photos from iCloud permanently, use one of the methods below instead.

Export or Save to Files From the Photos App

Much like downloading photos from the iCloud website, you can use the Photos app to download a copy of your photos. These photos save in the Downloads folder on your Mac, or the Files app on your iPhone.

To do this on an iPhone, open Photos and tap Select. Choose which photos you want to download by tapping or swiping. Then tap the Share button, scroll down, and tap Save to Files.

Your iPhone downloads the selected photos and saves them to the Downloads folder in iCloud Drive. You can view them using the Files app. Alternatively, use this same method to save photos to Google Drive or Dropbox.

On a Mac, open Photos and click to select the photos you want to download. Hold Shift to select consecutive photos or Cmd to select non-consecutive photos. Then go to File > Export > Export Photo and choose where you want to save the downloads on your Mac.

Export Photo option in Photos on Mac

Download and Keep Originals in Photos Settings

You can stop optimizing storage with iCloud Photos to download all your photos to your device. Your photos still upload to iCloud after doing this, which is how they remain available on other devices. But you won’t need to wait for them to download the next time you want to view a full-resolution version.

You might need to create more free storage on your iPhone or Mac to be able to do this. Depending on the size of your photo library, downloading every photo might also take several hours.

On an iPhone, open Settings and scroll down to find Photos. Select Download and Keep Originals.

On a Mac, open Photos and go to Photos > Preferences from the menu bar. Choose to Download Originals to this Mac.

Download Originals to this Mac option in Photos

You can view the progress of your downloads from the bottom of the Photos app.

Turn Off iCloud Photos

If you don’t want to upload your photos to iCloud anymore, turn off iCloud Photos entirely. You can choose to download your entire photo library when you do so. Of course, this is only possible if you have enough storage on your device for all your photos.

Turning off iCloud Photos doesn’t delete any photos from your iCloud account. It only downloads a copy to your device and stops syncing them with the cloud. Downloading every photo might take several hours. It’s best to connect to Wi-Fi and wait overnight for the downloads to complete.

On an iPhone, open Settings and scroll down to tap Photos. Turn off iCloud Photos, then choose to Download Photos & Videos from the popup alert.

On a Mac, open Photos and go to Photos > Preferences from the menu bar. Deselect the iCloud Photos option and choose to Download your photos.

Follow the progress of your download from the bottom of the Photos app.

How to Download iCloud Photos on a Windows PC

Download and install iCloud for Windows to access all your iCloud data, including photos, from your Windows PC.

After signing in to iCloud for Windows with your iCloud account, open File Explorer to transfer your photos from iCloud to your PC. Select iCloud Photos from the sidebar, then click Download photos and videos from the navigation bar.

Choose the photos you want to download, based on the year or album, then click Download. You can find your downloaded iCloud photos by going to PicturesiCloud PhotosDownloads.

To automatically download new photos, open iCloud for Windows and click Options next to Photos. In the settings that appear, enable the option to Download new photos and videos to my PC.

Download photos and videos option in iCloud for Windows

Learn Much More About iCloud Photos

iCloud Photos is a powerful service that makes it easy to access your photos from a wide range of devices, and now you know how to download them on any device. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about losing your entire photo collection if something happens to your iPhone.

But downloading photos from iCloud is only one aspect of the service. There’s plenty more to learn, including how to upload photos, share albums, or delete pictures to free up your iCloud storage. Check out our iCloud Photos master guide to learn everything you need to know.

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How to Speed Up Slow PS4 Downloads

Do you feel like your PS4 download speeds are extremely slow? You’re not alone. Many people experience slow download speeds for updates and new games, even when other devices on their network don’t have this issue.

Let’s find out if playing a game slows the download speed on PlayStation 4, plus more tips to help you speed up slow PS4 downloads.

1. Close Background Applications

One of the biggest culprits for slow PS4 downloads is having a game running. When you have a game or app open, the PS4 prioritizes it over anything working in the background.

This makes sense—when you’re playing an online game, you likely prefer stable performance of the game over whatever’s downloading in the background moving a bit faster. Check out an explanation from Juho Snellman if you’re interested in the technical details behind how this works.

When you want a download to complete as soon as possible, you should close everything else. Here’s how to close background apps on PS4:

  1. Hold the PS button on your controller to open the Quick Menu.
  2. Scroll to the top of the list and choose Close Application(s).
  3. Confirm that you want to close the current game (or check the boxes to close multiple running apps, if applicable).

PS4 Close Application

Once you do this, you’ll return to the home screen of your system. The game should start downloading a lot faster, so keep apps closed until it’s done.

If it still seems slow, restarting your system every so often is a good idea too. Select the Power section from the Quick Menu and choose Restart PS4 to reboot.

2. Put Your System Into Rest Mode

Rest mode puts your PS4 into a low-power state so it can resume quickly. If you enable a specific option, the system will also download updates and games in rest mode. After closing apps, putting your system in rest mode can help pick up the speed even more.

First, make sure your system is set up to download in rest mode by heading to Settings > Power Saving Settings > Set Features Available in Rest Mode. Make sure Stay Connected to the Internet is checked, and your PS4 will download while it’s sleeping.

You should also check Enable Turning on PS4 from Network so that purchases you make on the PlayStation Store immediately start downloading without turning on your console.

PS4 Rest Mode Features

After this, hold the PS button to open the Quick Menu, then go to Power > Enter Rest Mode to put your system to sleep.

