U.S. Remains the Top Traffic Source For Pirate Sites

Over the past decade, online piracy has presented itself as a massive problem for the U.S. and its entertainment industries.

It has become a global issue that’s hard to contain, but Hollywood and the major record labels are doing what they can.

One of the key strategies they’ve employed in recent years is website blocking. US companies have taken ISPs to court around the world and also lobbied lawmakers to pave the way for website blocking.

While these companies have a tight grip on international developments, there’s one element that often remains unmentioned. The country that sends the most traffic to pirate sites is the U.S. itself.

This has been the case for years and the latest data, shared by piracy tracking company MUSO, shows that this is still the case.

With 1.2 billion pirate site visits in December 2019, the U.S. is firmly in the lead, followed by Russia (737 million), India (627 million), China (608 million) and Brazil (559 million). The U.S also happens to be the only country that doesn’t block any pirate sites.

Relatively speaking the U.S. also trumps all these countries with 4.17 visits per internet user in a month, except for Russia which has an even higher average (7.21).

Looking at the types of pirate sites we see that streaming is particularly popular in the U.S. Two-thirds of all pirate site traffic goes to streaming sites, followed by direct download portals (19%), torrent sites (8%) and stream rippers (5%).

Compared to two years ago, streaming sites have grown in relative popularity in the US, mostly at the expense of torrent sites.

U.S. pirate site marketshare December 2019

Piracy habits can be quite different around the world, as we highlighted in an earlier article. However, it’s clear that streaming continues to dominate in many countries.

In China, for example, streaming site visits rose from 22% to more than 40% in the space of two years. In Brazil, there was also a rise, with streaming visits going from 47% to 53%.

In Russia, there was a small dip, but streaming is still on top there as well with nearly 60%.

India appears to be somewhat of an outlier among the countries with the most traffic. Direct download sites are most popular there, accounting for 50% of all pirate site visits, which is up from 43% two years ago.

Worldwide, roughly 60% of all pirate site traffic goes to streaming sites, which is about the same as two years ago. The percentage of visits to direct download sites is up a bit, with a quarter of all visits, while torrent sites witnessed a small drop.

While scanning through the data we couldn’t help looking at South Africa, a country that is currently under fire from major US copyright groups. These rightsholders repeatedly pointed out that piracy is rampant, urging the government to do something about it.

Interestingly, the average number of pirate site visits per Internet user is lower in South Africa than it is in the U.S. This means that even when taking the population size into account, South Africa’s piracy problems are actually less in comparison.

This is something to keep in mind when U.S. rightsholders demand tough anti-piracy actions abroad in the future.

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The Essential SQL Commands Cheat Sheet for Beginners

Structured Query Language (SQL) is the tool of choice for manipulating databases. This language lets you manipulate data like no other, and it costs nothing to start using!

If you’re new to SQL commands or need a reminder of some parts of this powerful tool at your disposal, then our SQL commands cheat sheet below is exactly what you need. Scroll down to see the awesomeness it contains, or download the PDF for future use. (The PDF contains examples for the given commands.)

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The Essential SQL Commands Cheat Sheet

