This $9 Milanese Loop Will Have Your Apple Watch Looking The Business Without Breaking The Bank [Apple’s Price: $99]

While the Apple Watch is a great way to stay fit and it's already been proven to save lives, one of the best features about the watch is the way you can switch its bands out in no time at all and without needing a tool.

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The Ultimate Online Shopping Guide: 50+ Essential Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

We have all the tips, tricks, tutorials, and guides you’ll need to become a master of shopping online. Find better deals, avoid tricky scams, and save money!

Online shopping has exploded so much in the past decade that brick-and-mortar stores are closing in response. And in America, over half of all online shopping is done through Amazon. With free two-day shipping via Amazon Prime, it’s no wonder that people are coming to rely on the e-commerce giant for nearly everything.

But online shopping can be a huge money sink if you aren’t careful. On the one hand, it’s incredibly easy to overspend if you’re careless; on the other hand, you can save a LOT of money if you’re patient and know how to snag deals and bargains as they come.

Here’s what you need to know about being a better, smarter, and faster online shopper.

The Best Sites for Online Shopping

Amazon is the king of all online retailers, and that won’t be changing anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean you always have to shop at Amazon. Indeed, you might want to shop elsewhere for any number of reasons:

Where to Shop Online for Specific Items

At the end of the day, there are dozens of excellent online retailers out there. Many of them are niche and specialized in a certain category of items, so don’t expect to find a full-blown replacement for Amazon. Rather, when you’re in the market for something specific, consider these sites instead:

Tips When Shopping on Amazon


It’s hard not to shop on Amazon these days. The next time you find yourself browsing the available wares, make sure you employ these tips and tricks to make sure you’re always getting the best deals and making the most of what Amazon offers:

Every so often, you’ll run into issues when shopping on Amazon. Don’t get too hung up on it as that’s to be expected with an operation as monolithic as Amazon. Just take the necessary steps to avoid scams and rectify issues:

If you find yourself ordering from Amazon often, you may want to consider upgrading to Amazon Prime. It’s not too expensive and comes with all kinds of benefits beyond free two-day shipping:

Tips When Shopping on eBay


Want to buy something used or unusual? You’ll probably find it on eBay. As one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, you’ll find all kinds of stuff that you won’t elsewhere. Just be careful and always triple-check listings before committing to a purchase:

Tips When Shopping on AliExpress


AliExpress offers some of the cheapest prices you’ll find anywhere on the internet, but it comes at a price: slow shipping speeds and higher risk of fraudulent goods. Here’s what you need to know before ordering anything on AliExpress:

How to Effortlessly Find Bargains, Deals, and Coupons

Hunting deals and coupons can be mentally exhausting. Fortunately, there are all kinds of websites, apps, and tools out there that will handle it for you. For very little effort, you can save tons of money with every purchase:

When Online Shopping Goes Wrong

Have you been scammed by an online retailer? Is a company refusing to honor their refund policy? Want to put an online shop on blast for terrible customer service? Check out these handy sites that let you do just that:

More Online Shopping Tips

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This Smart Plug Is Waterproof And Is Perfect For Outdoor Use, Best Of All You Can Get It For Just $14 Right Now

Outdoor living and automation have never been so easy, or cheap! Right now, armed with the provided discount code, you can pick up the wonderful and highly-rated Aoycocr outdoor smart outlet with two sockets for just $13.99. Commanding a near five-star rating, you can be sure you're getting quality mixed with extreme affordability here.

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YouTube, Netflix and Amazon are cutting streaming quality across Europe

Video streaming quality gets scaled back in favor of DVD-like quality in order to help cut down on bandwidth consumption as Europeans switch to working from home.

You Can Now Order The 2020 iPad Pro Online

If you want to get your hands on Apple's latest iPad Pro but for some reason don't want to order via Apple, you can now place a pre-order via Amazon, so long as you're in the United States, at least.

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How to Check Which Movies Are Available to Stream

Streaming media is one of the coolest technological innovations of recent years. Allowing you to watch movies and television episodes from wherever you are over the internet.

However, with so many streaming services, it’s hard to find out where your favorite movies and TV shows are available to stream. Fortunately, you have various tools at your disposal.

Search These Sites to Find Where to Stream Movies

If you know what movie you want to watch, the fastest way to find out where you can stream it is to search on one of the sites below. Each of them scans dozens of streaming services and digital stores to let you know exactly where you can watch what you’re looking for.