3. Pause and Resume the Download

While it sounds like a placebo, many people report that pausing and resuming a download can help speed it up if it’s lagging. You should try this when it seems like a download has stalled.

To view your current downloads, scroll up to the top menu on the home screen and select Notifications, followed by Downloads. Find the download that’s stalling, then select it and choose Pause. After a moment, choose it again and click Resume.

PS4 Pause Download

After it gets going again, you should see better performance in the download. While you’re here, if there are multiple downloads running, you should pause all but the most important to prioritize it.

4. Improve Wi-Fi Performance, or Use Ethernet

If you use a wireless connection to use your PS4 online, there’s potential for interference, which will slow your downloads. The further away your system is from the router, the less reliable the signal is. Plus, the original model of PS4 is only compatible with 2.4GHz networks, which are more susceptible to these issues.

Follow our guide to fixing PS4 Wi-Fi issues for tips on this.

If possible, use an Ethernet cable to get your system online instead. Not only will this be more reliable, but you’ll experience faster speeds too.

5. Stop Downloads on Other Devices

Your home network only has so much bandwidth to share between all of your devices. If you’re downloading a huge file on your computer, streaming 4K video on your TV, or taking similar network-heavy actions, your PS4 download speeds will suffer.

Thus, you should try to limit using bandwidth on other devices when you want a PS4 download to complete quickly.

6. Try Changing Your DNS Settings

Like all online devices, your PS4 uses DNS servers to translate human-friendly URLs into computer-friendly IP addresses. By default, the PS4 uses your ISP’s DNS server, which may not be the best option.

Some people report better PS4 download speeds after changing the DNS settings. This may or may not have an effect for you, but it’s worth a try.

To change DNS settings, go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection. Choose Wi-Fi or LAN Cable based on what you’re using. Select the Custom option, choose your current network if you’re connecting via Wi-Fi, and type the password if needed.

Since you chose Custom, you’ll be prompted to select a number of network options. However, you don’t need to worry about most of these, so pick Automatic for IP Address Settings and Do Not Specify for DHCP Host Name.

When you get to DNS Settings, pick Manual and enter the DNS servers you want to use. A good general choice is Google’s public DNS; use for Primary DNS and for Secondary DNS to try it. For alternatives, we’ve looked at other great DNS servers you can try instead.

PS4 DNS Settings

To finish up, choose Automatic for MTU Settings and Do Not Use for Proxy Server. You can test the internet connection when you’re done to make sure everything works OK.

7. Consider Your Home Network Speed and Equipment

If you’ve tried all of the above and nothing seems to help, the issue may lie with your overall network. A slow download speed or outdated router can slow down every device in your home, so troubleshooting your PS4 won’t have much effect.

Try testing your home network speed to see what kind of network speed you get on a computer. If you have consistent slowness everywhere, it might be time to talk to your ISP about a faster service plan.

Similarly, if your router is close to a decade old, buying a new one that can handle modern speed standards may solve your problem.

8. How to Make PS4 Downloads Less Annoying

While not necessarily related to download speed, there are two tips that can make the process of downloading PS4 updates and new games a bit smoother.

When Automatic Updates Don’t Run

As mentioned above, the PS4 will automatically download updates in Rest mode with the proper setting enabled. However, there are still times when you’ll turn your system on, only to see a message that an update just started. This is because the system only checks for updates once a day.

While it’s not known exactly when this happens, it seems to occur in the early morning. This means that if a patch goes live for your game at 4pm and you sit down to play at 7pm, you’ll have to wait for the download before playing.

To combat this, simply turn on your system and it will start downloading any updates published since the last auto-check. If this isn’t an option, you can often trigger the automatic check for updates by downloading something from the PlayStation Store.

Use the web interface to download a free game, avatar, or similar to your system, and it should start any pending updates as well.

Keep in mind that the PS4 only auto-checks for updates for games you’ve played recently. For titles you haven’t played in months, you’ll need to start them or press Options > Check for Update to get the latest version.

PS4 Check for Updates

Update Copying

After an update downloads, you’ll see a Copying Update File message as the final step in the process. Unfortunately, this step can often take longer than the actual download.

To apply downloaded updates, the PS4 actually copies the entire game file and adds the patch in as it goes. This means that even for a tiny update, the PS4 has to rewrite the entire size of the game to apply the patch.

For small games, this isn’t a big deal. But with games that take up dozens of gigabytes, the Copying Update File process can take half an hour or more. There’s unfortunately no way around this, unless you upgrade your PS4’s hard drive to a faster 7,200RPM model or an SSD. But those are expensive options.

Speeding Up Slow PS4 Downloads

Now you know why your PS4 downloads seem so slow and what you can do to combat this. Unfortunately, some of the slowness is out of your control, but with a bit of planning ahead, you can minimize any wasted time.

Thankfully, the PlayStation 5 should cut down on update times thanks to its internal SSD. So if you already have one eye on the next-generation of games consoles, here’s everything you need to know about the PS5.

Image Credit: alexmillos/Shutterstock

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9 Ways to Speed Up Steam and Download Games Faster

Steam is the number one choice for PC gaming. The digital distribution channel and online community is home to most games—but sometimes it runs slow.

If you’re keen to start playing this can be frustrating. To help, we’ve compiled the best tips to stop Steam throttling download speeds and other performance tweaks for faster gaming.

1. Close All Other Apps

It doesn’t matter if you use a gaming behemoth from Alienware or a $500 budget home-built gaming PC. If you’re about to start gaming, make sure you have closed any non-essential apps.

