How To Force Android Oreo Update On Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ Right Now

Here’s how you can force Android Oreo 8.x update on your Galaxy S8 or S8+ right now without waiting for OTA update to arrive.

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Google Play Store Instant Apps Feature Now Lets You Try Android Games Without Downloading Them

The Google Play Store has rolled out Instant Apps support to games as well, meaning anyone wanting to jump straight into a title can do so, again without having to download anything first.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds For iPhone, iPad, Android Officially Released In The US

Finally, PUBG Mobile USA version APK for Android and iOS download links are officially out now in English. Here are the details.

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Lame Google Play apps that attack users with Windows malware is still a thing

Enlarge (credit: portal gda)

Last year, researchers discovered 132 Android apps in the Google Play market that lamely attempted to infect users with… Windows malware. On Wednesday, researchers with a different security company reported finding 150 more.

The latest batch of apps, like the ones 12 months ago, were spawned from a variety of different developers. The common thread among all the apps: their code was written on programming platforms infected with malware known as Ramnit. Although the Ramnit botnet of 3.2 million computers was dismantled in 2015, infections on local machines live on.

The malware adds malicious iframes to every HTML file stored on an infected computer. Those iframes then got appended to files that were included in the Android apps. Researchers at security firm Zscaler said almost all of the 150 infected apps were detected using common antivirus engines.

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Samsung Note 7 Officially Discontinued After 2 months

The Samsung Note 7 has now officially been discontinued after less than 2 months on the market, Samsung have decided to call it a day on their attempt of a flagship model. Launched in August 2016, it has done nothing but hit major headlines, for all the wrong reasons.

Originally, with the explosion issues this was due to early models having a faulty / poorly made battery in them, following Samsung’s recall and replacement program. This has evidently not worked as after the last week, there have been several experiences of the phones bursting into flames or starting to smoke.

This smoking and bursting into flames is not just for the devices that were plugged in charging however, a number of reports have stated that the phones started to heat up to ridiculous temperatures even when left on the night stand overnight with a large number of people refusing to charge the devices unless they were awake and could watch them charging, to prevent being caught unawares.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Samsung has officially axed the Note 7 project, meaning that there will be no more sales or production of the devices. A spokesperson on behalf of Samsung officially told TechCrunch: “We can confirm the report that Samsung has permanently discontinued the production of Galaxy Note 7.”

Samsung Note 7 exchange program

The Note 7 battery issues were far from minor however, with some experiments reckoning that simply minor pressure on the battery region of the device would cause it to combust. It would strike most people as obvious that these issues be discovered within pre-production models however whether they were we won’t know, Samsung has definitely lost some significant market share with this shamble of a launch. Their stock price has been fluctuation recently due to the reports of explosions hitting major newspaper headlines as well as other media sources.


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Apple has, of course, benefited massively from Samsung’s mistake with their shares up 2% for the first time since December, whereas Samsung has had over $1.8 billion wiped off of its market value. Of course, this is pocket change for these multi-billion dollar companies however it is the principle that counts.

Did you have much luck with a Note 7 or did you decide you didn’t fancy burning down your house? Leave a comment down below letting us know you’re opinion on the matter or your experience with the device.

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Pixel And Pixel XL Phones By Google Coming To The UK

Announced today on EE’s official Twitter page, the brand new Pixel and Pixel XL phones by Google are only going to be available from EE starting out. Of course, it will be available on places such as eBay however this is definitely a major way for Google and EE to boost their sales. As EE is made up of T Mobile the connection is clear.

The brand new Pixel phones come packed with some great new technology which, Google aim will help beat the competition, mainly Samsung and Apple as they’re now running their own software, on their own hardware. Sound familiar *cough Apple*.

Sporting the new USB Type-C connector, an amazing new 12 MP camera, 4GB of RAM along with a astonishingly beautiful looking unibody with a great looking display, this device definitely has the potential to be a massive hit!

