Playtopia – iTunes MiniPlayer For iOS [Cydia Tweak]

Playtopia is a Cydia tweak available for anyone jaibroken running iOS 9 or below. Playtopia brings the miniplayer that is famous within iTunes, onto iOS, meaning you always have access to your media controls without needing to bring up control centre.

Playtopia has a great UI which fits in great with the rest of iOS and you will struggle to believe after a bit of use that it wasn’t built in the first place. Not only does it show which app, or source, that your music is coming from but it will also show the album art as well which is great for those that appreciate it.

If you tap on the album art it changes the slider between the music sequence scrubber to the volume slider, allowing you to make subtle changes without needing to do much. Playtopia even has it’s own ‘Dark Mode’ with a button to the left of the slider allowing you to switch in between light and dark mode, great for fitting in with the time of day or the rest of your devices theme.

If you’re really pressed for space on an old iPhone 5 perhaps, or even the iPhone 4S, you’ll appreciate the super compact ‘miniature’ mode which is just a little larger than the standard app size on your home screen. This mode is a circular icon with the centre being a play/pause button and the scrubber circling the outside.

playtopia mini mode

For those of you who have never really got on with any other mini music players or just like having the most screen estate possible on a smaller device, then you will really appreciate the sleek interface of this mode.

It has a simple configuration however warning, it requires something called ‘AppList’ which it will help you install where necessary. This simply allows you to configure what apps you don’t want the miniplayer to work in, such as games for example.

If you think Playtopia is the tweak for you then you can download it off of the BigBoss repo today for $2.99. Are you going to be downloading it or is it not quite you’re thing. Leave a comment letting us know you’re experience on it or why you didn’t decide to install it.

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WiFi – The Strongest Link [Cydia Tweak]

WiFi on iOS has always been a problem, with signal dropping and no real fix to this, it’s never been perfect. On the BigBoss repo is a solution for this.

Compatible from iOS 7 upwards to 9.3.3 (the latest supported jailbreak version), The Strongest Link essentially automatically switches to the strongest WiFi network in your location. Typically, iOS stays loyal to the network you’re on and tries to cling on until it literally cannot sustain signal anymore, and even then might try and stay through the use of Wi-Fi Assist (using up your 3G).

This tweak will not only automatically switch to the strongest network around you (providing you have previously been connected to it) but it will also enhance by default your device’s WiFi scan range. Wait a minute, how does software influence hardware.

Well, it doesn’t, however by default, iOS doesn’t always show you every single network around you, it will show you the one’s it believes it can maintain a strong connection to and then when it refreshes, it will show you more and more. Have you ever wondered why sometimes the network you’re looking for doesn’t show up immediately, well that is why.

Anyway, this tweak shows you all the networks available as well as a much more detailed description of the network including its BSSID and what type of encryption security technology it uses as well as some more information, that for the security conscious of you may be necessary.

As well as this, have you ever been in that situation where you’re logged into a WiFi network and someone wants the code but you can’t remember it? Luckily, as long as you have logged in successfully before, ‘The Strongest Link’ will show you the password in plain, unencrypted format for you to either input onto another device or give to a friend in desperate need of access to the WiFi.


Is ‘The Strongest Link’ something you think you’ll be using or would you rather just keep it old school with iOS’s default method? Try it out on the BigBoss repo and drop a comment below about your experience with it.

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Virtual Home – Make Your iPhone Like The 7 [Cydia Tweak]

One of the most noted new features of the iPhone 7 is its lack of a physical home button, with Virtual Home, you can emulate that on your jailbroken device as well. Available on the BigBoss repo, this is great if you want to try and trick your friends into thinking you have an iPhone 7, or if you just can’t click your home button anymore.

All you need is an iPhone with Touch ID, and of course, it has to be jaibroken. When you install it, it will be setup with default Activator functions, however you can change this in the Settings app anytime you like.

To use it, simply tap on the home button once and it will treat it as if you clicked, and you’ll be taken straight back to the Home Screen. By default, tapping and then holding/resting the home button brings up the multitasking/app switcher view. Personally, I’d change this to two taps to make it feel a bit more normal.

For the conservative users amongst you, this can actually save the wear and tear on the home button. Although they are one of the parts designed to last the longest as obviously it will get the most use on the device pretty much. Unfortunately tapping doesn’t work for everything such as Guided Access, however for the basic functions it works just fine

The best thing about Virtual Home is that although it does utilise the Touch ID sensor to function, it doesn’t actually require a validated/registered finger to be used on it, which means once/if your device is unlocked, anyone can use it, not just you. The only use for Touch ID in this sense, is to detect whether there is a finger touching the button or not.

What do you think about Virtual Home? Is it something you think you’d use or just a little gimmick? Leave a comment down below letting us know.

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