Irrelevant software running alongside Steam can use data bandwidth as well as squeeze system resources. This will impact game downloads, online gaming, and overall performance.

Web browsers, software updates, and simultaneous downloading would all come under this description. Close everything, even cloud sync tools like Dropbox and Google Drive.

You can also make some changes in the Steam client to prevent inconvenient downloads.

  1. Open Steam > Settings
  2. Under Downloads find Download Restrictions
  3. Ensure that the Allow downloads during gameplay box is clear
  4. Consider setting a schedule for downloads using Only auto-update games between

You can also terminate unnecessary processes. On Windows:

  1. Right-click the Taskbar and select Task Manager
  2. Expand to the More details view
  3. Check the Network column for anything that appears to be hogging bandwidth
  4. Select the process and End Task

Meanwhile, Linux and macOS users can also close unwanted background tasks. Here’s how to force close processes on Linux and how to close software using the macOS Activity Monitor.

Whatever the operating system, be sure that the software or process you’re trying to close isn’t vital. Run a web search to check what it is for and establish if it has any relevance to system stability or your game. If it is irrelevant, proceed to close it.

You can use the same process to close unwanted software that is hogging the processor or RAM.

2. Use Windows Game Mode

Windows users can also employ Game Mode before launching Steam. This mode pauses other activity on your computer. To enable Windows 10 Game Mode:

  1. Press WINDOWS+I to open Settings
  2. Select Gaming > Game Mode
  3. Toggle Game Mode to On

Windows Game Mode can improve Steam performance

Game Mode won’t make a huge impact, but on low spec systems it delivers a useful boost.

3. Ensure Steam Is a High Priority App

Windows users can adjust the priority of Steam, so it takes precedence over other software and processes. This can have an immediate performance boost on your system, if not on download speed.

To do this, again open the Task Manager from the Taskbar. Then:

  1. Switch to the Details tab
  2. Find SteamService.exe
  3. Right-click the process
  4. In the menu, select Set Priority > High

Enhance the priority of Steam for improved performance in Windows

It’s as easy as that.

4. Improve Steam Store Browser Speed

Ever browse the Steam Store to find a new game and found that you’re unable to play the video clips? Or found the entire client just slow to switch between the store, your library, and community modes?

These are all frustrating issues that are surprisingly easy to fix.

The Steam Store is basically a web browser, so is susceptible to the same issues as a standard browser. Clearing the cache will reduce lag in the browser, improving performance and overall speed.

  1. Open Steam
  2. Browse to Steam > Settings
  3. In the left-hand menu, select Web Browser
  4. Click Delete Web Browser Cache
  5. Click OK to complete

Delete the Steam browser cache

There is also a button to delete cookies, although this has no impact on the performance of the Steam client.

5. Install Games to a Faster HDD or SSD

One of the key issues limiting the performance of Steam is your PC’s hardware. You can upgrade your PC in several ways to improve it, but a key element is always the speed of the storage device.

While upgrading a mechanical hard disk drive (HDDs) to a faster model (say 5400rpm to 7200rpm) might help, switching to an SSD is a better option. Solid-state drives are based on the same technology as USB thumb drives; as such they’re far faster.

Whether you choose a faster HDD or an SSD, you can use this faster storage for Steam. Migrating data across is simple but requires two considerations.

First, ensure the new device is optimized and formatted.

Second, the new storage must be big enough to hold your existing Steam library, so check the capacity.

When you’re ready to move the data to the new drive, boot your PC, load Steam, and then:

  1. Open Steam > Settings
  2. On the left-hand menu, select the Downloads tab
  3. Click Steam Library Folders
  4. Find and click Add Library Folder
  5. Click the drop-down menu to select new drive letter
  6. Create a New Folder
  7. Accept the default name
  8. Click OK
  9. Click Select

Move Steam data to a faster drive for improved performance

The existing games in your Steam library will then be migrated to the new faster storage.

6. Is Steam Throttling Your Downloads?

Due to the massive demand on their servers, Steam uses routing management to reduce impact. This is known as “throttling” and prioritizes certain types of data.

If your connection has been restricted leaving you drip-dripping download data at 250Kb/s, you can tweak the Steam client’s settings.

  1. Open Steam > Settings
  2. Find Downloads
  3. Find Limit bandwidth under Download Restrictions
  4. Click the drop-down to set your maximum download limit
  5. If your ISP permits speeds faster than the maximum, set No limit
  6. Click OK

Remember to restart Steam when you’re done.

7. Choose a New Steam Server

Your selected Steam server could be the cause of slow downloads. A massive amount of data is handled by Steams servers, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. But the problem might be having the wrong server selected.

To check this and select the correct server:

  1. Open Steam > Settings
  2. Find Downloads
  3. Under Download Region, ensure the nearest server is selected

Choose a new server to speed up Steam

All you need to do now is click OK to confirm and then restart Steam for the changes to take effect.

Note that the server list is updated automatically as new servers are brought online and old units are retired. As such you should check every few months that your connection has not been updated to a slower server.

8. Can Changing Your ISP Speed Up Steam?

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) also throttle traffic from Steam and other providers. They do this to prioritize specific data types, such as online shopping and social networking over high bandwidth activities such as online gaming, downloading, and video streaming.

That’s right: often, it’s your ISP that is the problem, not Steam.

After all, a massive amount of data is handled by Steams servers—usually the service is up to the task. Just check this live graph of Steam’s bandwidth over the past 48 hours. You can drill down through the data to select regions, and even see which ISP provides the biggest bandwidth.

