iOS, WatchOS And MacOS Second Beta’s Released

Today Apple dropped the latest betas to developers for iOS 10.1, watchOS 3.1 and MacOS 10.12.1

With no major new features in the change log for the second beta’s, these are relatively small updates however.

The biggest update for iOS 10.1 is the Portrait mode for the new iPhone 7 Plus allowing for a DSLR like quality for depth of field.

Of course, there will be other improvements under the hood with a couple of minor improvements already popping up in the Messages app relating to stickers. Nothing major, but the software engineers are definitely still hard at work!

iOS 10 was a huge update this year which allowed a much needed open-door to developers to integrate their apps deeper into iOS. Now apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype, thanks to CallKit you can receive calls using the standard iOS call visuals as well as quick replies in messages. Not only this but opening up Siri allows for you to send WhatsApp’s etc using Siri, simply say “Siri, send a WhatsApp to Tim saying Lunch at 2?”. Normally this works without a hitch but I still find myself going into the app to check that it has sent properly as I still have my doubts.

For watchOS this increment is fairly insignificant and mostly contains software performances to make it run a little bit smoother, something which the original generation Apple Watch definitely needs! If you find a new feature in this increment drop a comment below.

Don’t forget after all that watchOS 3 brought us some fairly significant improvements including SOS, Scribble Replies as well as locally stored apps and, of course, some new watch faces!

WatchOS 3

macOS also hasn’t seen anything major in this beta with performance improvements a guaranteed and no reported major changes or visual changes. However there has been support added for the new Portrait mode within the Photos application. This was also released for the participants of the Public Beta which suggests that a Public Beta will soon be available for watchOS and iOS.

MacOS Sierra

macOS Sierra provided not only a new name to fall in line with the rest of the OS’s but also some well-needed additions such as Siri (although I still don’t use it that much myself) along with security improvements as well.

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iTunes Backup Password Easier To Break In iOS 10

iOS 10 now uses a new verification method for its iTunes backup passwords which, according to Elcomsoft, allows someone to develop an attack that bypasses certain security checks for local iTunes backups created from iOS 10 devices.

Elcomsoft claim that this weakness is so dangerous that “early CPU-only implementation of this attack gives a 40-times performance boost compared to a fully optimized GPU-assisted attack on iOS 9 backups.” This essentially means that normally, they would need to use up much less resources and only using the CPU, instead of combining any power with the GPU as well. This is known as GPU acceleration.

This new verification mechanism allows the right piece of software, to try passwords 2500x faster compared to back in iOS 9. This would greatly reduce the amount of time it requires a person to gain unwanted access to all your personal data.

So what’s the danger of this?

It’s more severe than you might think. Apple love to brag about their iCloud keychain being secure, saying even they can’t access it. Which is true. Within the iCloud, your data is as safe as can be. However, when creating an offline backup and storing it on your PC, the keychain of all your website passwords, credit cards and anything else, is stored there as well.

All is needed to gain access to all this important data, is the 1 password for the iTunes backup. Shown below are some figures which shows that actually, your data really wouldn’t be very safe at all!

  • iOS 9 (CPU): 2,400 passwords per second (Intel i5)
  • iOS 9 (GPU): 150,000 passwords per second (NVIDIA GTX 1080)
  • iOS 10 (CPU): 6,000,000 passwords per second (Intel i5)

This tool is available right now for anyone so my advice, is keep all your data in the iCloud! Despite what the news may say, at the moment it’s probably the safest place for it.


If it’s any reassurance, Apple are aware of this and are currently working on a patch, with their main advice being to make sure that your computer itself, whether it be Windows or Mac, has a strong password.

Leave a comment below if you’re going to stick with local backups or whether you’ve been an iCloud supporter from the start. As always, don’t forget to subscribe via Facebook to keep up-to-date on the latest news.

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iOS 10.0.2 Released With Lightning Headphones Bug Fixed

Apple just dropped the second minor update to their iOS 10 operating system which fixed the lightning headphones bug as long as other minor issues.

Released around 2 weeks ago, Apple haven’t hung around in making sure that their latest devices have the software they need to ‘wow’ their customers in the power struggle between Samsung and Apple. Especially with the Note 7’s exploding, they need to keep up this momentum.

Lightning EarPods

The update mainly fixed the issue where using Lightning headphones (including the packaged EarPods) would occasionally lose the playback controls on the in line remote. Not a great start when people opposed the idea of the removal of the 3.5mm jack anyway! Hopefully this update has quashed all those bugs, and a few little other ones.

iOS 10.0.2’s release notes:

  • Addresses an issue that could prevent headphone audio controls from temporarily not working
  • Resolves an issue that caused Photos to quit for some users when turning on iCloud Photo Lib rary
  • Fixes an issue that prevented enabling some app extensions

iOS 10.0.2

Available as both an OTA update and through iTunes and weighing in at just 55.1 MB on my iPhone 6. It’s nice to see that Apple are definitely patching some smaller issues in the background as iOS 10 is far from perfect just yet.

With the release of iOS 10.1 to developers and through the public beta testing program, Apple certainly aren’t hanging around and resting on their laurels! Combined with the promised portrait mode, things are certainly looking good in the world of Apple.

Whether Apple have patched any significant exploitation opportunities we do not know yet and will hopefully soon find out.

Have you noticed a difference with this update or are you sticking with iOS 9 to keep the jailbreak? Notice any changes or is everything working as you’d hope? Leave a comment below!

Update #1: iOS 10.0.2 Direct IPSW Download Links (also available in our Downloads page)

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How To Save Snapchat’s WITHOUT Giving The Game Away – Mac Only

Saving Snapchat’s without letting the other person know has been a constant theme ever since Snapchat was released. In previous iOS 8 betas it was possible to save the photo using the normal screenshot method without the other person knowing.

Now, it has got a lot more difficult. With Snapchat cracking down on apps such as Snap-Save, Snap-Hack and more, it’s become an accepted trend that we can no longer save those photos that we’d all like to.

The reason for the ‘cracking-down’ was partially due to it defeating the point of Snapchat, but also because the third party apps were being hacked causing massive data dumps of peoples personal images (including a few saucy ones) which left a lot of people, very unhappy.

Well now, there is a way, that will work forever. Note, this has only been tested on a Mac, however I’m sure in the future, it will be easier on Windows as well.

Step 1

Have Snapchat installed and working on your iPhone/iPod

Step 2 

Plug your iPhone into your Mac and unlock it before launching QuickTime Player (Built in by default).

Step 3

When it opens a file select finder window, simply click ‘Done’ and navigate to the menu bar, and select ‘New Movie Recording’

QuickTime Player - New Movie

This will launch a webcam / “FaceTime HD” window. Don’t worry, you’re not going to have to do some weird contortion of your iPhone and take a photo using the webcam!

Step 4

QuickTime Source Select

You guessed it, change it over to your iDevice! (Don’t see it? CMD + Q out of Quicktime Player, unplug & re-plugin your device and relaunch QuickTime Player).

Step 5

Launch Snapchat on your device and open all the Snapchat’s you like, just don’t forget to press record first!

Leave a comment below if this is useful and any other methods you’ve come across that work! As always don’t forget to get in touch using Facebook, Twitter or anything else.

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