Query Commands
SELECTBasic query building block to retrieve data.
SELECT *Using * with SELECT returns all columns.
SELECT columnSpecify exact columns with their name.
SELECT table.columnReference a column from a specific table.
FROMSpecify where to find data.
ASTemporarily alias a table name or column to a new name.
WHEREFilter results with a condition.
ANDUse multiple conditions with a WHERE clause. Results must match all conditions.
ORUse multiple conditions with a WHERE clause. Results only need to match one condition.
ORDER BYOrder the results by a column. The database chooses how to order.
ORDER BY column ASCOrder the results by a column in ascending order.
ORDER BY column DESCOrder the results by a column in descending order.
LIMITRestrict the number of results returned.
OFFSETSkip the first OFFSET number of rows. Often used with LIMIT.
SUBQUERYRun a query to retrieve data for another query.
Aggregate Functions¹
COUNTCount the number of rows that match the query.
MAXReturn the highest value in a numeric column.
MINReturn the lowest value in a numeric column.
SUMSum the values of a numeric column.
AVGCalculate the average value for a numeric column.
HAVINGUsed with aggregate functions instead of the WHERE clause.
GROUP BYUsed to refine an aggregate result.
LIKECase-sensitive search for a pattern with a wildcard operator (%).
ILIKECase-insensitive search for a pattern with a wildcard operator (%).
BETWEENSearch for a value between two values. Works with dates or numbers.
>Search for values greater than a condition.
>=Search for values greater or equal to a condition.
<Search for values less than a condition.
<=Search for values less than or equal to a condition.
=Search for values matching a condition exactly.
<>Search for values not equal to a condition.
UNIONCombine two unique queries (with the same columns) into one result.
UNION ALLCombine two queries (with the same columns) into one result. Duplicates allowed.
INShorthand for WHERE. Specifies multiple OR conditions.
NOT INShorthand for WHERE. Specifies multiple OR conditions (inverted) or not equal to.
IS NULLCheck for empty values.
IS NOT NULLCheck for no empty values.
INTERSECTReturn results which match two queries.
MINUSReturn results in one query which are not in another query.¹
ONUsed to specify the column to compare and match results.
USINGShorthand for ON, used when the column name is the same in both tables.
LEFT OUTER JOINAll the results from the left table, with only the matching results from the right table.
LEFT OUTER JOIN (WITH NULL)(With null) All the results from the left table but not in the right table.
INNER JOINAll the results that match in both the left and right tables.
FULL OUTER JOINAll the results from both the left and right tables.
FULL OUTER JOIN (WITH NULL)(With null) all the results from both the left and right tables excluding results in both tables.
RIGHT OUTER JOINAll the results from the right table, with only the matching results from the left table.
RIGHT OUTER JOIN (WITH NULL)(With null) All the results from the right table but not in the left table.
Creating and Editing Tables
CREATE TABLECreate a new table.
NULLAllow empty values for this field.
NOT NULLDon't allow empty values for this field.
DEFAULTA value to populate the field with if one is not supplied.
ASCreate a new table based on the structure of an existing table. The new table will contain the data from the old table.
ALTER TABLE (ADD COLUMN)Add a new column to an existing table.
ALTER TABLE (DROP COLUMN)Remove a column from an existing table.
ALTER TABLE (ALTER COLUMN)Change the datatype of an existing column.
ALTER TABLE (RENAME COLUMN)Rename an existing column.
ALTER TABLE (RENAME TABLE)Rename an existing table.
ALTER TABLE (MODIFY NULL)Allow null values for a column.
ALTER TABLE (MODIFY NOT NULL)Prevent null values for a column.
DROP TABLEDelete a table and all its data.
TRUNCATE TABLEDelete all the data in a table, but not the table itself.
PRIMARY KEYA value that uniquely identifies a record in a table. A combination of NOT NULL and UNIQUE.
FOREIGN KEYReferences a unique value in another table. Often a primary key in the other table.
UNIQUEEnforce unique values for this column per table.
CHECKEnsure values meet a specific condition.
INDEX (CREATE)Optimise tables and greatly speed up queries by adding an index to a column.
INDEX (CREATE UNIQUE)Create an index that does not allow duplicate values.
INDEX (DROP)Remove an index.
Creating and Editing Data
INSERT (SINGLE VALUE)Add a new record to a table.
INSERT (MULTIPLE VALUES)Add several new records to a table.
INSERT (SELECT)Add records to a table, but get the values from an existing table.
UPDATE (ALL)Modify all existing records in a table.
UPDATE (WHERE)Modify existing records in a table which match a condition.
DELETE (ALL)Remove all records from a table.
DELETE (WHERE)Remove records from a table which match a condition.
Creating and Editing Triggers¹
CREATE TRIGGERCreate a trigger.
CREATE TRIGGER (OR MODIFY)Create a trigger, or update an existing trigger if one is found with the same name.
WHEN (BEFORE)Run the trigger before the event happens.
WHEN (AFTER)Run the trigger after the event happens.
EVENT (INSERT)Run the trigger before or after an insert happens.
EVENT (UPDATE)Run the trigger before or after an update happens.
EVENT (DELETE)Run the trigger before or after a delete happens.
ONWhich table to target with this trigger.
TRIGGER_TYPE (FOR EACH ROW)Execute the trigger for every row changed.
TRIGGER_TYPE (FOR EACH STATEMENT)Execute the trigger once per SQL statement, regardless of how many rows are altered.
EXECUTEKeyword to indicate the end of the main trigger definition.
DROP TRIGGERDelete a trigger.
Creating and Editing Views
CREATE VIEWCreate a new view.
ASDefine where to retrieve the data for a view.
WITH CASCADED CHECK OPTIONEnsure any data modified through a view meets the rules defined by the rule. Apply this to any other views.
WITH LOCAL CHECK OPTIONEnsure any data modified through a view meets the rules defined by the rule. Ignore this for any other views.
CREATE RECURSIVE VIEWCreate a recursive view (one that refers to a recursive common table expression).
CREATE TEMPORARY VIEWCreate a view that exists for the current session only.
DROP VIEWDelete a view.
Common Table Expressions (CTEs)¹
WITHCreate a new common table expression.
ASSpecify the data to use in the CTE.
, (COMMA)Chain multiple CTEs.
¹Database engine implementations and support often vary.

SQL: The Most Powerful Language Around?

Keep in mind that SQL dialects vary between database engines. It’s a bit like the difference between HD DVD and Blu-ray (or VHS and Betamax). SQL is similar between databases, but the occasional complex command may not work exactly the same across all implementations. Most of the SQL commands in this cheat sheet will work across any database. The complex commands where database support varies are noted as such.