You can use this list as a guide to switch to a faster ISP. While a new ISP might still throttle data, if the upper speed limit is faster, and the bandwidth is available, throttling shouldn’t impact gaming on Steam.

9. Get Faster Steam Downloads With a VPN

Another way to speed up Steam is to play over a VPN. The thinking behind this is straightforward: ISPs throttle traffic, but managing encrypted traffic is a different matter. If your Steam download speed is slow, connecting a via a VPN is a smart option. It can even enhance speeds with online gaming and provide access to game servers you wouldn’t normally reach.

If you use a VPN, be sure to select a Steam server in the same country as your VPN. There’s no point using a VPN connected to a server in Toronto if your Steam server is in New York.

A great VPN for gaming is ExpressVPN. MakeUseOf readers can enjoy a great 49% discount to ExpressVPN by subscribing via this link. For more suggestions, check our guide to the best VPN services.

Don’t Suffer Slow Steam Speeds

Making these changes can seriously improve the speed of your downloads from Steam.

You’ll no longer wonder why Steam is slow—it will just work, quickly delivering your games, DLC, and more. And with a VPN in the mix, you’ll no longer be limited by the speed on offer from your ISP.

With Steam running nice and smoothly, it’s time to start playing your favorite games. Why not invite some friends around and play local multiplayer Steam games on your home network?

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7 Free Ways to Download or Save Instagram Videos

Instagram videos aren’t known for their quality or replayability. However, on the rare occasion that you do find a clip that you’d like to keep a copy of, you’re going to need to know how to save Instagram videos onto your smartphone or computer.

Thankfully, downloading videos from Instagram is as easy as pie. Just choose one of the free methods below to get started.

1. Video Downloader for Instagram

Available on: Android

Android users can find an abundance of specialist apps for downloading Instagram videos in the Google Play Store.

One of the most popular is Video Downloader for Instagram. It lets you download or repost videos from Instagram with a single tap. The app can even download the tags that accompany the videos.

The downloaded content is automatically added to your phone’s gallery app.

Download: Video Downloader for Instagram (Free)


ifttt instagram

Available on: Android, iOS, Web

Do you want to download all of your Instagram videos? Or maybe save Instagram videos you like? You can set up an IFTTT applet. To get the applet working, you will need an IFTTT account, an Instagram account, and a Dropbox account.

The result is an automatic process in which any Instagram video you add or like is automatically downloaded and added to your chosen Dropbox folder. What could be simpler than that?

3. w3toys


Available on: Web

Another tool that’s ideal for saving Instagram videos is w3toys. It lets you download any Instagram video in HD format, then save it into any of your device’s libraries.

To grab your video, find the URL of the video post on Instagram and paste it into the web app. When you’re ready, click on the Download button to start the saving process. Make sure you remove any junk tags from the end of the URL before you attempt the download, or else the process will fail.

The w3toys tool also works if you want to save Instagram videos, stories, highlights, and IGTV content. You can even download entire feeds that have a combination of all of the above.

4. Dredown


Available on: Web

Dredown—which is still sometimes referred to by its previous name, Instadown—is one of the original Instagram video download tools, and it’s still going strong.

All Dredown needs to work is a URL. Paste the URL into the box and click Dredown. Within a few seconds, your browser will start downloading the Instagram video as an MP4 file.

Dredown works with more services than just Instagram. You can also use it to download content from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Vimeo, Metacafe, Vevo, Kohtakte, and Tumblr.

For all the services Dredown supports, you just need to know the URL of the post, video, or photo you want to save.

5. Regrammer


Available on: Web

Regrammer used to be one of the best ways to download Instagram videos on iOS, but the app (since renamed) no longer supports the feature.

However, although the iOS app is gone, Regrammer lives on in web browsers. You can use it on any operating system to download an Instagram video to a PC or Mac. Once again, you’ll need the URL of the Instagram video you want to download to make the app work. When you have it, head to the Regrammer website, paste in the URL, and click Preview.

On the final page, you can choose to either download the video onto your device or repost it under your own name.

(NB: If you have an iOS device, you can also check out how to download videos from any social media site, not just Instagram.)

6. Documents + InstaDownloader

Available on: iOS

If you want to save Instagram videos onto your iOS device, the process is a little more complex. These days, you will struggle to find a regular Instagram video downloader in the Apple App Store, presumably because the practice breaches Instagram’s terms and conditions.

One solution is to pair the Documents app with a web-based downloader. For those who don’t know, Documents is probably the best iOS app for managing your system folders and keeping your files organized.

If you have the Documents app on your device and visit InstaDownloader, you can save the video directly onto your device and access/share/view it at your leisure.

Download: Documents (Free)

7. Blastup


Available on: Web

We will leave you with one more web app. It’s always sensible to keep a few web apps for downloading Instagram videos in your arsenal, as they will often go down for a couple of days at a time.

By now, you’ll be familiar with the process of using these services. Grab the URL of the video or picture you want, then paste it into the Blastup web app, and click Download Gram.

Depending on the size of the file, you should have a new MP4 on your computer within a matter of seconds. You can use the re-upload the video to a different social network, or just keep it on your hard drive so you can refer back to it later.

Can You Download Instagram Videos Legally?

As easy as it is to download videos off Instagram, don’t forget that you have no rights over videos you did not create.

Yes, you can download them. Yes, you can enjoy them. But don’t go uploading them as your own, or distributing them in any other way, especially without giving due credit. You wouldn’t want the same thing done to you.

