TSA might let you keep everything in carry-on bags—in five years or so

CT scanners can find explosives and banned objects in crowded carry-on bags.

Enlarge / An Analogic CT scanner at JFK Airport in New York. (credit: American Airlines)

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is starting to use CT scanners to look for explosives and other banned objects in carry-on bags. The advance in technology might—eventually—let travelers go through airport security without removing electronics, liquids, or anything else from their bags.

"We think, in perhaps five years or so, the passengers won't have to take anything out of their carry-on bags," TSA Administrator David Pekoske told CBS News in a report yesterday.

Analogic CT scanners provide a three-dimensional view of carry-on bag contents, an upgrade from the 2D X-ray scanners more commonly used by the TSA. The Analogic machine is being tested at New York's JFK airport. A different CT machine made by L3 was deployed in Phoenix in June 2017, and another CT machine from manufacturer IDSS was installed in Boston that same month.

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