Strap On A Bargain Apple Watch Series 3 For Just $189

The Apple Watch is a great way to do more than just tell the time. It can be a way to keep track of your movement and activity as well. And right now you can nab one of your very own for just $189.

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Essential Tips for a Winning Resume

A resume is a marketing document that gets only six seconds of attention from recruiters. So, it isn’t only a chronological record of your accomplishments but also a statement of your uniqueness and how important you can be for an organization. You already have a record of your personal data. Now, showcase that in the best possible light using the cheat sheet below.

The cheat sheet covers various sections that need to go on your CV. It also gives you content- and design-related tips to help you build a resume that brings results.

Plus, you’ll find a special section on tailoring your resume for ATS compatibility. (ATS or Applicant Tracking Systems are essentially bots used by companies to shortlist applicants.) This section includes pointers for ensuring that your resume passes through ATS without a glitch.

FREE DOWNLOAD: This cheat sheet is available as a downloadable PDF from our distribution partner, TradePub. You will have to complete a short form to access it for the first time only. Download Essential Tips for a Winning Resume.

Essential Tips for a Winning Resume

¹General Information
◼︎ Read the job ad carefully.
◼︎ Always tailor your resume to the job in question.
◼︎ Use an online resume builder instead of a text editor, or start out with a resume template.
◼︎ Use verifiable metrics wherever possible because hard numbers catch the eye of recruiters.
◼︎ Focus only on the most important content. Try to fit everything on two pages or fewer.
◼︎ Pick the right resume format: A Functional resume, a Chronological resume, or a Combination resume (if you have experience across different industries).
◼︎ The reverse-chronological resume, where the latest work experience is listed first, is the most popular format.
Design and Layout
◼︎ To make a good first impression, ensure that the layout is pleasing and the content is scannable and easy to read.
◼︎ Balance text with whitespace.
◼︎ Use classic fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, Calibri, Cambria, Helvetica, and Georgia.
◼︎ Don't choose anything less than 10.5 for the font size. A font size of 12 is ideal.
◼︎ Use font sizes 14-16 for section headers.
◼︎ Pick a font that reads well on all screens. Legibility and cleanliness are important.
◼︎ If you can, choose sans serif fonts like Arial over serif fonts like Times New Roman. The former are more legible on screens.
◼︎ Avoid big blocks of text and excessive bullet points.
◼︎ Ensure that sections flow from the most significant to the less important.
Contact Information
◼︎ Place your name and contact information at the top of the document.
◼︎ The font for the name should be larger than the font used in the body, but not so large as to overpower the other elements on the page.
◼︎ Don’t place contact information in the header/footer.
◼︎ Use a home address rather than a PO box or an office address.
◼︎ List one phone number. A mobile phone number is ideal.
◼︎ Use an email address that sounds professional.
◼︎ Place social media icons and URL links to relevant social media pages.
◼︎ Include a link to your LinkedIn profile (if you have one) and ensure that the profile is up to date.
◼︎ Include the URL of a personal website that highlights your expertise.
◼︎ To avoid possible age discrimination at the onset of hiring, avoid mentioning your date of birth unless that information is mandatory.
◼︎ Don't include a profile photo.
Job Summary
◼︎ This section is ideal if you have years of relevant job experience. Skip this section if you have less experience or applying for a job in another field.
◼︎ Highlight your current professional title with a larger font at the top of the section.
◼︎ Write an objective statement that describes a future goal. This is not mandatory.
◼︎ Outline your skills and accomplishments to demonstrate what:
1. Distinguishes you from other applicants
2. Makes you the ideal candidate for the role
◼︎ Highlight skills that are relevant to the role offered.
◼︎ Use the Adjective + Skill + Value formula to frame achievements in bulleted sentences.
Core Skills
◼︎ This section focuses on the skills you’ve gained based on the job roles you’ve performed in the past.
◼︎ Some job roles like programming demand hard technical skills while some like teaching ask for a mix of both hard and soft skills.
◼︎ Exploit the keywords in the target job descriptions and correlate them to your skillsets.
◼︎ Use topical nouns instead of vague verbs to highlight skills and boost recognition by ²ATS.
◼︎ Cover both hard skills and soft skills. For example, a Project Manager can list "Conflict resolution" as a soft skill.
◼︎ List hard skills with experience levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert.)
Work Experience
◼︎ If you’re going by the most common resume format, arrange entries by date, with the latest job at the top.
◼︎ For each entry, mention the relevant job title, employer name, location, and job tenure (with start and end dates.)
◼︎ Use the mm/yyyy format while listing dates. It’s the standard format expected by recruiters and applicant tracking systems.
◼︎ Expand on the most critical jobs with a bulleted list of roles and accomplishments.
◼︎ Mention key metrics for every experience.
Example 1: Generated over $25,000 in sales in one month (instead of Managed sales through self-generated leads.)