Other Ways to Save Instagram Videos

If these apps don’t give the results you want when trying to download videos from Instagram, there are some additional methods you can use.

For example, you can one of the generic apps that let you download streaming video from websites. VideoGrabby, Video DownloadHelper, and Freemake Video Downloader are all solid options in this department.

Make sure you also check out our guides detailing how to download YouTube video playlists and how to download Periscope videos.

Not being able to download videos without using a third-party tool is just one of Instagram’s many annoyances. Thankfully, we’ve covered how to break Instagram restrictions in a separate article.

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Where to Find the Netflix Download Folder on Windows 10

Netflix allows you to download movies and shows to watch offline with the Netflix app for Windows 10. But where is the Netflix download folder?

Finding the location of your Netflix downloads is necessary to solve this puzzle. However, remember that Netflix doesn’t give you the option to change the download location. Also, the company doesn’t allow you to browse to the place where your downloads are saved.

If your drive is filling up fast, you can manually move the downloads to another location. When you want to watch them again, just copy them back to the original location.

Where Are Netflix Downloads Stored?

  1. Open File Explorer from the Taskbar.
  2. The Netflix folder is a hidden folder. To display it, go to the View tab and then click on the Option menu button on the right.
  3. In Folder Options, select the View tab and scroll to the Files and Folders settings. If it’s not checked, then select the Show Hidden files, folders, and drives setting to enable it.
  4. Enable Folder Options in Windows 10 to view Netflix downloaded files

  5. Click OK.
  6. From the File Explorer, you can navigate to the Netflix download folder. The full path is:

    Here [USERNAME] is the Windows folder with your current username.

It might sound obvious but you can also copy-paste C:Users and then select the folder with your username. Just append the file path after that to get to the folder without drilling down into the hierarchy.

The Netflix download folder will be empty if you have never downloaded any movies or shows with the Windows 10 Netflix app. However, once you download something you’ll see a bunch of files here. The largest will belong to the actual media file.

Netflix Download Folder

Notice that there are no file names that will help you identify the movie or show. Rename the largest file and Netflix will no longer recognize them. Also, you cannot play them with any media player except the Netflix app.

You can delete the files and reclaim some of the space on your hard drive. But that can be done from within the app as well.

Until Netflix adds a few more file management features, at least the location can help you manage your hard drive space when it starts to run out.

Manage Netflix Downloads on Android Devices

Space becomes a more critical issue on phones. So check out our previous article to find out where Netflix downloads files to on an Android device and then save space by moving Netflix content to an SD card.

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How to Download Anything on the Web for Free: 12 Tips and Tools

There are lots of useful things online that aren’t easy to download. Photos, music, videos, maps, and other exciting content don’t come with a download button. It’s also possible they’re no longer free or they may be gone from the web altogether.

We’ll show you how to download anything from the web that you thought you couldn’t for free (but without breaking the law).

How to Download Content That No Longer Exists

1. Apps Not Available From the Play Store

Google usually ban apps that are potentially malicious or deceptive but also object to apps that undermine its business model. Some apps are not available because of geo-restrictions. Also, the newer version of a particular app may not work well or has removed the features you need. You can download such apps from F-Droid and APKMirror.

While you should avoid installing apps from third-party app stores, these two marketplaces are an exception. They’re both community-run software projects and implement strict security practices to keep you safe from malicious apps.

To install the app, you’ve to enable sideloading. Read this guide on how to manually sideload apps on your Android device.

2. Old and Discontinued Software

download old version of ccleaner from oldversion site

Upgrading your apps to a newer version can sometimes cause problems. It may not be compatible with older OS, may get bundled with adware and nefarious APIs, and more. You can download an older copy of the app for free from OldVersion and OldApps.

Click the name of your app and select the version you want to download. Just make sure that the app meets the system requirements and is free from bloatware. We don’t recommend that you install outdated browsers as it puts your PC at risk.

3. Websites Taken Down From the Web

wayback machine home page

Websites vanish from the web every day—perhaps abandoned by the creators, banned due to legal problems, or pulled down due to hacking attempts. Wayback Machine is a digital archive of web content, that takes snapshots of a website at regular intervals and makes them available to anyone.

The free Wayback Machine Downloader lets you download an entire website from the Internet Archive. You need to install Ruby on your system, then run this command:

gem install wayback_machine_downloader

download website with wayback machine downloader

Once installed, run your app with the base URL you want to retrieve as a parameter

wayback_machine_downloader [base_URL]

Apart from saving a copy of the old website, there are many other types of content to download at the Internet Archive.

How to Download Content Without Paying Anything

4. Get Personalized Ringtones

Default ringtones that come pre-installed with your device are boring. Personalized tones are popular, but you may have to pay for them. To make your phone sound more interesting, try these apps.

Zedge has more than a million free ringtones to download via its website or the app. It comes with built-in tools to save your favorite ringtones in personal lists and access them from any device.

After downloading your ringtone, tap the Set button to set it as a default ringtone, notification sounds, and personalized contact ringtones.

Download: Zedge for Android | Zedge for iOS (Free, premium version available)

Audiko has an impressive collection of ringtones from every genre. You can download the ringtone either from the website or the app. But Audiko also lets you upload your favorite track, cut the audio segment, and download it to your phone. You don’t need third-party apps or music editing skills to create your personalized ringtone.

Download: Audiko for Android (Free, subscription available)

5. Audiobooks From Every Genre

If you’re fond of classic literature, then you can get ebooks for free, but the audiobooks version is still pricey. To get free audiobooks, try the LibriVox site and its app.