JustWatch: Search Streaming Services Across the Globe


JustWatch is the most popular site to find out where movies and TV shows are streaming. It returns fast results with a crystal clear UI that tells you where you can stream a movie or, if not, how much it will cost to buy it from various stores.

With JustWatch, you can check for movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Now, YouTube, and many other streaming services with a single search. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a streaming service that doesn’t come up on JustWatch.

You can even tap or click the service you want to use from the search results and JustWatch automatically opens a new tab for that particular movie. Another great feature of this site is that it has many filters so you can sort through content by genre, price, release date, and more.

You can access JustWatch through the website or download the app for Android or iOS.

Download: JustWatch for Android | iOS (Free)

Reelgood: Find Movies to Stream From Multiple Services

Reelgood Homepage

Similar to JustWatch above, Reelgood scans the content from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and over 60 other streaming services so you can find whatever movie you want to watch. Simply type the movie you want in the search bar, then select it from the results page to see all the places it’s available to stream.

Unlike JustWatch, which lets you choose your part of the world, Reelgood only checks availability for streaming in the US.

You get plenty of information about a movie from the search results to help you decide if you want to watch it. This information includes a plot summary, IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes scores, age ratings, runtime, tags, and more.

Follow the Stream Movie, Rent, or Buy links to jump straight to that movie on a streaming service or digital store.

Outside of the website, you can download the free Reelgood app for iOS, but there’s no Android equivalent.

Download: Reelgood for iOS (Free)

If You Only Watch a Couple of Streaming Services

Reelgood Subscription Service Selection Screen

Both JustWatch and Reelgood search their entire library of streaming services when you’re trying to find out where to watch a movie or TV show. But that isn’t particularly useful to you if you only subscribe to a couple of services.

For instance, it’s no good finding out that The Godfather is available to stream on Hulu if you only subscribe to Netflix and Disney+.

Luckily, both services allow you to filter your results by the services you subscribe to. You can even create a free account to save your preferences, so you don’t need to add them again every time you perform a search.

From the JustWatch website, click the services you use from the top of the search results page. This filters your results to only the movies and TV shows available on those platforms.

Reelgood invites you to Add Your Services from the homepage. Follow that link and choose a selection of services to save to your account. When you are ready to search for a movie, Reelgood only shows the ones available to you.

Search on Apple TV, Fire Stick, and Other Hardware

Apple TV searching for The Godfather

There’s a good chance you’ve got some kind of streaming hardware connected to your TV. This might be an Apple TV, an Amazon Fire TV Stick, or a Roku device. You can use any of these devices to search across a range of streaming services when you’re trying to find a particular movie or TV show.

Even without a physical streaming device, you might find that the search feature on a Smart TV works in a similar fashion.

All you need to do on most of these devices is to use the search function built into the operating system. You can even speak to Siri or Alexa to perform a voice search for movies instead.

None of these devices are quite as comprehensive as JustWatch or Reelgood. They seem to favor the streaming services available to watch with that particular device. But it’s a very convenient place to start your search if the remote is already in your hand.

If You Have No Idea What You Want to Watch

The sheer number of choices on streaming services means some people spend more time deciding what to watch than actually enjoying movies and TV shows. If you can relate, the websites we showed you above might not actually help you speed up the decision-making on movie night.

Have no fear, there are plenty of other resources at your disposal. Take a look at these film recommendation sites for help deciding what kind of flick you’re in the mood for tonight.

Once you know that, jump back to JustWatch or Reelgood to find out where you can start streaming that movie.

How to Find Movies to Stream for Free

Using these websites and apps makes it easier than ever to find out where a specific movie is available for streaming. But just because you know where you can stream a movie, doesn’t mean you already subscribe to that service.

There are far too many services these days to subscribe to them all. But if you’re tired of everything on your current services, don’t jump the gun and pay for another just yet. There are lots of ways to stream movies online for free, and they’re all completely legal.

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Ring Video Doorbell 3 And Doorbell 3 Plus Are Now Official

As expected, Amazon has announced the new Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Video Doorbell 3 Plus with new features as it refreshes the popular predecessors.

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How to play Apple Podcasts on Alexa and Amazon Echo

Want to know how to play Apple Podcasts on Alexa for your Amazon Echo? This tutorial walks you through the steps so you’ll be listening in no time.

Amazon’s Eero Routers Now Support Apple’s HomeKit For The First Time

Amazon is rolling out new software updates to a number of its routers today, all with the aim of adding HomeKit support for the first time. Here are the details.

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