1Password’s Changing Its Data Format Following Metadata Criticism

1Password has announced that it’s switching the format it uses to store its users’ data, so that less of the metadata it holds is left unencrypted.

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Reminder: You Don’t Have to Tell Police Your Phone Passcode 

By all means, try to avoid getting arrested. But if you do end up in trouble with the law, remember that you don’t have to give police your phone passcode ever. Forcing people to self-incriminate is unconstitutional, which is why a Pennsylvania court just ruled that forcing people to reveal phone passwords violates the Fifth Amendment.

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People Suck at Coming Up With Good Android Lock Patterns

We’re pretty terrible at coming up with good passwords, but if you thought we were better when it comes to Android lock patterns, you’d be wrong. New research shows that the tic-tac-toe style patterns people devise to unlock their phones often follow dismally predictable rules.

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