LibriVox provides free audiobooks for books that are in the public domain. It features classic best sellers and out of print books or journals from every genre in more than 30 languages. Both the site and app give you options to browse the catalog by author, title, genre, and subject.

The free apps let you browse catalogs by favorite lists. Try the “Best of Sherlock Holmes”, “National Geographic’s” archived articles, sci-fi novels, and much more.

Download: LibriVox for Android | LibriVox for iOS (Free, subscription available)

6. Paid Software for Free

There’s no doubt that the premium version of an app offers more features and customer support without any bloatware. But do you know, it’s possible to download paid apps for Windows, Mac, and that too free.

Giveaway of the Day offers free licensed software for Windows, Android, iPhones, and Games you’d have to buy otherwise every day. The deal runs for 24 hours or more. The vendor gives you the license keys and is completely legal, although there could be some limitations. Just subscribe to their newsletter or RSS for periodic updates.

giveaway of the day deal page

Malwaretips Forum is full of tech enthusiasts who regularly share giveaways and discounts. You’ll find some security related apps, including Malwarebytes, Glasswire firewall for Windows, and much more. Register in the forum and subscribe to their notification channels.

malwaretips giveaway forum site

If you’re hungry for more free apps, try these tips and tricks to find Mac and iOS App Store discounts.

7. Download Commercial Games for Free

Popular games for Windows and Mac sometimes cost a lot of money. But there’s always a chance you can get fantastic game titles for free. Visit this dedicated Wikipedia list of commercial games released as freeware. You’ll see dozens and more titles listed with the download links in the footnote at the bottom.

We also recommend /r/FreeGames and /r/FreeGamesOnSteam on Reddit for all kinds of freebie offers and deals. Often, big game publishers like Steam, GOG also release free titles to attract customers. To know more, read how to download premium games for free with these sites.

How to Download Without a Download Button

8. Wikipedia and TED Talks

offline wikitionary in kiwix app

Having offline access to Wikipedia, TED, and more is helpful in places where internet connectivity is poor or heavily censored. You just need extra storage space on your PC and bandwidth to download your files.

Kiwix is a free app that lets you search and read the whole encyclopedia. Navigate to Kiwix Internal wiki library and download the ZIM file. Then browse the articles from within the app. The wiki library also lets you download complete TED talks, StackExchange sites, Wikipedia sister sites, and more.

Download: Kiwix for Android | Kiwix for iOS (Free)

9. Download Images in Bulk From a Web Page

Saving multiple pictures from a web page in one fell sweep is tedious. But there is a way to download multiple pictures from a web page for free. Try out these helpful extensions to save time and hassle.

Imageye Image downloader for Chrome lets you find and download all images on a web page with a single click. The extension has a built-in filter to select criteria for image size, URL, and dimensions. It also supports Facebook, Twitter, Google Images, and more.

imageye downloader for chrome

Download all Images for Firefox allows you to find, filter, and save all images in the opened tab. The filtering tool is powerful. You can limit pictures based on their dimension, size, and image type. It’s also possible to use custom regular expression filter to filter images based on the URL.

download all images settings pane firefox

10. Capture Audio From Any Website

We all want to own copies of cool stuff you hear every day. While downloading audio from the browser is simple, capturing live radio shows, web-based voice calls, or podcasts is not easy.

Chrome Audio Capture lets you record any audio that’s playing in the opened tab, and save it to your computer in MP3 or WAV file format. Click the Start Capture button to start recording. You can save or cancel recording at any time and also mute tabs to avoid audio spoilers.

chrome audio capture extension for chrome

The maximum capture time is 20 minutes. If you have longer duration audio, you can either continue the recording and sacrifice audio quality or stop and restart the capture.

11. Download Photos and Videos From Instagram

Instagram lets you request a file containing every photo and video you’ve shared on the site.

  1. On the desktop, click the Profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Click the Settings gear next to the Edit Profile button.
  3. From the menu, choose Privacy and Security.
  4. Scroll down to the Data Download button header and click Request Download.

download data from instagram

DownloadGram allows you to download your own/someone else photos on mobile and web. If the photo is yours, tap the three-dot button above the post and choose Share > Copy Link. To download someone else’s photos, tap the three-dot button again and select Copy Link.

Open the browser and paste the link to save the image. If you want to download videos, then follow these tips on how to download videos from Instagram.

12. Photo Albums From Flickr

Flickr is a popular service for saving and sharing photos online. In their blog post, they announced that free members can store up to 1000 photos of 200MB each. Before downloading anything from Flickr, remember to respect the copyright and give due credit to the photographer wherever possible.

To download multiple pictures, click the username of another Flickr member, and choose Albums. Hover your mouse or click the album thumbnail to make a download icon appear. Click this, then select Create zip file. A download link will appear after some time.

batch download photos from flickr

You Can Download (Almost) Anything Online

With so much stuff online, you can download anything for free online. With the advent of streaming services, the curiosity to download music and movies from illegal torrent sites has been considerably reduced.

Apart from popular streaming services. check out these sites to download free music and brilliant movies from the public domain.

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Why xVideoServiceThief Is the Ultimate Download Manager for Online Videos

Have you ever stumbled across an online video you’d love to download and add to your collection? Perhaps it’s a video of your favorite recipe, a clip of a particularly daft dog doing something silly, or a how-to guide for a tech issue you’ve been struggling with.

