Nintendo Switch Can Now Share Photos With Smartphone and PC

Nintendo has announced that you can share Switch gaming moments with other devices, direct from the console.

Some good news if you have been desperate to share your finest gaming moments from the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has announced that you can now share screenshots and videos from the Switch console, directly with your PC or Smartphone.

Share Switch Content with Smartphone and PC

If you have a Nintendo Switch, there has doubtless been numerous occasions on which you have wanted to share your Switch screenshots and videos with your friends. Especially if they don't have a Switch of their own.

Well, now you can. The latest Nintendo Switch system update, announced via the US Nintendo Support site, adds several new features to the console. Two of those happen to be sharing photo and video content with smart devices and PC.

So, if you have an iPhone, iPad, or an Android device, then you should be able to share your user-created Switch content with these other gadgets.

How Do You Share Switch Content With a Smartphone?

Sharing content from your Switch console to a smartphone or other smart device like a tablet is easy. You can do this whether you have a Switch or a Switch Lite.

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First, you need to install the system update. Then you can head to your Album and find content you'd like to share. Hook your phone or tablet up using the QR code your Switch will generate, and you are good to go.

Nintendo explains the whole process via its support pages.

How Do You Share Your Share Switch Content With a PC?

The ability to send Switch content to PC is great; it means you can then edit your screenshots and videos to use on social media. The process is a little different when it comes to sharing Switch content with your PC.

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Firstly, this can't be achieved wirelessly. So, unlike with your smartphone, you can't just select content to share with your PC and send it from the console. You'll need to use a USB cable from the USB-C port on the bottom of your console.

Hooking the Switch up to your PC allows you to then share your content across the devices.

Again, Nintendo explains how to do this on its support pages.

Get Sharing Those Switch Photos and Videos!

Now you know you can share Switch content, you can join the other 69 million Switch users in getting your photos and videos out there.

Sharing of content is a great way to improve the user experience, making the platform more social and building the community.

If you share your content with friends who don't own Switches, you might even be able to convince them they should buy a Switch, too!