Once you know SQL, you can apply it to a variety of uses. Whether you’re dealing with a management system, programming project, or basic reporting, SQL unlocks the raw power contained in a database. Don’t forget to read our basic programmer’s guide to SQL, for an in-depth look at how to use these commands.

Read the full article: The Essential SQL Commands Cheat Sheet for Beginners


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OMI IN A HELLCAT Claims Comcast Got FBI to Pursue Gears IPTV Case

When large ‘pirate’ services are taken down, the tendency is for copyright holders and/or the authorities to make a lot of noise. Taking out big players is seen as an achievement and is often held up as an example to others not to follow the same path.

Last November, when the founder of Gears Reloaded ‘pirate’ IPTV service Omar Carrasquillo was reportedly targeted in a massive FBI raid, not a single person in authority would confirm the existence of an investigation. Independent eyewitnesses appeared on TV to reveal what they saw but now, several months on, information from official sources remains non-existent.

Carrasquillo, better known by his social media handle OMI IN A HELLCAT, has been talking a lot, however. He’s appeared in TV interviews with his lawyer, decrying the seizure of dozens of luxury cars, huge volumes of jewelry, and “at least” $5.2m in cash. He says the entire operation against him grew out of his position as the founder of Gears, an unpaid tax bill, plus allegations of money laundering.

Nevertheless, he keeps maintaining his innocence. Time and again he’s said that capturing live TV broadcasters from cable providers and streaming channels to end-users over the Internet at an affordable price is completely legal. He found a loophole, he says, and companies didn’t like it.

Until now, Carrasquillo has never directly pointed a finger at who might have prompted the case against him. In a live stream this week, however, he claimed that the second-largest telecoms company in the United States is at the root of his troubles. (Note: most expletives removed)

“There’s nothing worse than coming home and grabbing your bills – electric company you gotta pay, water is an essential, gas you need to cook, $300 cable bill – what the fuck?” he said.

“Everybody hates the cable companies, they’re a monopoly. So when you come out with a service that’s affordable to the world and it’s not illegal, oh my God, I’m in somebody’s pocket.”

And then the bombshell.

“Comcast is paying for this investigation [unintelligible]. There’s an unfiled Comcast claim but why didn’t Comcast sue me? ‘Cos they knew it was an uphill battle so what did they do? They got the FBI involved, tried to take me down,” he claimed.

Coincidentally or not, Carrasquillo’s main home is in Philadelphia. Comcast has its headquarters in the same city.

According to several videos posted by Carrasquillo in recent weeks, he has been working hard behind the scenes through official channels to try and reclaim his property. However, he claims there has been significant pushback after the FBI began using his videos and social media postings as evidence against him.

Insisting again and again that streaming captured TV broadcasts to the public is not illegal, Carrasquillo says he filed a motion to get his property back. In response, the FBI had to send in evidence to support why the goods should continue to be held while the investigation continues.

According to him, they “took his [social media] posts and sent them to the judge”. Since the raid, most of Carrasquillo’s posts have centered on him getting back on his feet, allegedly making significant amounts of money, some of it used to replenish his car collection. He believes those videos are now undermining him.

“Look judge, he’s saying that he’s still a millionaire, he doesn’t need the money. We can still hold it throughout the whole investigation,” he said in a mocking summary of what was allegedly reported to the court.

At this point, Carrasquillo seems to imply that not everything portrayed in those videos and postings should necessarily be taken at face value and that, in some cases, those in the entertainment business may face pressures to impress.

“Entertainers, we have a certain image to uphold and this is why I don’t show anything anymore because frankly, it ain’t nobody’s business. Whether I got it or I don’t got it, I ain’t gonna say it no more. Because obviously you’re using what I say as an exhibit and send it to the judge,” he added.

Carrasquillo says he’s hoping to settle his case with the IRS via a payment plan but he insists that any claims of money laundering are nonsense. He says he’s not upset with anyone working on the case and says that he’s “pretty sure” that the two investigators and district attorneys “are pretty nice guys.” That said, he is unhappy with what he describes as an “unethical process and the events that took place.”

Just before he was raided, Carrasquillo went to the Dominican Republic and he believes this prompted the authorities to act earlier than they would’ve preferred.

“Be honest you guys came to [sic] early I broke no laws apology accepted,” he wrote in a separate post. “While Gears is down 20 more shitty services came up and I don’t see you guys doing shit about it. Want to know why? Steaming isn’t illegal. It’s victimless and not against the law. I did not host shit on servers this was a matter for copyright holders to sue. Not for the FBI to get involved.”

Only time will tell when the other side of this pretty one-sided story will see the light of day. As indicated previously, no one in authority is prepared to comment at this stage.

Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and more. We also have VPN reviews, discounts, offers and coupons.