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If you want to share your Xbox Series X games with a friend, you can with Gameshare. Here’s how.

Gamesharing is a fantastic incentive that makes digital purchases a better value prospect. It allows you to share games between two consoles while only paying for the title once.

Whether you live in a home with more than one Xbox system or you want to take turns buying games with a friend, it’s a great way to save money over a long-term basis.

This article will show you exactly how to gameshare on your Xbox Series X. We’ll explain every step of the process and highlight a few things worth knowing before you set it up.

What Is Gamesharing?

Basically, gamesharing is the ability to access somebody else’s library of digital games on your Xbox Series X console.

Whenever you sign in to an Xbox Series X console, you can access any games and DLC you have purchased. Once you sign out though, no other accounts on the system can use those games. If somebody signs into your console, you can play their games as long as they’re signed in, but you lose access once they leave.

To get around this, you can assign one system as a Home Xbox. Doing this allows you to set a specific Xbox Series X as a primary console.

When done, anyone signed into your Home Xbox can access the digital games you own, and they can also take advantage of your Xbox Live, the games on Xbox Game Pass, or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, if you pay for any of those.

When a friend or other family member sets up your system as their Home Console, it’ll give you access to their digital library of games, even when they’re not signed into the console. It’ll also allow you to use their Xbox Live, Game Pass, or Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions.

If you’ve recently bought an Xbox Series X but haven’t traded in an old Xbox One console yet, you can also use gamesharing between the two to give access to your games on both consoles. This is incredibly convenient if you’re handing your old system down to a younger family member as an introduction to gaming.

How to Gameshare on Xbox Series X

Now that you know how it works, just follow these steps to set it all up:

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the Guide. Scroll over to the Profile and System tab, then select Switch or add new.
  2. Select Add New then have the person you’ll be gamesharing with enter their sign-in details.
  3. Once you add your gamesharing buddy to your Xbox Series X, reopen the guide, then head back to Profile and System > Switch or add new and swap to their account.
  4. Press the Xbox button to open the Guide again. Head to Profile and System > Settings.
  5. Go to General > Personalization > My home Xbox. Select Make this my home Xbox.

You’ll now have access to the other person’s digital content within My Games & apps, and you’ll even be able to install the games they own when signed into your account. Now it’s just a case of picking your games and installing.

Once you have done this, you’ll also need to follow the steps above on the second Xbox Series X, signing in with your account details and setting the other console as your Home Xbox. This will give both systems the ability to download and play games from either account without having to sign into both.

Some Other Things to Know About Gamesharing on Xbox

There are a few other important points about Xbox gamesharing before you decide to do it:

  • Gamesharing only works for digital games. You won’t be able to install a physical game on two consoles and play one without the actual disc.
  • Setting a Home Console makes any Xbox subscription services available to the other person. This means you can both share Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate between the two consoles.
  • Both consoles will be able to play the same games at the same time. This includes Game Pass titles.
  • You can gameshare with different generations of Xbox consoles, but Xbox Series X games will not be usable on Xbox One.
  • In-game currency, pre-order bonuses, and items bought within a game are not shareable, however, DLC is.
  • You can only change the My home Xbox setting five times per calendar year. This period starts when you make the first change.

Now You’re Ready to Gameshare

Being able to share games in this way is perfect for family homes. If you’re looking to set your child up with their own console, combining this service with parental controls makes it easy to give little ones instant access to a large catalog of titles.

You can even gameshare Xbox One titles between a Series X and the past-generation device.

If you have a friend with their own Xbox Series X, setting up gamesharing means you can take turns buying the latest titles, so we shouldn't underestimate the money-saving appeal. All round, gamesharing is an excellent feature.