Twitch Is Testing Automated and Mandatory Mid-Roll Adverts

Twitch is showing adverts to some users in the middle of a stream and streamers can’t opt-out.

Twitch is experimenting with showing users adverts in the middle of a stream.

Controversially, streamers have no control over if these adverts show on their broadcast or when they happen.

From September 15, 2020, some viewers will see adverts during the middle of a Twitch broadcast.

According to Twitch, this is an "ad experiment". It's not known how long this experiment will run, nor how many users will be exposed to it (though Twitch claims it to be a "small percentage of viewers").

When an advert is triggered, the stream will still run via picture-in-picture mode. However, the stream will be muted and you will only hear the audio of the advert.

Mid-roll adverts isn't a new concept for Twitch. However, they have always been controlled by the streamer. These new adverts are triggered by Twitch, not the creator.

Creators will be paid for running the mid-roll adverts, just like they are for other types, and you won't see them if you're a Twitch Prime or Turbo subscriber.

Some people who broadcast on Twitch are upset by the change. Currently, they have the ability to disable pre-roll adverts, but they have no control over these new mid-roll adverts.

Timthetatman, one of Twitch's largest streamers, responded to the company's tweet to ask how he can opt out.

Other creators responded negatively, claiming that it would reduce the impact of any exciting moments on the stream if an uncontrollable advert suddenly started playing.

In a Twitter response to one creator, Twitch noted that it "will be monitoring the data from this experiment coupled with your feedback to improve and provide a better experience over time".

Building a large and dedicated following on Twitch is no easy feat. It takes hard work, dedication, and lots of time.

Whether these new mid-roll adverts will impact viewing figures remains to be seen. No doubt many creators will be keeping a close eye on Twitch's experiment.