Example 2: Developed and executed marketing strategy for three new national projects. Increased market penetration by an average of 35%.
◼︎ Some roles may not be quantifiable. In such cases, it’s okay to mention only responsibilities.
◼︎ Don’t duplicate the information from the Summary and Core Skills sections. Use unique phrasing.
◼︎ This section can follow the Summary section for new graduates or for jobs with highly relevant educational requirements.
◼︎ Include educational qualifications, complete with the school/university name, location, degree earned, and the course dates.
◼︎ Mention extra qualifications, certifications, and training under relevant sub-sections if necessary.
◼︎ Include GPA/Class Rank if among the top-half of the class. This information is not mandatory.
Other Details
◼︎ Awards
List awards in the Education section under a sub-heading.
◼︎ Hobbies
These are not necessary in most applications, but they’re also not a dealbreaker. Include them if other details are sparse.
Don’t include inappropriate and commonplace hobbies like reading.
◼︎ References
Don’t mention these unless specifically asked for.
Tips for Compatibility With ²ATS
◼︎ Keep the resume structure simple.
◼︎ Avoid fancy/creatively designed resumes and resume templates.
◼︎ Use an ATS-friendly resume template when you don't want to design from scratch.
◼︎ Use simple headers and consistent formatting across all sections.
◼︎ For entries with dates, preface dates with descriptions, such as work experience or academic qualifications.
◼︎ The ATS is programmed to read specific keywords, so scan the job ad for potential keywords you can use.
◼︎ Use concise bullet points instead of full paragraphs.
◼︎ Spell out any abbreviations so the ATS can understand them.
◼︎ Submit the file in the format specified. (ATS reads Word formats better than PDF.)
◼︎ Use Jobscan to enhance your resume for ATS.
Final Round of Editing
◼︎ Always proofread for spellings and other errors.
◼︎ Double-check your contact information.
◼︎ Remove all fluff and keep the resume concise.
◼︎ Print the resume and check for design issues.
◼︎ Save a copy of the resume as a PDF for future use. (Word can mess up the formatting across different computer systems.)
◼︎ Back up a copy of the resume to the cloud so you can access it from anywhere.
¹This covers tips that apply to all kinds of resumes.

²ATS refers to Applicant Tracking System. Many companies use this software as the first screen to filter the flood of resumes.

Save Time With Resume Templates and Apps

Your resume is situational to the job, your experience, and the process the resume goes through before you land an interview. So, there’s no “best resume layout” you can count on. For effectiveness, it’s ideal to stick to the basics and include only the most important information. And yes, always keep your resume updated because you never know when you might have to send it off in a flash.

Don’t want to start your CV-building efforts from scratch? Use one of these Google Docs resume templates or any of these free resume apps to create a striking resume.

Image Credit: Oli Lynch on Pixabay

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Download This Remote Work Cheat Sheet Bundle for Free!

Do you work remotely? You’re part of a growing community!

And chances are you’re always looking to improve your remote work setup. To help you with that, we’ve come up with a free cheat sheet bundle covering top remote work apps like Asana and Slack.

Polish Your Remote Workflow

Remote work cheat sheet bundle cover image

In this remote work cheat sheet bundle, you’ll find cheat sheets for:

  • Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts
  • Slack tips and tricks
  • Asana keyboard shortcuts
  • Trello tips and tricks
  • Zoom keyboard shortcuts
  • Todoist shortcuts and tips

Download them all in one convenient package, print and share them with your colleagues.

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Want More Remote Work Tips and Tricks?

Whether you’ve just started working from home or have been doing so for a decade, you’re likely to appreciate resources that can streamline your current setup. You’ll find plenty such resources at our remote work hub!

Image Credit: James Fitzgerald on Unsplash

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Apple Watch Series 6 To Feature Touch ID, Sleep Tracking, Pulse Oximeter; Series 2 Will Not Support watchOS 7

The Apple Watch Series 6 is to feature Touch ID, sleep tracking, and a pulse oximeter, while the Series 2 watch will not support watchOS 7. Here are the details on this.

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Voix, Fabula, Noise and other apps to check out this weekend

In this edition of our Apps of the Week roundup we have a voice auto-tuner, an easy-to-use animation tool, and an app for making a meditation playlist. And as always, we've selected two great new games for you to check out.

Safely Explore The Dark Web With This FREE Guide

You’ve seen dark web in the movies. You’ve heard about it in the news. You know the hackers are down there, planning attacks. But is the dark web really that bad?

Why not take a look for yourself? With this free ebook, we’ll safely guide you into the hidden depths of the internet to show you what you’ve been missing.