Whatever the reason, it’s easy to grab a copy for all eternity if you use one simple tool: xVideoServiceThief.

xVideoServiceThief is an open-source video downloader that has been around for many years. With versions available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, it’s the only downloader you need.

Where to Download xVideoServiceThief

You can download a copy of xVideoServiceThief from a few different places depending on your operating system and usage requirements. Use the links below to grab the correct version for your needs.

Note: The downloads will begin as soon as you click.

  • Windows (Installer)
  • Windows (Portable app, maintained by WinPenPack)
  • Mac (DMG package, requires macOS 10.5 or later)
  • Linux (64-bit compressed package, requires Qt 5)

Sadly, there is no 32-bit version of xVideoServiceThief for Linux. The developer insists it is coming soon. For an alternative, you might try using Xtreme Download Manager instead.

What Can xVideoServiceThief Do?

As of this writing, the app can download content from 93 different sites, and that number is steadily increasing. All the major players—YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and LiveLeak—are supported, as are some less well-known niche sites.

The app also offers several additional features to help make downloading easier: in-app video searching, the ability to schedule downloads, and a way to convert video files into the AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, MP4, 3GP, and MP3 formats.

How to Download a Video With xVideoServiceThief

To begin, grab a free copy of the app and install it on your system. Thankfully, there are no other apps bundled in the installer you need to watch out for.

Before you download a video, make sure you set your download location at the bottom of the app window. When you’re ready, click Add Video in the top left-hand corner.

xvideoservicethief add video

On the next pop-up window, enter the URL of the video you want. In my example, I’m going to download a review of the Apple AirPods from the official MakeUseOf YouTube channel. xVideoServiceThief will immediately recognize the host site. If the site is not supported, you’ll see an error message.

xvideoservicethief add video url

Click OK and the video will automatically start to download. If you don’t want the video to download immediately, untick the checkbox next to Download Videos Automatically.

xvideoservicethief video download

When the process has finished, you’ll see a toast notification in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Head to your download location to find and watch it.

The process is simple and straightforward, but issues can always arise. If you’re struggling to use the software, reach out in the comments below, and we will try to help.

Stay Secure When Downloading

When you use tools like xVideoServiceThief, you should also use a VPN like CyberGhost or ExpressVPN to help you stay secure. Click on the two links for an exclusive discount for MakeUseOf readers.

Finally, if this tool doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. We’ve covered 18 more free tools to download any online video, check out some of the other options until you find one that suits your needs.

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Interrupted Download in Google Chrome? How to Resume Successfully

Your internet connection can be uncertain at times, and a sudden drop in the connectivity while downloading a large file can be frustrating. Sometimes, you might have to download the file from scratch because Chrome can’t detect the file fragment you just downloaded.

If you’re on a limited bandwidth plan or your ISP throttles the data after you exceed the fair usage limit, the consequences of an interrupted download can prove expensive. Let’s see how to resume failed downloads in Google Chrome.

Cause for Partial Downloads

We cannot entirely blame Chrome for interrupted downloads. There are a few reasons why a partial or incomplete download can occur.

  • The web server doesn’t allow you to resume a download and forces it to start from the beginning.
  • If your internet connection is slow or the server gets overloaded with requests, then a timeout can result in incomplete downloads.
  • The source file is corrupted. In such a case, you’ll experience a partial download no matter which browser you use.

Use Chrome’s Download Manager to Resume Downloads

Google Chrome has a built-in download manager to display all your downloads—whether it’s active, failed, canceled, or completed. Press Ctrl + J or click the Options dropdown menu and select Downloads to open the download manager.

In the list of downloads, find the failed item and click Resume. If everything goes right, your download will resume from where it got interrupted.

resume download through chrome download manager

Resume Interrupted Download With Wget

If the download fails to resume, you can try Wget. It’s a free, command-line tool to download files from the web. Wget is excellent over slow or unstable network connections. If a download fails, it’ll keep retrying until the whole file transfers to your computer.

There are many versions of Wget available for Windows 10. Head to Eternally Bored to download the latest 64-bit build. Drag the executable file to

C:Users[User Name]Downloads

put wget executable in users folder

Now, you can run Wget in two ways: Change to the directory that has the executable with the cd command or add it as an environment variable so that you can access it from any directory. We recommend you to use the latter if you plan on using Wget frequently.

Let’s set it up as an environment variable.

Setting Up Wget

Navigate to Control Panel > System and click Advanced System Settings. In the window that opens, click Environment Variables.

click environment variable in advanced system settings

Select Path under System variables and click Edit. Then, click on the New button located at the upper-right corner of the window. Type:

C:Users[User Name]Downloadswget.exe

add wget to system environment variable

Click OK.

Open Command Prompt and type “wget -h” to test if everything works. In PowerShell type “wget.exe -h” to load the Wget help menu.

Rename the Partially Downloaded File

To rename your file, we need two essential bits of information—website URL and location of the partially downloaded file.

Press Ctrl + J to open the download manager. Locate the file, right-click the source file’s website, and then select Copy link address. Paste your link in the Notepad.

website URL of the partially downloaded file

Now, click More and choose Open downloads folder.

open downloads folder from chrome

When your file gets partially downloaded, Chrome gives a default name of “Unconfirmed [Random Number].crdownload.”

