Amazon Music Adds Trivia to Songs Using X-Ray | MakeUseOf

The Amazon Music app now shows behind-the-scenes trivia about songs as you listen to them.

Amazon has added its X-Ray feature to Amazon Music. This means that you have the ability to see fun, behind-the-scenes trivia about the song you're listening to.

What Is Amazon's X-Ray Feature?

If you're invested in the Amazon ecosystem, like Prime Video and Kindle, you probably already know about the X-Ray feature.

For example, X-Ray is prominent within Prime Video, where it's used to display information about the movie or show that you're watching. It can tell you the actors within the scene, what music is playing, or just some interesting tidbits about the production.

On Prime Video, X-Ray is available for tens of thousands of titles and works on multiple devices. That's because the information is sourced from IMDb, the Internet Movie Database, which Amazon owns.

In fact, X-Ray is also already available on Amazon Music. It's been used to display lyrics on the app for years. Now, the feature is being expanded.

X-Ray Brings Trivia to Amazon Music

When using Amazon Music, you can now use X-Ray to find out additional information about an album or song. This can include its chart history, release date, or details about the artist.

According to Amazon, this has been rolled out across tens of millions of songs. It's available worldwide, but those in the US and UK will be treated to some additional fun facts.

To access the feature, all you need to do is swipe up from the bottom on songs where you see the X-Ray label. The song will keep playing and you can then swipe through a series of screens to check out the facts.

PCMag UK tested the feature on Kacey Musgraves' Space Cowboy, which showed information on how the song placed in the country charts and how many awards Musgraves has won.

If you use Spotify, you might not be that impressed by this announcement. That's because Spotify has already done something similar for a long time with a feature called Behind the Lyrics, thanks to its partnership with Genius.

Genius is a music lyric website which allows users to annotate lines with interesting nuggets of information. Some of these verified facts then appear on Spotify tracks as the specific part of the song plays.

How Does Amazon Music Compare?

While this new X-Ray feature might not be enough to convince you to sign up to Amazon Music, it's another feather in the music streaming service's hat. That said, you should compare it to Spotify and Apple Music to see how it stacks up.