Download The Deep and Dark Web Guide

Deep and Dark Web Guide

Over six chapters, you will learn:

  • The difference between the deep and dark web.
  • Reasons for accessing the dark web.
  • How to enter the dark web while staying safe.
  • How to avoid the bad side of the dark web.
  • The best sites to visit while you’re there.

If you’re curious to learn more about the dark web, this guide will give you a solid introduction to the subject.

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LSTweak gives your iPhone a snazzy new Lock screen interface

With LSTweak, you can enjoy a redesigned and fully configurable Lock screen interface on a jailbroken handset.

YouTube Refuses to Process DMCA Counternotice for ‘Creepy Bugs’ Cartoon

Earlier this week we reported on a dark parody cartoon depicting a washed-out Bugs Bunny as a sex pest. The controversial video was created by Hunter Hancock, the person behind the MeatCanyon channel.

It was hit with a copyright complaint by Warner Bros. As a result, the MeatCanyon channel received a copyright strike and the cartoon was taken down.

When a video is targeted by a copyright holder with a manual complaint (i.e one not actioned as a result of ContentID matching), users can generally refer to the DMCA for guidance. This means that if they believe their content was not infringing (under fair use guidelines, for example), they can submit a DMCA counternotice to YouTube explaining why the content should not have been taken down.

This is exactly what Hancock did in response to the Warner complaint.

“This is my own creation. I animated every frame, composed the music, recorded the audio and made the backgrounds,” he told YouTube in his counternotice shared with TorrentFreak.

“This creation is under fair use,” he continued. “The characters have been stylized by myself to not reflect directly with the traditional characters. There is no branded logo to incite that this is a real video owned by Warner Brothers, but is in fact a parody video created by none other than by myself.”

As required under the law, Hancock swore that he had a “good faith belief” that the material had been removed due to a mistake and also consented to the jurisdiction of his local federal court, in case Warner chose to sue him – something it must do within two weeks to prevent the content from being restored. Should that time pass with no lawsuit, then the content would’ve been put back up and the strike removed.

In the event, however, none of those things happened. In short, YouTube declined to accept the apparently valid DMCA counternotice filed by Hancock and refused to pass it on to Warner.

“Based on the information you provided, it appears that you do not have the necessary rights to post the content on YouTube. Therefore, we regretfully cannot honor your request. It has not been forwarded to the original claimant, and we will not be able to restore your video,” YouTube’s correspondence reads.

While this response from YouTube runs counter to what most people would expect under the DMCA counter-claim process, it is not unprecedented. The EFF previously reported that agreements YouTube has with rightsholders may effectively deny access to the system.

“In many instances, even if you successfully submit a DMCA counter-notice, the video will not be reinstated. These agreements are opaque, and scope of what’s allowed under them is unknown. They may be short-term, or long-term,” the EFF previously explained.

In this case, the refusal of YouTube to allow a counter-claim represents a double-edged sword. While Hancock submitted the notice in good faith, genuinely believing he was in a good position to put his side of the argument by insisting he was protected under fair use doctrines, the reality of dealing with a lawsuit, should one be initiated, is a serious proposition and not to be underestimated.

After being denied by YouTube and further consideration, he decided that fighting probably wasn’t the best option after all.

“I am in no place to fight this in court due to financial reasons. It seems unnecessary to start a GoFund me or ask for help, because it’s between me and Warner Brothers,” he told TF.

“It also made me think YouTube wanted the video off the platform. It is a very crude video so I can’t blame them for that, but it would’ve been nice to have been given more information on why this video was unacceptable to stay up on my page. It’s very disheartening.”

While the decision by YouTube will be viewed by some as anti-consumer and a denial of due process, in this case the platform arguably did the animator a favor. Instead of expending resources he doesn’t have on a legal process that could go either way and could even prove financially ruinous, he can now concentrate on creating new content for fans.

Some battles are worth fighting but it’s definitely worth weighing the costs first.

Drom: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, torrent sites and more. We also have an annual VPN review.


Stay Fit at Home With These 5 Free Workout Apps & Exercise Tips

You don’t need to go to the gym or jog around the park to maintain your fitness. These stay-at-home workouts keep you healthy while being indoors, without any fancy equipment.

When you are forced to not move out, you don’t need to stop moving around. In fact, health officials say that staying fit and healthy will ensure your immune system can better fight any virus. It’s in your best interest to regularly exercise even at home.

Trainers, celebrities, and tech geeks are making apps and routines to workout at home. Here’s a quick roundup of five of the best indoor workouts, which includes Arnold Schwarzenegger and something for your kids.

1. Terminator at Home (Web): Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Home Workout

Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a free workout routine to do inside your home

That’s right, The Terminator himself shared an exercise routine for everyone to stay fit at home. Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote a long Reddit post about how he started his own training without any equipment and continued that even after achieving fame.

In total, there are nine exercises. Schwarzenegger recommends different sets of repetitions for beginner and advanced, depending on your fitness level.