The .crdownload extension is a byproduct of Chrome. You can neither open or convert it to another format. Once you download completes, it gets removed.

partially downloaded file in explorer

You can get the original filename quickly from the website URL. If the link is

then your filename is linuxmint–19.3-cinnamon–64-bit.iso. Right-click the partially downloaded file and select Rename. Remove the .crdownload extension from the end of the file and press Enter.

rename your file with the source URL filename

A message will warn you that the file might become unusable if you change the extension. Click Yes.

If you see a weird message “File in Use,” then find out the error preventing you from renaming the file. In Chrome, it is a particular process that’s causing all the problems.

Note: Do not quit Chrome, or else it’ll delete the file from your system.

warning message that the file might become unusable

Resume Your Download with Wget

To resume your download through Wget, you need the file path of the target download file and the website URL.

Press and hold the Shift key, then right-click your file and select Copy as path. Also, copy-and-paste the website URL you copied earlier. Paste these two bits of information in Notepad.

copy the path of your target file

Now we’ll use the Wget command

wget -c -O "[file-path-of-the-target-download-file]""[website-URL]"

Replace the parameters defined in square brackets with actual data. Press Enter to resume the download.

Do not forget to enclose the path in inverted commas.

wget -c -O

resume incomplete download with wget

Third-Party Apps With Superior Download Manager

While Google Chrome has improved a lot in terms of stability and user experience, the native download manager lacks essential features like resuming incomplete downloads, scheduling, download acceleration, and more.

Internet Download Manager

internet download manager interface

It is the most popular download manager for Windows. When you install the app, its built-in extension deeply integrates with Chrome and allows IDM to intercept URLs. The download segmentation feature accelerates the download speed considerably.

IDM error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost network connections, unexpected shutdown, or power outages. Other features include download categories, scheduler, queue processor, progressive download with quotas, and more.

Download: Internet Download Manager (Free Trial, Lifetime License: $25)

EagleGet Download Manager

eagleget download manager

It is a free alternative to IDM. The app has a simple and intuitive interface and uses a similar kind of multi-threading technology to speed up your downloads. The resume ability is not as powerful as IDM. But nevertheless, it is a feature rich download manager.

Download: EagleGet Download Manager (Free)

Continue Incomplete Downloads With Ease

With high internet speed and almost unlimited data, partial or incomplete downloads aren’t a big problem. If an interruption occurs, resuming your download through Wget is quick and easy. If the file is large or if your internet connection is spotty, it’s better to download the file with Wget.

Wget is a versatile command line utility that can do quite a few things with a single command. Did you know that with Wget and a few simple scripts, you can save multiple webpages into PDFs?

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Save Space on Android by Moving Netflix Content to an SD Card

The ability to download and watch movies and TV shows offline is one of the best features of Netflix. It makes the service so much easier to use when you’re traveling and don’t have access to the internet.

However, phones have a limited amount of internal storage, and you need it for your apps, photos, and everything else too. Fortunately, Netflix allows you to download content to an SD card, allowing you to save space on Android.

In this article, we’ll show you how to save Netflix downloads to an SD card, and explain where to find Netflix downloads on your Android phone.

How to Save Netflix Downloads to an SD Card

There’s a simple three-step process to download Netflix movies and TV shows to your microSD card:

  1. Open the Netflix app and go to More > App Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Downloads section and tap Download Location.
  3. Select SD Card from the list.

And that’s it. The app shows you how much free space you’ve got left on your card, and how much of it your Netflix content is using.

It will now save all of your future downloads to your microSD card. Anything you’ve already downloaded will remain on your phone’s internal storage. If you want to put that onto your card you’ll have to re-download it.

To watch your downloaded movies and shows, back out of the Settings screen and tap the Downloads button at the bottom. All of your content is here, with shows and other collections grouped together for convenience. Hit the Edit button in the top-right to delete anything you no longer want.

netflix download limit

Netflix downloads don’t last forever. The number of times you can download something, and how long you can keep it, varies depending on the license for each piece of content. Some downloads expire within 48 hours of you starting to watch them; others that have less than seven days left will show the expiry date on the Downloads screen.

Also, note that you can’t share your downloads with someone else by putting your memory card into their phone. And if a movie or TV show leaves the Netflix library your download will disappear at the same time.

Now you know how to download Netflix content, check out the best and fastest microSD cards available to find the right one for you.

Where are Netflix Downloads Stored on Android?

Now that you’ve downloaded Netflix content to your SD card, you may be wondering, where does Netflix store downloads on Android?

They’re hidden by default, but you can access them using a file manager app. We recommend Files by Google. It’s free and doesn’t come with any of the bloat associated with many other file managers.

Here’s how to find the Netflix download location:

  1. Open Files and go to Settings > Show hidden files. (You’ll need to find the equivalent setting if you’re using a different file manager.)
  2. Navigate your way to Internal Storage > Android > data > > files > Download > .of
  3. You’ll now see some folders with eight-digit random numbers as the name. Open one of these to find a downloaded movie.

Netflix downloads are in the NFV format, and are encrypted. You can’t save your Netflix downloads to the Gallery app, or watch them in any other player.

If you’ve already downloaded movies to your phone’s internal storage and would like to move them to your SD card instead you can try moving them manually using your file manager.

However, you will have to move them back before you watch them, and you can’t open the Netflix app in the meantime because it will no longer recognize the downloads if you do.

How to Watch Streaming Movies Offline

Netflix isn’t the only streaming service that lets you watch content offline. Our guide detailing how to legally download movies for free to watch offline has a rundown of many other services you can use.

And if you fancy saving some money, we have previously listed the best free movie streaming sites for a way to catch some of the hottest films on your phone at any time.

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