Combating the feared move over from platforms, Google have created a tool that lets people “transfer contacts, photos, videos, music, texts and even your iMessages.” The idea is you literally plug in the phones together and it will do all this, if it does that will definitely be cool and perhaps we’ll see a change in platforms from!

Google are also introducing their new fingerprint sensor, dubbed the ‘Pixel Imprint’ along with a metric tonne of other great new features.

Combined with this is the additional software extras that Google are including, attempting to truly revolutionize the Android phone platform. They’re allowing an unlimited, full resolution backup plan for all Pixel users so your photos are safely stored in the Cloud. As many, for as long as, you like. iCloud, take note!

Also, unlike normal with Android where you have to wait for your network operator to release the software update, Google are making a ground breaking step within the Android platform to allow the updates to come straight from them via OTA packages, which means Pixel users will now always have the latest and greatest in software.

This is just a tiny taster of what’s now available including 24 hour live video tech support, astonishingly large batteries, fast charging, Virtual Reality compatibility and more, could this be the next flagship?

Leave a comment down below if you think this is going to be your next daily driver. If not, why? If you want to see more in-depth articles about the Pixel let us know!

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Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

This week’s roundup includes some new apps, some extremely updated apps and few useful apps. Actually, this is a surprisingly creative bunch: There’s a new video app, an app that builds color palettes, and even a comic-book creator. And somehow, only one of them costs money.

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OnePlus X Is an $250 Phone That’s Shockingly Good-Looking

I’m a big fan of cheap phones, an obsession that’s been well documented . I’ve tried the Moto G, Nexus 5, and OnePlus One, and have loved them all. I’m completely convinced that a great smartphone and an expensive smartphone are not mutually exclusive. The new $250 OnePlus X is proof.

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Google Play Games Now Lets You Record and Share Epic Gaming Moments

Google Play Games is the hub of all things mobile gaming on Android, keeping track of achievements or helping you find that next mobile gaming addition. Now, the app has a new tool to help you share your most epic gaming moments—with friends of your budding YouTube Gaming fan base.

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Droid Maxx 2 Promises Superior Battery Life on the Cheap

Verizon just unleashed two new Droid smartphones, each styled after Motorola’s latest. Where the burly Droid Turbo 2 falls more inline with the top-tier Moto X Pure Edition, the Droid Maxx 2 is a Verizon version of the Moto X Play , a phone that never actually came to the U.S. Under a slightly different guise, it’s now in the states.

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The Droid Turbo 2 Is a Verizon Superphone That Can Handle Some Punishment

Creating the Verizon Droid is a simple formula at this point: Take Motorola’s latest and greatest, in this case the new Moto X Pure Edition , and supercharge the specs in every direction. Bigger battery. Bigger processor. So on and so on. But for the Turbo 2, Verizon has a whole new trick—the display is shatterproof.

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Speed Up Smartphone Typing with Keyboard Shortcuts on Android and iOS

If there are words and phrases you type out over and over again on your phone—from your email address to “I’ll be five minutes late”—then both Android and iOS include built-in tools to help you communicate faster. Here’s how to get the shortcuts set up and burn through emails and texts messages on your smartphone.

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Chromecast (2015) Review: Smaller, Faster, and Still Totally Worth It

Two years ago the Google god in the sky gave unto us a $35 dollar media-streaming dongle, and lo, it was good . Pretty good anyway, and it got better with software updates, but it still has lagging tendencies. Well, it’s 2015 baby, so what’s the new Chromecast got? Less lag! And… that’s pretty much it. But honestly, that might be enough.

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14 Things You Can Do in Android Marshmallow That You Couldn’t Do in Lollipop

Whether you’ve put in an order for a Nexus 6P or you’re patiently waiting for Android version 6.0 to reach your Galaxy S6 , you’ll want to know what Marshmallow can do for you. It’s not a dramatic leap forward for Google’s mobile OS, but there are still a number of useful new features you’re going to want to know about.

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