Apple HomePod Receives FCC Approval, Could Launch Soon

Apple’s Siri-powered intelligent speaker, the HomePod, has officially been granted approval by the Federal Communications Commission, or as people more commonly know the organization, the FCC. The approval means that we are likely to be as close to HomePod release as we will get without it physically being in our hands.

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Building a Smart Home? Avoid These 5 Popular Gadgets


Welcome to 2018. Perhaps you’ve decided this is the year where you’re going to turn your boring old dumb house into the envy of your neighborhood. Yes, 2018 is the year in which you will finally get your dream smart home. But before hitting the shops and spending all your money on every smart gadget under the sun, you first need to spend a bit of time doing some research. Not all smart home gadgets are worthwhile. Some are overpriced, some are unnecessary, and some are a security nightmare. In this article, we’re going to look at five popular gadgets…

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Savant Takes a Simple but Elegant Approach to Home Automation

Unless you’re super rich, you’ve probably never heard of Savant. The home automation company brags about catering to “the one percent of the one percent.” But now that the internet of things is all the rage, Savant is offering a slick smart home system for the everyman.

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