Apple’s official Black Friday ‘deals’ are here, but you can do much better elsewhere

Apple has officially launched its Black Friday promotions in the United States. As usual, the company isn’t offering straight cash discounts on any of its products, but rather rewarding customers with an Apple Store gift card with select purchases.

You can get up to a $150 gift card with your purchase, but that hardly compares to deals we’re seeing elsewhere. We’re also seeing significant accessory deals across the web


Apple Announces Black Friday 2017 Deals With Gift Card Offer Of Up To $210

Apple has just announced its Black Friday 2017 deals on Macs, iPhones, and Apple Watch in select countries. Here are the details.

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How To Check Full List Of 4K / HDR Movies On iTunes The Easy Way

Here’s how you can check full list of 4K / HDR movies on iTunes offered by Apple which are served up in stunning resolution for use on brand new Apple TV 4K set-top box.

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Apple applies for patent on foldable display following rumors of foldable iPhone

The US Patent & Trademark Office has today published an Apple patent application for a foldable display. This follows earlier rumors that the company was working with LG on a future foldable iPhone.

An electronic device may have a flexible portion that allows the device to be folded. The device may have a flexible display. The flexible display may have a bending region that allows the display to bend along a bend axis when the device is folded.

The patent describes a display that can be ‘opened and closed like a book’ …


Foxconn says it ‘immediately’ ended illegal overtime by students on iPhone X production line

Foxconn said it took ‘immediate action’ to end the illegal hours being worked by high school students on the iPhone X production line.

The statement follows confirmation by Apple that students aged 17-19 were allowed to work more than 40 hours per week despite this being in breach of both the law and the company’s own policies …


Happy Hour Podcast 148 | HomePod misses holidays and iMac Pro rumors

This week Benjamin and Zac unpack the HomePod delay a week later, detail the competition going in to the holiday season, discuss expectations and potential challenges for Apple’s upcoming smart speaker, fresh iMac Pro rumors including Hey Siri support and much more.

9to5Mac’s Happy Hour podcast is available for download on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, StitcherGoogle Play Music, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players.


Best Apple Black Friday Deals: 9.7-inch iPad $249, $250 off MacBooks, iTunes gift cards, more

Black Friday is upon us, and despite the name, we’re expecting the deals to starting flying tonight at 12:01am. The team at 9to5Toys have been working around the clock compiling and sorting through all of this week’s best price drops.

For Black Friday 2017, this hub will serve as our main landing page for all of the hottest Apple deals. We’ve put together a list of what we know is coming down the line over the next 72 hours, and we’ll be updating it regularly in the meantime.

Before we jump to the deals, be sure to follow 9to5Toys on Twitter, RSS and Facebook now so as deals pop up you’ll be sure to see them. Sometimes offers only last a few minutes, so having our social feeds on-hand will ensure you’re prepared. We’ve rounded up all of the best Black Friday 2017 deals just below.


Comment: Musing on what HomePod might have been – and might yet become

We learned yesterday that the HomePod project has something of an interesting history. In particular, it appears to have been originally envisaged less as a gadget and more as HiFi.

The HomePod was originally a side project cooked up about five years ago by a group of Mac audio engineers, who wanted to create a speaker that sounded better than the ones sold by the likes of Bose, JBL and Harman Kardon […]

The engineers wanted a product that would past muster with audiophiles. Several members of the impromptu team hailed from big-name speaker makers

Reading this, I found myself wishing for what HomePod might have been rather than what it actually appears to be …


Hands-on: Akitio Thunder3 Quad X – a four bay drive enclosure with classic Mac Pro-inspired design [Video]

When it comes to Thunderbolt 3 support, there are a handful of companies that immediately come to mind. Akitio, a California-based innovator, is definitely one of those companies.

One of its first big Thunderbolt 3-equipped products, the Akitio Node, made headlines for its inclusion of a macOS-compatible Thunderbolt 3 chipset. Since then, it has released a variety of products that support the high-bandwidth interface.

The latest such release is the Akitio Thunder3 Quad X. Featuring a similar naming convention as earlier releases, the Thunder3 Quad X is notable for a design that pays homage to the classic Mac Pro “cheese grater” design.

Similar to the Thunder3 Quad Mini, the Quad X supports up to four drives, and can harness software RAID to achieve impressive data transfer rates. Should those in need of a direct attached storage solution consider the Akitio Thunder3 Quad X? Watch our hands-on video walkthrough for the details. more…

KGI again says 2018 iPhones will feature gigabit LTE technology

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities is out with what he refers to as “part two” of his analysis into Apple’s work on creating a 5G iPhone and what the near future holds.

