Samsung Galaxy S21 Images Leak Ahead of Announcement

The phone is about to be announced, but a slew of images have leaked.

Samsung has done a horrible job keeping the Galaxy S21 series of devices hidden. We've seen leaked renders, specs, and just about everything else about the phone.

Now, with only hours to go before Samsung is scheduled to announce the phones, a Twitter user named We_The_Techie (as first discovered by Android Authority) shared a slew of images showing all three devices in all their wonderful glory.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Images Leak

The Tweet left nothing about the Galaxy S21 devices to the imagination. There's not much new information about the phones displayed here, but it's nice to see what the phones will look like.

The first thing we noticed is the look of the camera module. It's a bit more recessed than previous Galaxy S Series phones, which creates a rather attractive look. The different color offered on the camera area of the purple phone is also lovely.

You also can't help but notice how thick the phone is in the photos. It looks like a beefy device, that's for sure.

You can make your own decisions about the phone's look based on the images, but we're excited to see the final reveal when it goes down.

The Galaxy S21 Will Be Here Soon!

You can still lock in a reservation for the Galaxy S21 so you can be one of the first to preorder, though you'll need to jump on that soon. If you do, Samsung will give you $50 to spend on accessories for your new phone.

Image Credit: We_The_Techie/Twitter