The workout mostly depends on your own body weight, aided at times by items you’ll have at home, like a chair, book, or a cane. He has also shared an Imgur gallery of photos demonstrating the various exercises.

You should actually read the full Reddit post. Schwarzenegger’s words are not only motivational, he also warns you about the pitfalls in working out alone.

He also advises how to track your progress and incrementally increase your capacity, with several commenters piping in with their own tips.

2. Workout Sesh (Web): Timed Browser-Based Workout App

Workout Sesh has free, timed workouts with instructional GIFs

Workout Sesh is a collection of different timed workout routines for the home or gym. Each workout clearly states which part of the body it trains, and how long the entire routine takes. Click any session to find a quick write-up and the exercises of the workout. You’ll see a list of all the exercises and how many seconds you’re supposed to do them for.

Workout Sesh presents a GIF for each exercise. Once you start the session, follow along to the speed of the GIF, and continue with it for the recommended time. The website sends audio alerts to start, stop, rest, and restart.

All of the routines on Workout Sesh are completely free and you can use them as many times as you want. Several routines have celebrity names to them, but don’t fall for that, there doesn’t seem to be any real backing by those celebs. Do them to get fit, not for the fake allure of the famous.

Workout Sesh is a progressive web app that works in a browser on your phone, laptop, or TV. There is no app to install , but it requires an active internet connection. If you want offline workouts, check out these other bodyweight exercise apps for fitness anywhere.

3. 4-Week Runner’s Workout (Web): But It’s Not Just for Runners…

Runner's World magazine has a 28-day free home fitness routine broken into weekly exercise regimen

Runner’s World magazine published a 28-day workout for runners stuck in their living rooms. But the magazine is quick to note that this isn’t only for runners, as it will help anyone get fit at home.

It divides the 28 days into four weekly workout plans. Each week’s routine is more difficult than the previous one. Every routine has five basic exercises, with illustrations that guide you on the correct form. Do each exercise for 30 seconds, and three circuits of all five, with 2-3 minute rest breaks between circuits.

Runner’s World also has instructions that speed up the workout routines at home depending on your fitness levels. For example, if you aren’t a beginner, you can skip directly to the second week’s exercise plan. The third and fourth week’s workout routines require dumbbells.

4. GymPerson’s DIY Weights (Web): Homemade Dumbbells and Alternative Weights

Make DIY dumbbells and homemade weights with GymPerson's step-by-step guides

If you want to keep up with weight training at home but don’t have any weights, you can make your own. GymPerson offers five different DIY ways to make your own dumbbells or other exercise weights with objects and items you probably already have.

In step-by-step guides, the website instructs how to build homemade weights with water bottles, milk jugs, sand, concrete, and a backpack. Some of the guides are more explicit and clear than others.

For example, the DIY water bottle dumbbells weigh 10 pounds or 27 pounds, depending on the size of the bottle. Meanwhile, you’ll have to weigh the backpack on a scale to make it as heavy as you want.

The weights you make will depend on the equipment you have at home, but the website is pretty good at guiding you with different permutations.

You should also check out GymPerson’s DIY section for other equipment you can make at home, such as a pull-up bar, battle ropes, parallettes, and an exercise stepper.

5. P.E. With Joe (YouTube): Free Fitness Class for Kids From The Body Coach

Schools are shut so there are no Physical Education (PE) classes. Plus the kids can’t go out to play. So how do children stay fighting fit in these times? Personal trainer Joe Wicks, a.k.a The Body Coach, is hosting daily PE classes for kids on YouTube.

Wicks does a live class at 9am UK time every weekday, but the videos stay on so your kids can do a workout at timings ideal for them. Start from the first video, there is no pressure to catch up with the live classes.

Each session lasts 30 minutes and doesn’t require any equipment. While they’re meant for kids, they’re perfectly helpful for adults to keep in shape as well, and a fun family activity too. Wicks says he intends to be Britain’s PE teacher for now, promising to get kids “moving, feeling, energized, positive, optimistic.”

The Oldest and Greatest Home Workout

These workout routines and apps are only the tip of the iceberg. The internet is filled to the brim with suggestions for exercises that you can do at home, or without any equipment. For example, Darebee is one of the favorites here at MakeUseOf for its 300 free routines.

But you should also check out a cool, not-so-well known exercise routine. Gymnast J. P. Muller’s 1904 workout takes only 15 to 20 minutes, but it has several loyal supporters over the last century, including doctors, kings, and personalities like Franz Kafka. Find out more about it in our collection of the best free no-equipment workouts to get fit anywhere.

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You Can Buy Two Amazon Fire TV Sticks And Get $20 In Credit, Here’s How

Amazon is offering a couple of deals relating to its Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K. Right now, if you buy two of either of those products Amazon will give you a cool $20 in credit.

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