This investors note says that Apple may adopt faster antenna modules in all of its 2018 iPhones, and offers more information about suppliers for next year’s iPhone antenna modules. Much of the report reiterates a note from KGI last week.


Apple sells out of External Graphics Development Kit allotment, Sonnet offers eGFX Box + GPU at reduced cost

Apple launched its External Graphics Development Kit during WWDC 2017 as a way to assist developers with demanding graphics-intensive apps and VR content creation. The unit included the developer edition of Sonnet’s external eGFX GPU chassis, along with Sapphire’s AMD RX 580 8GB graphics card, and Belkin’s USB-C to 4-port USB-A hub.

Apple priced the External Graphics Development Kit at $599, which was reasonable considering that the Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8GB still goes for around $279, and demanded a higher price during the kit’s launch. The External Graphics Development Kit has been on sale for several months, but now all stock appears to be exhausted.

As a part of its Cyber Week Sale, Sonnet is offering the eGFX Breakaway Box – Developer Edition — the same unit included in Apple’s kit, sans Belkin USB hub, for $499. That’s a $100 price difference from what Apple was charging, and the developer edition of the eGFX units are available to all users, not just developers. more…

Apple reportedly working with Intel to put 5G modem in future iPhones

Enlarge (credit: Samuel Axon)

While it will be some time before 5G LTE becomes standard, Apple is thinking ahead about how to best incorporate 5G technology into its iPhones. According to a Fast Company report, Apple has been working with Intel to incorporate the chipmaker’s 5G modems in future iPhones while talks with Qualcomm, the world’s biggest modem supplier, have been “limited.”

Qualcomm currently has a more advanced 5G modem than Intel does, but Intel reportedly has “multiple thousands” of employees working on improving its 5G chip. Intel first announced its 5G modem at CES 2017 and announced recently that it completed a “full end-to-end 5G call based on its early 5G silicon.” While Qualcomm’s 5G modem has more specialized carrier features, reports suggest that those features won’t be “widely adopted” by all carriers. Also, Qualcomm’s chips are particularly equipped to support CDMA networks but those may become obsolete over time as 5G infiltrates the industry.

An iPhone with a 5G modem would theoretically be capable of connection speeds of one gigabit per second or more, but the industry’s transition to support 5G will take some time. The report suggests that Intel could supply a 5G modem for an iPhone debuting in 2019 or 2020.

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Play Beats 1 / Apple Music As Alarm Sound

Apple Music and Beats 1 go hand in hand however unfortunately, Apple don’t provide a built in option to play these as an alarm sound. Today, you can change that.

Personally, I get extremely bored of the same old alarm sounds or the same song and more often than not, I get so used to it that I will simply fall straight back to sleep, so much for an alarm!

With this, you can have Beats 1, Apple Music playlists or a certain playlist play as your alarm, which is another example of what Apple needs to integrate into their software but jailbreakers have to do it for them.

Unfortunately, you do need to be jailbroken to do this – Sorry iOS 10 users!

First off, if you don’t have it installed already, you need to go and install a tweak called Activator. Most of you will probably already have it as a majority of tweaks do rely on it to perform functions however if you’re new to the scene, you may need to download it. It’s free and it’s available on the default repo’s so there is no need to go adding any more repos to Cydia!

Once installed, you want to tap on the ‘More’ button in the top right.

Head on down to the scheduled section and then select the necessary day’s and times. For most people that will be the Monday – Friday 6:30 AM wakeup I would imagine!

Once selected, confirm it by tapping ‘Save’ and then under the ‘Custom Actions’ section, you want to tap ‘Ask Siri A Question”. This will allow you to type out a question which will automatically be ‘asked’, without you having to say anything, as you’ll be asleep!

Simply type in what you want to ask, for most I’d advise the below, however if you have a certain playlist, just use that. As long as Siri supports the phrase when you say it normally, it will work with whatever you type in.

Question: Siri Play Beats 1

Once that’s done, you’re all set! You can now have Beats 1 play when you wake up, which is much better than the default alarm sounds!

Are you going to be tuning into Beats 1 a lot more frequently or do you prefer blaring noises to get you out of bed in the morning. Leave a comment below letting us know.

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