Facebook to Bring Related Group Discussions to Your News Feed

In an attempt to get more people to join groups, Facebook is pushing relevant group discussion to users’ News Feeds.

You'll soon see relevant group discussions popping up in your News Feed. Facebook hopes that this will help bring more attention to the variety of communities on the platform.

Facebook Wants You to Join Groups

In an About Facebook blog post, Facebook announced the updates coming to groups. These updates will not only affect the group members themselves, but they'll also have an impact on users who haven't even joined any groups yet.

Facebook now plans on pushing relevant group discussions to your News Feed, whether you're a member of that group or not. According to Facebook, the platform is making this move "to help more people find and connect with communities."

You may see group-related discussions crop up when someone on your News Feed reshares a post or posts a link. If a group is discussing the same content, Facebook may link that discussion underneath the post.

This lets you see what other people are saying about certain topics, and it also lets you participate in the discussion without joining the group.

You'll notice some changes coming to the Groups tab as well. Facebook will now provide group recommendations based on your interests, and will also share popular posts from public groups.

Additionally, Facebook is trying to make group discussions show up in search results outside of Facebook. The next time you search the web, a group discussion from Facebook just might appear.

Group Admins and Members Get More Tools

Besides the changes Facebook is making to help users discover groups, it's also introducing more tools for group administrators. Facebook has already taken steps to put restrictions on groups, so it's no surprise that the platform is giving admins more control over group posts.

The new Admin Assist feature lets group admins set specific rules for their group. This can help prevent harmful keywords from appearing in posts, and can even bar certain users from posting in the group. The update also gives admins the power to pin and organize content on the group page.

Facebook didn't forget about group members either---it's rolling out features to help members create engaging conversations. Group members can now chat in group-only chatrooms, and can even start discussions using a new type of post, called prompts.

And if you want to use a different profile photo for different communities, the new update now allows you to do that too.

Will These Changes Positively Affect Facebook?

Facebook has been under fire for its spread of harmful and misleading content. It's already taken down various groups for spreading misinformation, and now it wants to push group discussions to users' News Feed. The update sounds like a recipe for disaster, but only time will tell.